Homestyler - Interior Design Tool & Community
Visualize your floor plan and home design in 3D with real-life furniture. Get the design render, panorama and construction drawing! 100% Free. No Installation is required.
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10 days ago
Setting Up and Managing Disaster Recovery Sites
Oracle Fusion Middleware Disaster Recovery is a disaster recovery solution that provides protection to Oracle Fusion Middleware components in different Oracle product suites.
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19 days ago
OSM Solution Modeling Overview
Planning OSM SOM Solution Requirements
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september 2018
204 – Pérez Prado – Concierto Para Bongó - AmbientExotica.com – Music Reviews of Ambient, Vaporwave & Tiki Exotica Albums
Strangely enough, Concierto Para Bongó does not live up to its name on the first string of tracks, but if there is one late Exotica album that gets continually better over its course, it has to be this one.
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august 2018
Los conciertos de Pérez Prado - Desmemoriados...
Más allá del famoso mambo, Pérez Prado escribió tres conciertos de aliento sinfónico, con aproximaciones al jazz y otros géneros y estilos contemporáneos y con fuerte presencia de los metales y la percusión afrocubana: la Exotic Suite de las Américas, el Concierto para Bongó y la Voodoo Suite.
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august 2018
Open offices are overrated
If you work in an office, there's a good chance it's an open one. How did we get here? And why is it so bad?
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july 2018
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