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Job Talle | Evolving Lindenmayer systems
Lindenmayer systems have been developed to model plant growth. An evolutionary algorithm can be used to simulate plant evolution using L-systems. The systems themselves represent DNA, while the structures they produce represent plants. This technique gives rise to interesting yet familiar plant-like structures.
ai  algorithms  tree  lindenmayer  blog  development  ga  game  gamedev  generative  graphics  job  procedural-generation  programming  tallest 
6 weeks ago by xer0x
What makes a good conversation? | Abigail See
This blog post is about the NAACL 2019 paper What makes a good conversation? How controllable attributes affect human judgments by Abigail See, Stephen Rolle...
qwop  bots  chat  ai  real  neural  wow 
6 weeks ago by xer0x
N-Shot Learning: Learning More with Less Data
Is it possible to use machine learning with small data? Yes, it is! Here's N-Shot Learning.
ai  learning  machine-learning 
10 weeks ago by xer0x
New Causes of Autism Found in ‘Junk’ DNA
New Causes of Autism Found in ‘Junk’ DNA on Simons Foundation
asd  research  ai  cs  machine_learning  ml  science  autism  adhd  mutation  dna  junk 
may 2019 by xer0x
How to hide from the AI surveillance state with a color printout - MIT Technology Review
AI-powered video technology is becoming ubiquitous, tracking our faces and bodies through stores, offices, and public spaces.
surveilance  surveillance  state  picture  bypass  fun  research  ai  detection 
april 2019 by xer0x
Traders Can Now Spot Oil Refinery Trouble by Tracking Phones - Bloomberg
In the $40 trillion global oil-trading market, the smallest clue can be worth millions.
finance  data  ai  spy  technology 
april 2019 by xer0x
Aroma: Using ML for code recommendation
Aroma is a code-to-code search and recommendation tool that uses ML to make the process of gaining insights from big codebases much easier.
ai  facebook  ml  language  server 
april 2019 by xer0x
Artificial intelligence, algorithmic pricing, and collusion | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
Antitrust agencies are concerned that the autonomous pricing algorithms increasingly used by online vendors may learn to collude. This column uses experiments with pricing algorithms powered by AI in a controlled environment to demonstrate that even relatively simple algorithms systematically learn to play sophisticated collusive strategies. Most worrying is that they learn to
academic  Ai  algorithm  algorithms  analytics  antitrust  development  dystopian-tech  economics  paper  policy  pricing  research 
february 2019 by xer0x
Comparison of the best NSFW Image Moderation APIs 2018
A comprehensive benchmark of multiple Image content filtering API providers across different categories like Nudity, Pornography and Gore. A human being can instinctively decide whether what they are…
ai  classification  development  porn  test 
november 2018 by xer0x
Neural scene representation and rendering | DeepMind
We introduce the Generative Query Network (GQN), a framework within which machines learn to perceive their surroundings by training only on data obtained by themselves as they move around scenes. Much like infants and animals, the GQN learns by trying to make sense of its observations of the world around it. In doing so, the GQN learns about plausible scenes and their geometrical properties, without any human labelling of the contents of scenes.
computer_vision  deep-learning  3d  ai  ifttt  machinelearning  ml  Pocket  rendering  2d 
june 2018 by xer0x
Machine learning benchmarks: Hardware providers (part 1) | RaRe Technologies
The rise of machine learning as a discipline brings new demands for number crunching and computing power. With easily accessible and cheap hardware resources, one has to pick the right platform to run the experiments and model training on.
cloud  ai  computing  cost  performance 
december 2017 by xer0x
Business questions engineers should ask when interviewing at ML/AI companies
A few folks have been asking me if such-and-such would be good AI/ML company to work at. If you’re a data scientist or engineer and are considering a job, here are some interesting questions to ask…
ai  business  career  interview  machinelearning  ml 
november 2017 by xer0x
Unsupervised sentiment neuron
We’ve developed an unsupervised system which learns an excellent representation of sentiment.
ai  nlp  machinelearning  ifttt  machine-learning  Pocket  sentiment  Archive  artifical-intelligence  blog-post 
april 2017 by xer0x
Where's the lane? Self-driving cars confused by shabby U.S. roadways | Reuters
Volvo's North American CEO, Lex Kerssemakers, lost his cool as the automaker's semi-autonomous prototype sporadically refused to drive itself during a press event at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
roads  tesla  selfdriving  ai  poor  quality  oops 
april 2016 by xer0x
Galactic Arms Race (GAR)
WOW. This game has stunning generated weapons! AI research nirvana!
programming  design  cool  game  fun  research  gamedev  freeware  gaming  mmo  learning  ai  theory  algorithms  procedural  evolution  gamedesign 
july 2009 by xer0x

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