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Stuff I said at Kansas City StartupWeekend that sounded smart - apenwarr
I rarely get the chance to try out words of wisdom on real people before
I present them to you here. So when I post something, it might tur...
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3 days ago by xer0x
Dogs poop in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field, study finds | PBS NewsHour
Dogs use the Earth's magnetic field when they're relieving themselves. Not only that, but canines choose to do so in a north-south axis, a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology says. The study suggests that dogs are sensitive to small variations in Earth's magnetic field. After examining 70 dogs -- made up of 37 breeds -- over two years, 1,893 defecations and 5,582 urinations, researchers found that under "calm magnetic field conditions,"
dog  poop  magnetic  a  dogs  news  science  affect  axis  best  but  canines  choose 
10 days ago by xer0x
Parse, don’t validate
Historically, I’ve struggled to find a concise, simple way to explain what it means to practice type-driven design. Too often, when someone asks me “How did you come up with this approach?” I find I can’t give them a satisfying answer. I know it didn’t ju...
IFTTT  Pocket  best  categorytheory  functional  hacker  haskell  parsing  programming  types 
november 2019 by xer0x
unfork/README.md at master · whitequark/unfork
unfork(2) is the inverse of fork(2). sort of. Contribute to whitequark/unfork development by creating an account on GitHub.
hacker  fork  best  stories 
november 2019 by xer0x
Apple, Your Developer Documentation is… Missing · Chris Krycho
The current state of Apple’s software documentation is the worst I’ve ever seen for any framework anywhere. Apple needs to fix this—now.
apple  best  hacker  news  stories  Archive  Assumed  Audience:  been  dev 
october 2019 by xer0x
My favourite Git commit | fatbusinessman.com
I like Git commit messages. Used well, I think they’re one of the most powerful tools available to document a codebase over its lifetime. I’d like to illustrate that by showing you my favourite ever Git commit.
commit  documentation  git  programming  funny  best 
october 2019 by xer0x
Some tea bags may shed billions of microplastics per cup | CBC News
You may be swallowing billions of tiny plastic particles while sipping a cup of freshly brewed gourmet tea, a new study from McGill University in Montreal suggests.
plastic  health  tea  environment  best 
september 2019 by xer0x
How a janitor at Frito-Lay invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Richard Montañez went from cleaning toilets to being one of the most creative executives in the food industry. But first, he had to call the CEO...
hispanic  marketing  mba  excellence  food  history  fritolay  lays  best  wow  hot  jalapeno 
june 2019 by xer0x
Facebook reveals Libra, its momentous new crypto, to the world - Decrypt
Facebook says its stablecoin, will empower billions and underpin a stunningly ambitious global economy without selling your data.
archive  bitcoin  blog  design  fear  terror  spy  danger  facebook  best  crypto  hacker  IFTTT  instapaper  coin  dangercoin 
june 2019 by xer0x
Avian’s Blog: Google is eating our mail
Gmail servers have been randomly rejecting my personal mail with vague SMTP errors about spam detection.
best  email  google  ifttt  pocket  gmail  hacker  news  spam  stories 
april 2019 by xer0x
Achieving 100k connections per second with Elixir
In this article, we explain how to scale Elixir to handle 100k connections per second.
best  elixir  erlang  hacker  news  Pocket  stories  and  Archive  Both 
march 2019 by xer0x
Why everyone should read support emails – Simon Schultz – Medium
The past 20 years as a Project Manager, Product Owner, Digital Product Developer, Head of Blah Blah and Founder has taught me the importance of everyone spending time on support emails. No matter if…
best  hacker  stories  news  support  product  startup 
march 2019 by xer0x
Four-day week: trial finds lower stress and increased productivity | Money | The Guardian
Study of trial at New Zealand firm finds staff were happier and 20% more productive
zealand  world  work-life  work  hacker  careers  uk  stress  best  productivity  balance  news  money  new 
february 2019 by xer0x
Structuring Applications in Go – Ben Johnson – Medium
For me, the hardest part of learning Go was in structuring my application. Prior to Go, I was working on a Rails application and Rails makes you structure your application in a certain way…
golang  coding  applications  programming  go  Architecture  structure  best  better  practice  practices 
january 2019 by xer0x
clintonwoo/hackernews-react-graphql: Hacker News clone rewritten with universal JavaScript, using React and GraphQL.
hackernews-react-graphql - Hacker News clone rewritten with universal JavaScript, using React and GraphQL.
best  code  ifttt  react  graphql  example  hn  js  Pocket  project 
october 2017 by xer0x
TekSavvy Solutions Inc
They might just be canada's best isp -- if your interested in fast.
canada  best  internet  smart  dry  service  provider  isp  dsl  naked  naked_dsl  mlppp  neutrality  nn  good  teksavvy  fast 
february 2009 by xer0x
Joel on Software
Nice advice on the tech business and being a developer.
advice  blog  software  programming  management  tech  business  article  best 
december 2007 by xer0x

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