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The OODA Loop and the Half-Beat
By understanding that speed and timing are complementary, the potential of
the OODA Loop can be maximized by focusing it to identify those moments
when an opponent is most vulnerable, and providing options to exploit those
openings at the most opportune time.
ooda  loop  strategy 
20 days ago by xer0x
Who was Sun Tzu’s Napoleon?
We know that Thucydides was not only the chronicler, but a general in the
Peloponnesian War, Julius Caesar the architect of the Gallic War, and
Machiavelli an active participant in Florentine diplomatic and martial
affairs. Maurice de Saxe waded through the bloody fields of Malplaquet and
Fontenoy, while both Jomini and Clausewitz kept their own formative
experiences fighting in the Napoleonic Wars firmly in mind as they composed
their respective theoretical works. But what mot...
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Self-serve first: the overlooked but essential paradigm underlying great software companies
“My biggest regret is that our first customer was $1M ACV*,” my friend lamented over coffee the other day. “I wish I could take it back.” “Why? What do you mean?” I asked, perplexed. He is the CEO…
saas  startups  strategy  Unread  playbook  product  self-serve  via:popular  development  growth 
october 2019 by xer0x
Cambridge's Ambitious Protected Bike Lane Law - CityLab
The Boston suburb now mandates the addition of protected bike lanes on all streets due for planned street upgrades. It’s a strategy other cities should follow.
bike  bikelash  strategy  protected  lanes  bikelanes  boston 
april 2019 by xer0x
Pentagon Puts Cyberwarriors on the Offensive, Increasing the Risk of Conflict - The New York Times
Until now, the Cyber Command has assumed a largely defensive posture, but in the spring the Defense Department opened the door to nearly daily raids on foreign networks, seeking to head off attacks.
america  crazy  first  trump  cyber  security  offensive  strategy 
june 2018 by xer0x
Build, gather, brawl, repeat: The history of real-time strategy games | Ars Technica
As we wait on a new Age of Empires this fall, let's revisit the RTS genre's highs and lows.
history  real  time  strategy  rts  gaming  fun 
september 2017 by xer0x
Balanced Annihilation
Re-make of the awesome game Total Annihilation
fun  rts  strategy  ota  ta  game  totalannihilation  from delicious
november 2012 by xer0x
Official Google Blog: When patents attack Android
Google cries, when Apple, Sun and Microsoft start beating up on it. Can't handle a little anti-competitive pressure?
patent  legal  tech  technology  abuse  terrible  evil  microsoft  google  strategy  appl  apple  from delicious
august 2011 by xer0x
Rebel's Handbook
A good run down of rebel strategy
strategy  vga  planets  vgap  rebels 
february 2009 by xer0x
The Wetware Crisis: the Dead Sea effect : Bruce F. Webster
Hiring and long term effects of staffing in an IT department.. sometimes i think my workplace must have some of this going on.
programming  management  business  hiring  it  strategy  career  interesting  article 
april 2008 by xer0x

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