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Who was Sun Tzu’s Napoleon?
We know that Thucydides was not only the chronicler, but a general in the
Peloponnesian War, Julius Caesar the architect of the Gallic War, and
Machiavelli an active participant in Florentine diplomatic and martial
affairs. Maurice de Saxe waded through the bloody fields of Malplaquet and
Fontenoy, while both Jomini and Clausewitz kept their own formative
experiences fighting in the Napoleonic Wars firmly in mind as they composed
their respective theoretical works. But what mot...
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Eternal Terminal
Remote terminal for the busy and impatient
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SmallData | Blog | Using gmail with mutt
A tutorial on using gmail with mutt, a console-based email client, along with some advanced concepts such as encrypting your account password and sending emails from a different <code>From</code> address.
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