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Wikipedia’s Sexism - NYTimes.com
Op-ed on how Wikipedia created a page for Women novelists and harassed an editor who had written the op ed about it
Wikipedia  sexism  bias 
april 2013 by wpenman
"Our Virtual Middle Ages" by Steve Fuller | Project Syndicate
took a weird turn at the end, but an interesting point overall that compiling research (ie making a dictionary) is inherently medieval
int  medieval  argument  wikipedia 
april 2012 by wpenman
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Wikipedia admins blog. "There are no requirements for adminship beyond having a sufficiently strong record of participation to pass RfA. There is no requirement that the candidate disclose his or her real name or background, and many don't. (I've never disclosed my real name on-wiki, although at this point I will soon go ahead and do so.) For example, there is no minimum age requirement. (Certain specialized functionaries do now have to be over 18 and provide proof of their identity to the Wikimedia Foundation Office, though they don't have to disclose it publicly.) There have been administrators as young as 12 or 13 years old; there are no good demographic numbers that I'm aware of, but I would estimate that the median age would be no higher than mid-20s"
wikipedia  technology  kids 
july 2011 by wpenman
if:book: jaron lanier's essay on "the hazards of the new online collectivism"
Bob Stein, in view of how Wikipedia articles change: "the new emerging sense of the author as moderator"
bob_stein  author  moderator  wikipedia 
july 2011 by wpenman
Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert | The Awl
Because of history view, "Rather than being just a tempest in the teacup of publishing, Wikipedia is the foreshock of an epistemological earthquake to rival the one set rumbling by Johannes Gutenberg ca. 1439."
technology  wikipedia 
july 2011 by wpenman

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