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The Procedure/Function Block Convention in Ruby
Ruby lets you enclose blocks in either {...} or do...end delimiters. Which you choose is a matter of style.

There are two conventions that I know of for deciding which form to use. The one I see people using most often these days is the “line count” convention: curly brackets for one-liners, do...end for multiline statements.

The alternative—and the convention I’ve been using for a while—is based on the semantic intent of the block, rather than on its length. It can be stated like this:

- Use curly brackets for functional blocks, where the primary purpose of the block is to return a value.
- Use do...end for procedural blocks, where the primary purpose of the block is its side-effects. That is, the block is intended to change the state of the system in some way or to perform output.
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december 2011 by xyzzyb

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