Plant an Acorn, Grow an Oak - Sacramento Tree Foundation
One of the few illustrated guides I've found targeted at a mass audience.
oak  tree  planting  woodland  ranch  restoration 
7 weeks ago
Growing Valley Oak, Hobbs & Young 2001
In which the effect of containers on acorn tap root growth is measured.

Growing oak trees initially in containers improves survival rates from predation, but limits growth of tap root, which can cause problems for drought-tolerance.
oak  tree  planting  woodland  ranch  restoration 
7 weeks ago
California Grasslands and Range Forage Grasses
Bulletin 724, May, 1951, California Agricultural Experiment Station, The College of Agriculture, University of California
california  ranching  forage  grass 
june 2018
The Breakthrough Institute - On the Nature of Wine
"a froth of alternative values and production possibilities that can only exist atop the sea of standardized, mechanized, and industrialized materiality that is the predicate for modern life, modern social identities, and the global cosmopolitan values that allow an architect or software programmer in San Francisco to identify passionately with the parochial interests of small producers of long-forgotten grape varietals in Catalonia or Sardinia"
wine  economics  organic  natural 
march 2018
"Software for the visualization and analysis of satellite constellations"
satellite  space  software 
february 2018
Memoria Technica
Classes on engine turning and guilloché in Seattle.
guilloché  classes 
january 2018
Promote Mode
Twitter's Promote Mode… $99/mo subscription to promote your account in other peoples' feeds.
december 2017
Multi-language code linter in Python.
python  code  lint 
november 2017
Buy Red Giant Trapcode Suite | Download free trial
One of the tools movie UI designers use for particles, grids, etc.
after-effects  plugins 
october 2017
California’s First Craft Malt House Wants To Make Malt The New Hops - Eater SF
Interesting. I've been considering raising some organic malting barley, since it's an easy crop for us.
barley  malt  beer  organic 
september 2017
Recipe: Quick-Pickled Cherry Peppers | Kitchn
Made something approximating this tonight. More salt, some water, simmered longer.
recipe  cooking 
july 2017
The Food Delivery Death Star – The California Review – Medium
"Increasingly, it looks as though the long-term sustainability of on-demand companies hinges on a self-driving future. Investors are letting their companies lose money in the short-term — ravenously acquiring customers and marketshare — so that once the robots arrive, their companies will be positioned for a big payday."

self-driving  hype  delivery  on-demand  startup 
may 2017
BLACK 2.0 - The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material – Culture Hustle
Not Vantablack, but closest commercial equivalent.

Best part: "Not available to Anish Kapoor"

Kapoor has an exclusive on use of Vantablack for art. :-\
paint  art 
march 2017
Peter Doig’s ‘Cobourg 3+1 More’ | Christie's
Interesting painting, and great video format/style for introducing it.
february 2017
CNPLX: Trichostema lanceolatum - Nursery and Seed Sources
I've been trying to identify this plant for awhile.

Trichostema lanceolatum, aka vinegarweed or camphor weed. Very strong odor. Nectar makes bees aggressive. Leaves taste a bit of camphor. Claims the plant smells like vinegar… I get a more herbacious sour odor.

Listed in the Native American Ethnobotany DB as used, variously, as a camphor rub for colds, a gastrointestinal aid, a flea repellant, a beverage, etc. So, probably not toxic.
california  plant  native 
september 2016
I am Anthony Bourdain and I’m really good at finding cool shit. AMA. : IAmA
"The books that I reread, I reread Orwell's essays all the time. The Quiet American, by Graham Greene. The Friends of Eddie Coyle, by George V. Higgins, it's a great crime book. Joan Didion's essays or collected Joan Didion is terrific. Patricia Highsmith, The Ripley's series is great. True Grit! You've seen the movie, read the book. It is amazing, it is really amazing writing."
september 2016
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