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Are we in the Middle of a Programming Bubble?
Photo Credit: zacktionman TL;DR Rank and file programmers at the top tier tech companies now make $300 to $400 thousand per year.Much of this is driven by large stock valuations.Other career paths seem 'harder', and yet they're not compensated as well.
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january 2019 by xer0x
Look ma, no locks | CompuTruthing
We describe a systematic approach for replacing locks with tasks. In this approach thread blocking is replaced by properly scheduling of tasks.
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december 2018 by xer0x
.: chromewaves.net v7.0
Day-to-day ruminations of a self-confessed indie rock geek with delusions of inadequacy and sporadic bouts of megalomania. Now with swivel-arm battle grip!
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november 2007 by xer0x
giant robot. i want to be a giant robot.
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july 2007 by xer0x

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