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Fire of Spring - Fic: Wait and See (SPN; Castiel)
"Go on and what? Draw the moral? That the life of puppets is no life at all?"
fic  spn  castiel  gen 
may 2010 by wondy
a better resurrection - SPN fic: And we are here as on a darkling plain; Gen; PG
Summary: Three vignettes from Gabriel, Dean, and Ellen's perspectives, post-Abandon All Hope.
spn  gen  castiel  dean-winchester  ellen-harvelle 
april 2010 by wondy
icon_reich: Supernatural Ficlet/Drabble: Even Kids Can Play
Summary: Episode tag for 5x10: It's a long road to Carthage; Jo teaches Cas a little travel game to pass the time.
fic  spn  gen  castiel  jo-harvelle 
november 2009 by wondy
spn_summergen: Homing
Summary: Ellen's story is no more and no less tragic than any other hunter's.
fic  spn  ellen-harvelle  gen 
november 2009 by wondy
Living on a Prayer
Faith has a slayer dream which sends her on a reluctant journey to her old territory, on a quest to save a new ally.
fic  crossover  faith-lehane  castiel  spn  btvs/ats  dean-winchester  sammy-winchester  bobby-singer  nwhepcat 
june 2009 by wondy
minim_calibre: [Fic] Riptide (1/1, SPN, gen)
Five years. That's how long it takes Mary to undo a lifetime of training, to stop spreading the sills of her windows with thin lines of salt after John's fallen asleep, to believe the lie she's been telling herself.
spn  gen  fic  mary-winchester 
april 2009 by wondy
fated_addiction: Supernatural Fic: i’ll give you all my pennies
Jo doesn’t know what to say, of course, really not to good at any of these things anymore. She can talk to complete strangers (kill ‘em too), but her own family, what’s left, is this dangerous setting of knots.
fic  spn  jo-harvelle  gen  fated-addiction 
april 2009 by wondy
vinylroad: fic: cassiopeia
It’s cold enough that she can see her breath fogging up in the air, fat marshmallow puffs that disappear as quickly as they form. They trail up into the pitch black sky lit by thousands of tiny pinprick stars tossed in patterns she never bothered to learn. [beautiful writing.]
fic  spn  jo-harvelle  dean-winchester  gen 
april 2009 by wondy
harriet_spy: Ficlet: "The Zuul Job" (LV/SPN)
"I don't see the vase," Parker hissed into the comm as she moved down one of the gloomy corridors of the mansion.
fic  gen  crossover  spn  bela-talbot  leverage  parker 
march 2009 by wondy
Still Just Colorful - Fic: Waiting for the End of the World
Synopsis: The classic stakeout story, except with an angel and a slayer and an apocalypse.
Followup to "Like the White-Winged Dove," but stands alone.
fic  gen  crossover  spn  castiel  btvs/ats  faith-lehane 
february 2009 by wondy
fated_addiction: Supernatural Fic: trains to siberia
there is a moon in the sky and she feels like saying something stupid, something like "all the pretty horses goin’ around and around" because it's something that this body would be doing. daddy’s little cowgirl. for old habits, after and in between. supernatural. ruby, sam, dean; slight ruby/sam. spoilers for heaven and hell. 1,200 words, pg13.
fic  gen  spn  fated-addiction  ruby 
january 2009 by wondy
Hey, Mark, man, you play a mean guitar, man. - Also, I think I'm getting a cold. - Book Club
It's not like they planned this. He and Gus met on a case and figured out they had some stuff in common, and then they met Dr. Brennan later on a totally different case, and she saw them having coffee and asked if she could have a cup.
fic  gen  psych  spn  sammy-winchester  bones  temperance-brennan  burton-guster 
january 2009 by wondy
Fruits of a Diseased Mind - Crossover - Supernatural/Good Omens (Gen)
Stop me if you've heard this one before - an angel walks into a bookstore and talks about the Apocalypse.
fic  gen  crossover  spn  good-omens  crowley  aziraphale  castiel 
december 2008 by wondy
Half-crazy - A Midnight Clear
"And Stanford had a midwife elective you never mentioned? You don't know crap about delivering babies!"

"I can count. And her contractions are too close together to risk it. It's safer here than in the back of the Impala while you're roaring down dirt roads at a hundred miles an hour in a blizzard!"

Dean opened his mouth and closed it again, unable to argue with that.
fic  gen  spn  dean-winchester  sammy-winchester  castiel 
december 2008 by wondy
oxoniensis: Supernatural fic: the sound is breaking all my bones
So she admits (to herself) that she likes to sleep now. It makes her feel more human. Even if all she does is lie down and close her eyes. It's something.
fic  spn  ruby 
december 2008 by wondy
Make copies, win races. - CWRPS fic: Your Brains Are No Match For My Tractorbeam 1/3 (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Summary: AU, based on The Big Bang Theory. Jensen is a socially awkward but happy theoretical physicist, Jared is an aspiring actor, and everyone sucks at relationships pretty damn hard.
[I am such a sucker for living-in-the-same-building fluff, what the hell.]
RPF-is-creepy-and/or-fun  spn 
november 2008 by wondy
When you run with the Winchesters
you can't really
complain about running in the rain.
poetry  spn  # 
september 2008 by wondy
oxoniensis: Good Omens/Supernatural fic: A Backdoor to Hell
He had expected them to be a little longer, but presumably the back door to Hell isn't that far away from Soho, which makes perfect sense when he comes to think of it.
fic  crossover  good-omens  spn  aziraphale  crowley  sam-winchester  dean-winchester  gen 
august 2008 by wondy
the sanest lunatic you ever met - SPN fic: Involuntary Conversion
Summary: In which Sam learns to take his dad's advice, the accounting equation is abused, and "zapped" is a technical term. Supernaturally speaking.
fic  spn  gen  celli  dean-winchester  sammy-winchester 
june 2008 by wondy
vaznetti: Fic: The language of the strong to the weak (SPN/Alias, Bela, Sark)
The dead spin and wail around her, faces she recognizes, men she's consigned to death, never looked back, block her way now.
fic  spn  alias  bela-talbot  julian-sark 
june 2008 by wondy
arewewinning: Exactly Not Like A Fairytale (Dean/Taylor) PG
Summary: A future fugitive/ghost buster meets a well-on-her-way neurotic when both are too young to know where their lives will take them. The OC/Supernatural crossover
fic  crossover  oc  spn  taylor-townsend  dean-winchester 
may 2008 by wondy
spnflashfic: SPN: all about our domesticity by fated_addiction
make and model aside, she doesn’t really care what it is. john/mary. about a car. 718 words, g.
fic  spn  fated-addiction  jonh-winchester 
may 2008 by wondy
Half-crazy - Running with Papa Winchester - 9th Verse
teand posts winchester poetry to inspire her running. I like it.
poetry  spn  # 
april 2008 by wondy
mayatawi: Supernatural
theory of win and awesome. ETA: boo, spn.
meta  spn  bela-talbot  # 
march 2008 by wondy
rez.verylo - Duluth
You're quarry, bait, or somebody else's damn problem. Hunters are what Jo knows.
fic  gen  spn  jo-harvelle 
march 2008 by wondy
musesfool: fic: Process Stories (SPN/BtVS; Sam/Buffy; pg)
"You've been holding back," Buffy says. "That's okay, though. So've I."
fic  crossover  musesfool  sammy-winchester  buffy-summers  btvs/ats  spn 
march 2008 by wondy
kajikia: SPN/VM Fic: The Better Angels of Our Nature
Summary: We're going to play a game now, you'll like it. It's called 'Tell me where your brother took my dad and you won't find out what a taser to the balls feels like.'
fic  crossover  vm  spn  sam-winchester  veronica-mars  gen 
january 2008 by wondy
hesychasm: SPN/BTVS: The Devil's Gate, NC-17
She'd always known she'd make her way there one day. Approx. 34,800 words. Jo/Faith.
fic  crossover  btvs/ats  spn  jo-harvelle  faith-lehane  angel 
january 2008 by wondy
Set my clocks early, 'cause I know I'm always late - heroes/spn ficlet: Fearless
It's like watching the Terminator or something; this girl doesn't even hesitate.
crossover  fic  gen  heroes  spn  jo-harvelle  claire-bennet 
october 2007 by wondy
Old Country
Then he said, in a faintly horrified voice, "You—you are certified wizards?" "Uh, " Dean said.
crossover  fic  gen  hp  spn  dean-winchester  sammy-winchester 
september 2007 by wondy
ignipes: SPN/HP Fic: A Rough Start (Dean, gen, PG)
Summary: Dean's first week at Hogwarts isn't exactly a success.
crossover  fic  gen  hp  ignipes  spn  dean-winchester 
july 2007 by wondy
ignipes: SPN/HP Fic: Of A Sort (Dean, gen, PG-13)
Summary: It was the longest Sorting in recent Hogwarts history.
crossover  fic  gen  hp  spn  ignipes  dean-winchester 
july 2007 by wondy
42number fic (supernatural-house): and then you die a martyr
And this is one of those occasions –hand hot on the small of her back as they leave- where you should forget the name of the girl as soon as she says it- -but Allison, small voice, proud tone, stays with John.
crossover  fic  spn  house  allison-cameron  john-winchester 
july 2007 by wondy
the slippery bridge of the titanic - Crossover (Supernatural-House): we speak in idolatry
“Allison,” she says, greeting with nothing more than that. His eyes say be careful, little girl, but his hand brushes against her hip and his mouth greets with a simple: “John.” (This isn’t a good idea.)
crossover  fic  spn  house  allison-cameron  john-winchester  fated-addiction 
july 2007 by wondy
spn_gen: Fic: "Accidents Will Happen"
Summary: Some Goth teenagers accidentally resurrect John Winchester. No, seriously.
gen  spn  fic  sammy-winchester  dean-winchester 
may 2007 by wondy
42number: fic, veronica mars/supernatural - all the collapsing sandcastles
The first thing Dean Winchester does in Neptune is pick up a fight, and you saw that one coming, uh?
crossover  spn  vm  dean-winchester  veronica-mars  fic 
april 2007 by wondy
mcee: cutesy ficlet. - Battle Wounds
"Dude, leave it alone. You're making it worse."
spn  fic  gen  dean-winchester  sammy-winchester  # 
april 2007 by wondy
mcee: drabble. - Shades Of Gray
The idea had seemed so preposterous to him that he'd promised without thinking, without realizing that he was betraying his word just as he was swearing it to be true.
fic  spn  gen  sammy-winchester  dean-winchester  # 
april 2007 by wondy
Let a thousand freaking butterflies fly free! - Fiction: Days Like This (Angel/Supernatural crossover, gen, rated PG-13)
The whole night had been jacked up from the start, and it only proved what Dean Winchester had always believed: California had it in for him.
fic  angel  spike  dean-winchester  sammy-winchester  crossover  gen  btvs/ats  spn 
april 2007 by wondy
we meanies only take NO for an answer. - 1967 Plymouth GTX Convertible, Black.
Dean was staring at the bald black guy on the other side of the magic shop, and Sam was starting to find it politically incorrect. "Quit it," Sam muttered, kicking Dean in the boot.
fic  btvs/ats  spn  crossover  angel  sammy-winchester  dean-winchester  charles-gunn  basingstoke 
march 2007 by wondy
TtH • Story • The Lost Treasure of Wishnik (or The Case of the Stanford Kitty Caper)
Sam's smile momentarily caused Dawn's world to tilt, and she had to give herself a mental-slap to regroup. So he didn't trust her around liquids, and rightfully so, but he did know her name and he smiled at her.
fic  btvs/ats  spn  dawn-summers  sammy-winchester 
march 2007 by wondy
ginger ate radioactive green beans - Fic: Real Men Don't Make Cheesecake (Supernatural)
Summary: Dean takes home economics, and chaos ensues. And no, it's not his fault.
fic  spn  dean-winchester  trollprincess  gen  SOMUCHLOVE 
march 2007 by wondy
ethrosdemon: Looking Normal In The Face (What Normal Really Looks Like sequel)
Sam's had a lot of experience learning to catalogue people. He judges and files away new people in his life with labels—needy, bully, scared, oblivious, hungry. He sort of thinks of that as part of the whole rigmarole of being a Winchester.
fic  crossover  oth  spn  sammy-winchester  lucas-scott  dean-winchester  brooke-davis  peyton-sawyer 
march 2007 by wondy
ethrosdemon: Set before "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" - What Normal Really Looks Like
Lucas is used to drama. In theory, his life was once fairly drama-free, with pick-up games at the River Court, and eating supper with his mom and Haley talking about books, and boring days. He remembers that, so it must have been real.
fic  crossover  oth  spn  lucas-scott  sammy-winchester  dean-winchester  brooke-davis  peyton-sawyer 
march 2007 by wondy
saintstreet: The Free Radicals - entry #10: "Once Upon a Midnight" (SV/SPN. Dean/Chloe.)
Chloe heard the shots and came running, snow crunching under her boots. She was out of breath when she skidded to a stop, slamming against Dean's back, momentarily dazed.
fic  spn  smallville  chloe-sullivan  dean-winchester 
february 2007 by wondy
saintstreet: Zombie Kisses (Smallville/Supernatural - Chloe/Dean)
She recognizes the look of pure glee on his face as she carefully opens the door, or not so carefully because Dean Winchester yelps like a little girl and promptly falls on his ass.
fic  smallville  spn  chloe-sullivan  dean-winchester 
february 2007 by wondy
plumunited: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Chloe/Dean, SV/SN crossover. Follows Cherry Bomb).
Going to the post office, in driving rain no less, is not Chloe's idea of a great birthday. But when she sees the sender's name and the return address, all is forgiven.
fic  smallville  spn  dean-winchester  chloe-sullivan 
february 2007 by wondy
plumunited: Cherry Bomb (Supernatural/Smallville)
She looks out of place, which is to say, she looks like them. A little too young to be hanging around crime scenes. A lot too cute to be that interested in blood and gore.
fic  smallville  spn  chloe-sullivan  dean-winchester  sammy-winchester 
february 2007 by wondy
and then they had more sex - ALL CIRCLES WARMING UP
The guy, who was really kinda hot when she looked past the shotgun, just staring. He looked a little like Jason, actually. Weird world. Then he said, "I'm a hunter."
fic  crossover  smallville  spn  dean-winchester  chloe-sullivan  dean/chloe 
february 2007 by wondy
starstillwonder: don't build your world around
Dean’s talking to her, something about his band, and she turns back to him. It’s too bad; some other night, he would have been just her type. But tonight, Brooke’s a woman with a mission.
fic  spn  oth  brooke-davis  sammy-winchester  dean-winchester  #  thislinkisbroken 
january 2007 by wondy
Nature! The ultimate bringdown. - Fic: Nighthawks (Supernatural)
Summary: Dean loses his virginity when he's fourteen, in a diner bathroom somewhere outside St. Louis.
fic  spn  gen  dean-winchester  john-winchester 
january 2007 by wondy
Nature! The ultimate bringdown. - Fic: The In-Between Places (Supernatural)
AU where Sam is a girl and John's sidekick or similar. The last time he sees John, there's this girl with him, and for a second, Dean thinks that this - this - is what he's chosen to replace Mary with, and he's already starting to walk away.
fic  spn  dean-winchester  gen 
january 2007 by wondy
Nature! The ultimate bringdown. - Fic: Five Reasons Dean Will Take His Shirt Off (Other Than Bathing And Swimming) (Supernatural)
"Sit up," John says, and Dean bites down on the hiss of pain when they awkwardly pull his t-shirt over his head.
fic  spn  gen  sammy-winchester  dean-winchester 
january 2007 by wondy
Nature! The ultimate bringdown. - Fic: Five Women Who Chose Sam over Dean (Supernatural)
Summary: Sam meets the girl of his dreams in an aquarium-supply shop in Oakland, California.
fic  sammy-winchester  dean-winchester  spn  SOMUCHLOVE 
january 2007 by wondy
Go eat a cheeseburger! - Fic: Man of War (Both Sides Now Remix) -- (Supernatural/XMM)
Mutant, Dean always thinks when the word comes up, A freak of nature I can't do shit about. Now let's use it in a sentence.
fic  spn  xmm  dean-winchester  sammy-winchester  gen  SOMUCHLOVE 
december 2006 by wondy
there isn't a god around that's going to bring me sequins right now! - Fic: Chronomentrophobia (Studio 60 crossover)
Danny sighs as he leans against Matt's desk and stares at the clock. "It's not moving your pens, Matt. What did I tell you about endowing the clock with special powers?"
fic  gen  spn  s60  SOMUCHLOVE  matt-albie  danny-tripp 
december 2006 by wondy
veronicamarsfic: Fic: "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes" (Dean/Veronica) PG
“And that is how their routine goes: diner, banter, movie (or channel surfing when the video store closes early).”
crossover  vm  spn  dean-winchester  veronica-mars 
november 2006 by wondy
annakovsky: FIC: Five Families Connor Was Not Magically Squeezed Into After His Real Vampire Dad Slit His Throat
PG. Gen. AtS/Arrested Development, AtS/BtVS, AtS/Supernatural, AtS/The OC, AtS/Harry Potter. So much fun.
fic  btvs/ats  spn  oc  hp  arrested-development  connor  SOMUCHLOVE 
november 2006 by wondy
i t ' s . o n l y . r o c k . a n d . r o l l . ( b u t . i . l i k e . i t )
There is a hiss and a crackle, and then sharp bursts of guitar that hit his ears like gunfire. In that instant, Dean falls in love.
spn  musesfool  dean-winchester  gen 
november 2006 by wondy

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