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Who was Sun Tzu’s Napoleon?
We know that Thucydides was not only the chronicler, but a general in the
Peloponnesian War, Julius Caesar the architect of the Gallic War, and
Machiavelli an active participant in Florentine diplomatic and martial
affairs. Maurice de Saxe waded through the bloody fields of Malplaquet and
Fontenoy, while both Jomini and Clausewitz kept their own formative
experiences fighting in the Napoleonic Wars firmly in mind as they composed
their respective theoretical works. But what mot...
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China drafts law protecting foreign intellectual property and prohibiting forced technology transfer | South China Morning Post
Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress accelerates process to address major concerns voiced by United States
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Five Men Agree To Stand Directly Under An Exploding Nuclear Bomb : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
The country was just beginning to worry about nuclear fallout, and the Air Force wanted to reassure people that it was OK to use atomic weapons. And so on July 19, 1957, five Air Force officers stood on a patch of ground in the Nevada desert and waited for the bomb to drop.
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Vimy Ridge: Birthplace of a nation – or of a Canadian myth? - The Globe and Mail
The battle, which marks its 100th anniversary this year, has long been touted as the defining event that unified Canada. Whether or not it did, its symbolism endures
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What if PTSD Is More Physical Than Psychological? - The New York Times
A new study supports what a small group of military researchers has suspected for decades: that modern warfare destroys the brain.
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Google are pussies | brian s hall
A rant against Google, greed, and why Google has enough money.
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