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Stephanie Hurlburt on Twitter: "A bunch of people are asking what resources I recommend to start learning graphics programming. So you get a thread on it!"
"A bunch of people are asking what resources I recommend to start learning graphics programming. So you get a thread on it!

I really enjoy giving beginner-level workshops. Here are two that focus on graphics:

If you're a graphics coder reading this wondering how you can host a workshop too, I've written about that:

I also wrote my own little writeup on graphics, notes from when Rich & I were helping Sophia learn graphics.

One more graphics workshop-- this one includes a raytracing and particle demo for you to play with.

I love @baldurk 's blog series, "Graphics in Plain Language"

For those ready to wade into advanced waters, "A trip through the graphics pipeline" by @rygorous is great

This online book is just an amazing introduction to shaders, by @patriciogv and @_jenlowe_

Prepare yourself for a monster list of graphics resources on this site! My favorite is the SIGGRAPH papers.

I'm a big fan of Cinder and OpenFramworks, both C++/graphics. They are what I started from.

BGFX is also great!

For a more beginner friendly library, Processing is simply lovely.

Shaders! GLSLSandbox is more beginner-friendly, Shadertoy if you want to see some crazy shit

Can't go without mentioning @CasualEffects 's Graphics Codex-- excellent and comprehensive graphics resource.

I stand by this advice on how to approach learning graphics programming.
[image with screenshot of chat]

Since we're now on the topic of getting jobs, do mock interviews and get mentors and talk to people. ["Attn coders who struggle w these, or jr coders:

It is your homework to set up a mock interview w one of these folks"]

My mentor list is FULL of graphics programmers. They all love helping you. I do need to update it with more.

People ask me about learning math and I point them to @EricLengyel 's book

GPU Performance for Game Artists by @keithoconor

There are more resources I didn't mention. Check out the last two slides of this , and

This is a good little collection of resources on advanced GPU optimization and documentation.

Destiny's Multithreaded Rendering Architecture by @mirror2mask

An important point: The vast majority of graphics coders I know don't know math very well. Don't be scared away if you aren't a math person.

I say this as someone who adores math, was expecting to use it all the time, & only ever needed basic linear algebra for my graphics work.

Someone made a Slack chat for graphics programming learning/development! Both experienced folks + newbies welcome. ["Great idea. We have a Slack group here:

Invite link here: "]"
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august 2017 by xyzzyb
Texture Compression Techniques
In this paper, we present a detailed analysis and comparison of texture compression techniques and their hardware implementations used in modern PCs, tablets and smartphones, based on their characteristics, such as compression rates and image quality. First, we review the family of the earliest massively used compression schemes, the S3TC (BC1-BC3). Then, we move on to BC4, BC5, BC6H and BC7 formats, which improved the image quality by providing more flexibility as well as introducing block partitioning. We also analyze the mobile targeted ETC family (PACKMAN, ETC1 (iPACKMAN) and ETC2/EAC), developed by Ericsson, and the PVRTC family of formats, created by Imagination Technologies. Finally, we present ASTC, the latest texture compression technology resulted from a collaboration of AMD and ARM. BISE encoding and other features of ASTC are described in details.
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april 2017 by xyzzyb
How To Save The Princess In 8 Programming Languages
Programming sucks. This fairytale comic shows the different ways in which programming languages could fail you in the fantasy kingdom.
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january 2017 by xyzzyb
The Inner JSON Effect - The Daily WTF
@veverkap @mattisadev The only language that truly sucks is the infamous JDSL
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july 2016 by xyzzyb
PDE-Based Image Compression
Mathematical Image Analysis Group, Saarland University
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may 2016 by xyzzyb
This book takes a single line of code--the extremely concise BASIC program for the Commodore 64 inscribed in the title--and uses it as a lens through which to consider the phenomenon of creative computing and the way computer programs exist in culture.
programming  basic  commodore64 
may 2016 by xyzzyb
Markov Chains
Markov chains, named after Andrey Markov, are mathematical systems that hop from one "state" (a situation or set of values) to another
algorithms  programming  visualization 
march 2016 by xyzzyb
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