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Blockhead - Turn your charger so it fits in more places
A new look for the classic Apple charger Blockhead snaps on to your existing Apple charger, allowing it to sit flat against the wall. Now it can fit in more places than ever.
mac  macbookpro  macbook  mbp  apple  charger 
march 2016 by xyzzyb
Work more efficiently on your Mac (for developers)
After about a week I'm finding that having the right-⌘ key as a hyperkey is amazingly useful.
mac  keyboard  work  productivity  hyperkey 
march 2016 by xyzzyb
Quick Tip: caffeinate your Terminal -
There’s a command called caffeinate that does exactly what the app Caffeine does — keep your computer from sleeping — but it lets you do it from scripts and the command line.
mac  osx  commandline 
february 2014 by xyzzyb
The Sweet Setup — We recommend the best apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac
We enjoy spending an inordinate amount of time and energy to research, test, and find the very best apps.

Who wants just any weather app? Not us. We want the best! And so do you. That’s why our goal is to help you (and ourselves) find the best apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
Apple  iOS  Mac  Software  via:jngo 
december 2013 by xyzzyb
Plain Text Primer: nvALT 101
Get the most of the best little notes manager there is.
nvalt  notes  text  markdown  mac  via:toddprouty 
march 2013 by xyzzyb
TVShows 2 - Download your TV shows automatically
@codefriar Oooh! Also this app is pretty slick:
mac  app  via:weiran 
january 2013 by xyzzyb
Cordless Dog: Stay
Move your windows to where you want them, then have Stay store them. Once stored, windows can be returned to their stored state at any time by having Stay restore them.
apps  application  windows  productivity  desktop  mac  window  osx  utilities  software  via:limbic 
december 2012 by xyzzyb
Pair it with the following zsh function for awesomeness.

man() { open"$@"; }
man  mac  linux  via:offthree 
may 2012 by xyzzyb
blog post by Yehuda Katz (Text Editors for Programmers on the Mac | SMYCK)
@sandimetz If you haven't read it, this @wycats article shares a great approach to learning vim:
editor  mac  tips  vi  vim  katz  from instapaper
october 2011 by xyzzyb
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