420 Seconds in Heaven
Summary: Butters is so frustrating. Kenny wants to take it out on his lips.
author:rivas  pairing:kenny/butters  fandom:southpark 
march 2015
Bigfoots Middle American Academy of Magic
Summary: We are pleased to invite you to join the next generation of American witches and wizards at Bigfoots Middle American Academy of Magic. Please see the attached bat for further instructions. Stan/Kyle, Harry Potter AU
author:shortround  pairing:stan/kyle  fandom:southpark  genre:au  setting:harrypotter  contains:underage 
december 2014
The Princess and the Paladin
Summary: "Don't ask why Kenny wanted to be a chick, it's just how he seems to be rolling right now.”

Kenny and Butters take role-playing to chivalrous extremes. Inspired by Stick of Truth.
author:shortround  pairing:kenny/butters  verse:stickoftruth  type:fic  fandom:southpark 
november 2014
You’ve Cast A Spell Over Me... Nope, Just A Hex
Summary: Draco Malfoy is a very important person with a very important job. He's got a tight schedule to keep, but he’s always willing to spare a few minutes to hex Harry Potter.
author:xenadragon_xoxo  pairing:harry/draco  fandom:harrypotter 
november 2014
Something I Don't Want to Stop
Summary: It's Harry and Draco's eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they're being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?
author:traintracks  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  sex:b.draco  era:8th.year  fandom:harrypotter 
june 2014
Hurt for the Right Reasons
Summary: Everything was so cocked up. He just wanted this one thing. He wanted to hurt for the right reasons for once.
author:traintracks  pairing:harry/draco  sex:firsttime  sex:b.draco  sex:angrysex  sex:fingering  fandom:harrypotter 
april 2014
To Boldly Go
Summary: Sometimes, it just takes getting trapped in a closet with your best friend to realize you want to have orgasms with him.
author:affectingly  pairing:scott/stiles  rating:mature  fandom:teenwolf 
march 2014
Won't Be Held Down by Who I Used to Be
Summary: Pre-Movie. Thor gives Mjölnir to Loki in order to level the playing field. Loki doesn't react the way he expects.
author:dreamlittleyo  pairing:thor/loki  fandom:marvel  rating:explicit  contains:incest  contains:dub-con  sex:firsttime  contains:drinking 
november 2013
In Plain Sight
Summary: Loki may not want to be found, but that won't stop Thor from searching.
author:dreamlittleyo  pairing:thor/loki  fandom:marvel  contains:non-con  contains:incest  sex:firsttime 
november 2013
Testing New Ways
Summary: Functioning relationships need work. Harry realises that and so he’s putting in some work – totally selfless of course.
author:tinarebekka  fandom:harrypotter  era:EWE  era:post-DH  genre:pwp  kink:assplay  kink:rimming  kink:felching  type:fic  sex:fingering  sex:b.draco  sex:t.harry  setting:domestic 
june 2013
Just Like A Gryffindor
Summary: Draco hasn't gotten over the war yet, but the real problem is that everyone else has. So when an old curse comes back to haunt him, maybe he doesn't resent it quite as much as he should.
author:anjenue  pairing:harry/draco  fandom:harrypotter  era:post-HBP  magic:curse  type:fic  sex:t.harry  sex:b.draco  rating:nc-17  genre:flangst  features:injuries  features:hurt/comfort 
june 2013
Where Your Treasure Lies
Summary: "The girl survived, Harry," Dumbledore said kindly. "You saved her from the fire and died a hero as you were always meant to."

"But I didn’t mean to," Harry whispered, horrified. "Draco, he needs me … I promised …"
author:queenie-mab  fandom:harrypotter  era:post-DH  genre:angst  genre:au  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  setting:heaven.hell  sex:b.draco  sex:t.harry  setting:domestic  genre:kidfic  contains:mild.char.death  contains:major.char.death 
june 2013
Make a Map
Summary: After an Auror mission gone wrong, Harry finds himself stranded on an island, where his only companions are a mute house-elf, a prickly owl, and an insufferable git. Roughly based on the story of Odysseus and Calypso from Homer's Odyssey.
author:liftedlorax  era:post-DH  career:auror  fandom:harrypotter  genre:flangst  pairing:harry/draco  rating:mature  sex:b.draco  sex:t.harry  sex:switching  setting:stranded  setting:trapped  type:fic 
may 2013
Double Dare
Summary: Draco is a self-satisfied little bastard. Harry is ridiculously tolerant and an awful judge of character. Boys are stubborn. It's just like the books, except much shorter and gayer!
author:silvia_kundera  genre:humour  pairing:harry/draco  rating:pg  setting:hogwarts-era  type:fic 
april 2013
Thank you, Draco
Summary: Draco’s latest oddity is sleep-travelling to weird and wonderful, sometimes dangerous places with no way home. It takes a combination of Muggle technology and winning the man of his dreams to keep him safe.
author:jamie2109  fandom:harrypotter  era:EWE  pairing:harry/draco  rating:r  type:fic 
april 2013
Bite Me, Hate Memes
Summary: Draco Malfoy becomes incensed when hate memes start flooding the Ministry of Magic and dare to try to usurp his undisputed position as the best Potter hater on the face of this planet.
author:pir8fancier  era:post-DH  era:EWE  genre:schmoop  fandom:harrypotter  kink:nippleplay  pairing:harry/draco  type:fic 
april 2013
Summary: Harry’s return to school after Voldemort’s demise was pleasantly peaceful, until the holiday decorating contest.
author:dysonrules  era:8th.year  fandom:harrypotter  genre:schmoop  pairing:harry/draco  rating:pg-13  setting:christmas  type:fic 
april 2013
Let the Poets Pipe of Love
Summary: Harry is a virgin, Draco is a hooker, but when they get together they have nothing but fun sex fights—well, something like that.
author:bookshop  era:post-DH  features:prostitution  career:hooker  career:auror  features:pining  genre:flangst  fandom:harrypotter  kink:roleplay  magic:polyjuice  sex:t.harry  sex:b.draco  setting:brothel  trope:firsttime  type:fic 
april 2013
An Old Habit
Summary: The boys have changed a lot over the summer after the war, but Harry hasn’t gotten over the urge to spy on Malfoy.
author:fireflavored  fandom:harrypotter  era:8th.year  era:EWE  magic:invisibility  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  setting:trapped  sex:t.harry  sex:b.draco  type:fic 
april 2013
Watching for a Sign
Summary: A remix of the story of Draco’s Tattoo, which is a lovely piece by the incredibly talented mijeli. Draco tries to cover the Mark, but the results aren’t quite what he’d hoped. Or, perhaps at the end of the day, they’re more like what he and Harry both hoped after all.
author:bsmog  pairing:harry/draco  kink:tattoos  rating:r  setting:hogwarts-era  type:fic  era:post-DH  fandom:harrypotter 
april 2013
The Longest Night
Summary: Draco discovers that waiting doesn't equal hoping, and that some wishes do come true.
author:coffeejunkii  fandom:harrypotter  genre:angst  genre:flangst  genre:dark  features:pining  pairing:harry/draco  rating:r  sex:b.draco  sex:t.harry  type:fic 
november 2012
Close To Ever After
Summary: When Harry Potter finds he's been cursed, he withdraws from the world and prepares to die. But when have things ever gone the way Harry Potter planned?
author:oldenuf2nb  fandom:harrypotter  era:post-DH  genre:au  features:pining  features:hurt/comfort  genre:flangst  genre:crack  features:mpreg  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  setting:grimmauld  type:fic 
november 2012
Rebuilding Draco Malfoy
Summary: Draco wants to do something to get his life back on track, but no-one seems to be taking him seriously – until he finds himself in an Auror training session led by Harry Potter.
author:khasael  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  career:auror  era:post-DH  fandom:harrypotter  type:fic  trope:teacher/student 
november 2012
Expectations for the Unexpected
Summary: After learning some incredible news that will change his world yet again, Draco braces for the loss of something else just as precious.
artist:red-rahl  era:epilogue-compliant  pairing:harry/draco  fandom:harrypotter  features:mpreg  rating:pg-13  setting:domestic  type:art 
november 2012
The Malfoy Family Silver
Summary: In his dreams Draco sees horrors and when he wakes, he remembers that each and every one of them is real. And when he wakes, he straps on his dragon-hide armour and goes out to stop what he can.
contains:dub-con  fandom:harrypotter  era:post-DH  era:EWE  creatures:werewolves  features:kidnapping  genre:angst  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  sex:b.draco  sex:t.harry  type:fic 
november 2012
Partners Chosen By Chance
Summary: Being surrounded by masked figures is no longer fun for Draco, but when he tries to step away from the party, the festivities come to find him in unexpected, and very entertaining, ways.
author:trysola  pairing:harry/draco/hermione  kink:public.sex  kink:voyeurism  rating:explicit  setting:hogwarts-era  kink:dress-up  fandom:harrypotter  era:post-DH  era:8th.year 
november 2012
...the weapon
Summary: Tattoos are one of the ways they measure out the time between getting ghosted
author:akamine-chan  fandom:bandom  genre:au  pairing:frank/gerard  kink:tattoos  setting:dangerdays  type:fic  rating:teen 
november 2012
Love, Honour, and Obey--Not In That Order
Summary: Harry notices something not quite right about Draco, and, true to form, doesn't relent until he figures it out. Of course, Draco doesn’t appreciate being 'figured out' and makes things very difficult.
author:literaryspell  era:8th.year  era:post-DH  era:EWE  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  rating:r  type:fic 
november 2012
A Year on the Wizarding Convention Circuit
Summary: Being Savior of the Wizarding World isn’t enough to get Harry the interesting assignments. That gives him plenty of time to focus his energy on something else...
author:eidheann-writes  career:journalist  genre:flangst  genre:crack  era:post-DH  era:EWE  pairing:harry/draco  themes:fuckbuddies  rating:nc-17  magic:potions  type:fic  features:mpreg 
november 2012
It Was We Who Were the Cliché (But We Carried On Anyway)
Summary: When the reconciled Black sisters go on holiday together, Andromeda entrusts Draco, rather than Harry, with five year old Teddy Lupin for three weeks. Harry is convinced she made the wrong choice, and he decides the way to fix this is simply to keep turning up at the manor and refusing to leave Draco alone.
author:ignatiustrout  era:post-DH  era:EWE  magic:potions  genre:kidfic  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  rating:r  type:fic 
november 2012
Inside the Lines
Summary: Harry is good at drawing and at being in denial. Draco is good at showing off his body and at infuriating Harry.
author:adonis-flammea  career:artist  era:post-DH  fandom:harrypotter  rating:r  pairing:harry/draco  type:fic 
november 2012
101 Ways to Heal Your Wizarding Woes (Or, an Unfortunate Incident with a Traffic Cone and a Policeman’s Helmet)
Summary: Harry is a trainee Auror, and Draco is living at Malfoy Manor, bored and petulant with nothing to do, and no career prospects. Draco’s attempt to heal himself via Muggle psychology – including writing a series of ‘why I hate you’ letters to Harry – backfires when an overanxious house elf delivers the results to Harry. Harry is bemused, Draco is angry and together they have a lot of issues to work out.
author:who-la-hoop  career:auror  era:post-DH  era:EWE  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  sex:b.draco  sex:t.harry  type:fic 
november 2012
This Charming Man
Summary: Harry doesn't understand how he's supposed to learn the genteel art of pureblood etiquette from the rudest arsehole he's ever known.
author:thusspakekate  career:writer  fandom:harrypotter  era:post-DH  era:EWE  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  sex:t.harry  sex:b.draco  type:fic 
november 2012
Day of the Dragon or How Draco won Harry’s Heart
Summary: Harry’s job is a bit boring and he’s been wishing for dragons. Draco gives him a day he’ll never forget…
artist:naadi  career:auror  creatures:dragons  magic:transfiguration  pairing:harry/draco  rating:pg-13  era:EWE  type:art 
november 2012
Resistance is Futile
Summary: The big bad wolf is going through mating season and shooting off pheromones like crazy in the Ministry administration department. Who's the hunted now?
author:olimakiella  era:post-DH  creatures:werewolves  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  sex:t.harry  sex:b.draco  type:fic  magic:allure 
november 2012
Summary: Evil Kyle from "Spookyfish" and regular Kyle swap places due to a mishap. Regular Kyle is terrified and desperate to get back to his normal universe, whereas the evil Kyle senses opportunity.
author:formerdinosaur  fandom:southpark  pairing:stan/kyle  rating:nc-17  trope:mirrorverse 
october 2012
A Hard Bargain (Or How Draco Malfoy was Ripped-Off)
Summary: Never trust in the god of love. He is a swindler and cheat. But sometimes the trouble is worth the price.
author:valinorean  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  era:EWE  type:fic 
october 2012
Of Love and Treacle Tarts
Summary: Harry has to figure out what he wants before Draco gets sick of waiting.
author:olimakiella  fandom:harrypotter  era:post-DH  pairing:harry/draco  rating:mature  sex:t.harry  sex:b.draco  type:fic 
september 2012
Under Your Skin
Summary: "So you decided hepatitis would be fun"; or the one about tattoos, waffles and ghouls.
author:scribblinlenore  fandom:teenwolf  kink:tattoos  creatures:werewolves  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:explicit  type:fic 
september 2012
All You Need to Know
Summary: "Did Lydia give you some kind of potion that forces you to tell the truth even though you'd rather choke on wolfsbane and die?"
author:dira  fandom:teenwolf  features:truthserum  pairing:derek/stiles  genre:humour  rating:pg-13  type:fic 
september 2012
The Creepy Cave
Summary: Stiles looks up. Slowly. “Holy shit,” he says. The tentacle is attached to more tentacles which are attached to a giant glowing squid thing. “That is not the droid we were looking for.”
author:lolafeist  fandom:teenwolf  genre:crack  pairing:derek/stiles  kink:tentacles  contains:intoxication  contains:sexpollen  contains:dub-con  kink:light.bondage  rating:explicit  type:fic  genre:humour 
september 2012
Passion As Fierce As The Grave
Summary: Stiles wakes up with a sticky fierce mess on his hands, well more like his belly and where the hell did that come from?
author:thraceadams  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:mature  contains:underage  type:fic  features:hurt/comfort 
september 2012
Do We Make It Up As We Go?
Summary: In which Scott notices Derek and Stiles, gets very confused, and tries to be a good friend.
author:entangledglow  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:pg-13  type:fic 
september 2012
A Little Less Sixteen Candles
Summary: In which Derek fails at wooing, and Stiles fails at catching a clue.
author:silverlining99  fandom:teenwolf  rating:mature  pairing:derek/stiles  type:fic 
september 2012
Out of His League
Summary: Derek's going to be the best ballplayer ever, if Stiles doesn't kill him first. Or vice versa.

In which Stiles is a personal trainer, and Derek is the shortstop for the LA Dodgers.
author:scikopathik  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:explicit  genre:au  type:fic 
september 2012
I Had It All Planned Out
Summary: There are dead witches, and he's pretty sure he was perilously close to becoming some sort of sacrifice (and really, who the hell does that?)
author:entangledglow  fandom:teenwolf  contains:dub-con  rating:explicit  pairing:derek/stiles  sex:firsttime  genre:angst  type:fic  features:sexpollen 
september 2012
Shhhh! I'm Listening To Reason
Summary: Stiles falls into a frozen lake, then falls into bed with a werewolf.
author:melfice  pairing:derek/stiles  fandom:teenwolf  features:hurt/comfort  rating:nc-17  type:fic 
august 2012
Darling It Is No Joke

The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.
author:thehoyden  rating:explicit  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  type:fic 
august 2012
To Have Outlived the Night
Summary: Derek steps away from the window. “You helped me. They took that as a declaration.”
author:stillance  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  creatures:werewolves  rating:mature  type:fic 
august 2012
Things To Do On The Dates You Aren't Having
Summary: "So are we dating now or what?" Stiles asks the third time he finds himself doing the obligatory postcoital cuddling with a certain sour wolf.
author:lielabell  fandom:teenwolf  rating:mature  pairing:derek/stiles  type:fic 
august 2012
A Day in the Life
Summary: First comes bond, then comes marriage, and then comes news requiring a strong beverage. Does an accidental bond mean that feelings can't be real or trusted? All in one day, complicated situations arise in the "happy ever after life" of Harry and Draco, and they threaten to upset the life they've become used to.
author:roma-fics  fandom:harrypotter  era:post-DH  pairing:harry/draco  rating:r  sex:t.harry  sex:b.draco  type:fic  career:auror  trope:mates/bonded 
august 2012
Little Talks
Summary: Draco's been shagging the Head Auror for months now, and he's sure it's just a fling. Until Harry asks him to a Quidditch match, that is, and things go horribly wrong.
author:femmequixotic  author:noeon  rating:nc-17  pairing:harry/draco  era:EWE  fandom:harrypotter  genre:kidfic  sex:b.draco  sex:t.harry  type:fic  kink:officesex  career:auror 
august 2012
Summary: They're auror partners, smoking buddies, wine mates, co-inhabitants of a snow filled trench somewhere in western Scotland, and they've had it with being cold.
author:sara_holmes  genre:au  fandom:harrypotter  rating:r  pairing:harry/draco  type:fic 
august 2012
Summary: “Draco meets Harry’s eyes, and Harry has a brief moment to wonder how this suddenly got so serious. All he’d been thinking about this morning was being able to have enough time to get Draco’s shirt off, and now they’d been found out by his mother and were having a standoff in the hallway about their relationship and how dangerous it could potentially be, in more ways than one.”
author:saras-girl  creature:other  era:post-DH  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  rating:pg-13  type:fic  setting:malfoymanor 
july 2012
pooklet's sims things. what. WHAT.
july 2012
Night Shift
Summary: Draco is stuck in career purgatory on the night shift in the Auror Department. The powers that be won’t let him near any important cases, but he knows he can prove himself and get promoted if he can just crack a big case. When Harry Potter shows up after getting himself banished to the night shift as well, how will he affect Draco’s plans?
author:mis-mindfunk  era:post-DH  creatures:veela  creatures:vampires  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  rating:mature  sex:t.harry  sex:b.draco  type:fic  career:auror 
july 2012
Poetic Justice
Summary: In which Peter Pettigrew gets captured, The Weasley Twins get an idea, Harry and Draco get drugged, Moody gets an Eyeful, and everyone involved gets exactly what they deserved.
author:scrtkpr  magic:weasleytwinfuckery  magic:truthspell  fandom:harrypotter  kink:rimming  genre:humour  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  sex:b.draco  sex:t.harry  type:fic  genre:au  career:auror  features:pining 
july 2012
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sex:firsttime sex:handjobs sex:hatesex sex:oralsex sex:switching sex:t.draco sex:t.harry themes:fuckbuddies themes:house.switch themes:missletoe themes:non-magic themes:thedevil trope:alpha/omega trope:fakedating trope:firsttime trope:mates/bonded trope:mirrorverse trope:secretlytogether trope:teacher/student trope:wakeupmarried type:art type:fanmix type:fanvids type:fic type:podfic type:recs verse:stickoftruth vidder:gypsyraeyven vidder:sapphiamur vidder:volchiha

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