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Apple III Chaos: Apple’s First Failure | Low End Mac
"Apple’s official suggestion to customers in response to this problem was to pickup the Apple III system and drop it onto a desk to reseat the chips temporarily."
apple  history 
june 2014 by xyzzyb
How is VIM's undo tree used? - Stack Overflow
Why am I just now learning about VIM's undo tree?
vim  undo  history  via:stefankst 
june 2012 by xyzzyb
The People's Republic of Interactive Fiction - Apollo 18+20
RT @smith186: - This interactive fiction TMBG "tribute album" is a thing.
game  history  music 
march 2012 by xyzzyb
Jen Braun : archive of 90s movie websites
@valthonis Like that? You'll love this time capsule of movie sites (click "Sites")
timecapsule  web  history 
august 2011 by xyzzyb
Nate Harrison - Can I Get An Amen?
Can I Get An Amen? is an audio installation that unfolds a critical perspective of perhaps the most sampled drum beat in the history of recorded music, the Amen Break.
reference  art  history  music  amen  breakbeat  sampling  documentary  audio 
november 2009 by xyzzyb
We Choose the Moon: Pre-launch
Quick reminder:

Launch is in 37 minutes!
awesome  history  space  nasa  moon  apollo11  education 
july 2009 by xyzzyb
News from 1930
An interesting blog that summarizes the corresponding daily news from the Wall Street Journal in 1930. E.g. Thursday, June 26, 1930.
history  news  finance  economics  depression  1930s  interesting 
june 2009 by xyzzyb

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