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No Quality in Things Themselves, a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer + Leverage Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Sophie was there for the art. Anya was there for the money. But for both of them, giving up the life didn't mean giving up the instincts.
fic  crossover  leverage  btvs/ats  gen  sophie-devereaux  anya 
may 2014 by wondy
Maṭṭaltu - LithiumDoll - Leverage, Angel: the Series [Archive of Our Own]
Things are going pretty well for the Leverage crew until Lindsey McDonald shows up on their doorstep. Then, not so much.
fic  crossover  leverage  btvs/ats  eliot-spencer  lindsey-mcdonald  nate-ford  sophie-devereaux  alec-hardison  parker  angel  charles-gunn  spike  gen 
april 2013 by wondy
and that's how i saved earth and am the greatest. - FIC: The Sin Eater (Buffy/Angel, PG-13)
“But that doesn’t mean he’s for sure dead,” Dawn said. “That means he could still be alive.”
fic  btvs/ats  buffy-summers  faith-lehane  dawn-summers  fred-burkle  connor  angel 
august 2012 by wondy
and that's how i saved earth and am the greatest. - IWRY Fic: "Return to Me" 1/3
SUMMARY: Buffy travels halfway around the world to find Angel, and finds that's only half the journey.
fic  btvs/ats  buffy-summers  angel  dawn-summers 
august 2012 by wondy
and that's how i saved earth and am the greatest. - "the day of grief," b/a, pg, for a2zmom
Minutes to midnight on the day of grief, Buffy returns from patrol to find Angel has returned as well. The alcohol has loosened his joints; his body is so relaxed that he stretches across the bed six inches further than he normally would. Buffy thinks of Alice in Wonderland, the potion that made Alice grow, and wonders if it smelled like this, sour and smoky and sad.
fic  btvs/ats  buffy-summers  angel 
august 2012 by wondy
ineffort: BIG DAMN HEROES - American Girls
Buffy wasn't a morning person. Her mom had stories. But for the team? She could totally be a morning person. She could be a morning person so hard.
fic  btvs/ats  buffy-summers  gen  from delicious
february 2011 by wondy
and that's how i saved earth and am the greatest. - FIC: In Bocca al Lupo (Buffy/Veruca, PG-13)
SUMMARY: Buffy has already done the let yourself get wild movie of the week thing.
fic  btvs/ats  buffy-summers 
february 2010 by wondy
Captive of the Soul
Angel's attempt to keep his friends safe from harm might lead them into the greatest danger of all.
fic  btvs/ats  yahtzee  angel  cordelia-chase  wesley-wyndham-pryce  kate-lockley  gen 
february 2010 by wondy
The Quality of Mercy
Just as Angel's pulling himself back together, Riley shows up, falling apart.
fic  btvs/ats  gen  yahtzee  angel  riley-finn  cordelia-chase  wesley-wyndham-pryce  charles-gunn 
february 2010 by wondy
As Time Goes By
In its own unexpected ways, the Hyperion Hotel remains the last help for the hopeless in the wasteland once known as L.A.
fic  btvs/ats  yahtzee  gen  cordelia-chase  angel  buffy-summers  lilah-morgan  lindsey-mcdonald 
february 2010 by wondy
The Last Virtue
Gunn has always considered Kwanzaa severely suspect, a fake holiday that has less to do with being black than it does with selling crap like the kente-cloth table runners. In darker moments, he thinks it's probably the result of an evil collaboration between Al Sharpton and Hallmark.
fic  btvs/ats  charles-gunn  fred-burkle  wesley-wyndham-pryce  angel  connor  gen  yahtzee 
february 2010 by wondy
But he managed to smile at her. She whispered, "You're still here," with a ghost of that same smile on her face.
fic  yahtzee  btvs/ats  angel  gen 
january 2010 by wondy
The Uninvited Guest
"'She will tell us all she knows, all she has done. And we will make our judgments accordingly. So you see -- Faith has nothing to fear but the truth.' Like that ain't enough to be afraid of."
fic  yahtzee  btvs/ats  faith-lehane  charles-gunn  wesley-wyndham-pryce  angel  cordelia-chase  connor  fred-burkle  buffy-summers 
january 2010 by wondy
Acid Test
(PG-13) -- Xander takes a long, strange trip.
fic  btvs/ats  gen  xander-harris  willow-rosenberg  rupert-giles  buffy-summers  yahtzee 
november 2009 by wondy
Summary: A hospital waiting room, 2 visits. Charles is beginning to realize there's layers to this white girl.
fic  btvs/ats  cordelia-chase  charles-gunn  nwhepcat 
july 2009 by wondy
The Song about a Ramblin' Man :: NWHepcat
Summary:In a city that's quick to discard its history, Xander encounters a piece of his past -- and the possibility of a future.
fic  btvs/ats  nwhepcat  xander-harris  anne-steele 
june 2009 by wondy
The Bright Blessed Day, the Dark Sacred Night :: NWHepcat
Summary: Another thing he learned in Africa: Gifts from out of the blue are rare. They get rarer if you don't accept them with grace.
fic  btvs/ats  xander-harris  buffy-summers  nwhepcat 
june 2009 by wondy
Another Door
It's the eighth straight day of rain, and everyone's going a little mental. R, Spike/Xander. Sequel to Keeper of the Book. [I am actually not into Spike/Xander at all, but this is a great long plotty ensemble story, and it's set in the Keeper of the Book AU, and Anne! Lorne! Puppet Angel! I love this fic.]
fic  btvs/ats  xander-harris  spike  wesley-wyndham-pryce  anne-steele  faith-lehane  buffy-summers  rupert-giles  willow-rosenberg  fred-burkle  connor  nwhepcat 
june 2009 by wondy
Keeper of the Book :: NWHepcat
Summary: "If you've come about my salvation," Wesley tells his visitor, "I assure you I'm not interested." But that changes when he discovers he's not the only one who needs saving. NC-17.
fic  btvs/ats  gen  wesley-wyndham-pryce  anne-steele  xander-harris  spike  willow-rosenberg  faith-lehane  nwhepcat 
june 2009 by wondy
Living on a Prayer
Faith has a slayer dream which sends her on a reluctant journey to her old territory, on a quest to save a new ally.
fic  crossover  faith-lehane  castiel  spn  btvs/ats  dean-winchester  sammy-winchester  bobby-singer  nwhepcat 
june 2009 by wondy
roga: FIC: The One With The Chases (House MD/Angel crossover, gen, PG-13)
Summary: Where Chase meets his American cousin and New Jersey is surreptitiously mocked.
fic  crossover  house  btvs/ats  robert-chase  cordelia-chase  gen  roga 
june 2009 by wondy
Still Just Colorful - Fic: Waiting for the End of the World
Synopsis: The classic stakeout story, except with an angel and a slayer and an apocalypse.
Followup to "Like the White-Winged Dove," but stands alone.
fic  gen  crossover  spn  castiel  btvs/ats  faith-lehane 
february 2009 by wondy
nevacaruso: Fic: Ophelia's Reconstruction
At some point between apocalypses, Xander – as serious as Tara had ever seen him – asked her if she loved Willow. She knew most of their history, and it wasn’t until long after the fact that she thought of a thousand clever ways that she could have responded.
fic  gen  btvs/ats  tara-maclay  willow-rosenberg  xander-harris  dawn-summers 
january 2009 by wondy
sophia_helix: BTVS FIC: A Crossing by Water in Winter
Summary: Several ways to make things seem better.
fic  gen  rupert-giles  btvs/ats  oz 
january 2009 by wondy
sophia_helix: BTVS/LOST FIC: All the Roads We Have to Walk Are Winding
Summary: "His eyes open wide, clear blue with long reddish lashes, and Charlie does not look at other blokes' eyes."
fic  crossover  btvs/ats  oz  lost  charlie-pace 
january 2009 by wondy
and they didn't die, well, not for long - WITH ALL HIS AVAILABLE ENERGIES
Gunn's very careful when he skulks. He's finally recovered enough to leave his crew and get out of the hood but he's read enough comics to know careful, quiet, and hidden is the way to go. No sleeping with your grandmother no matter how hot she looks, no meeting someone before you actually ever met them and if someone asks you if you're a god, you say yes.
fic  btvs/ats  charles-gunn  rupert-giles  anya  wesley-wyndham-pryce  gen 
september 2008 by wondy
femslash08: [Fic] things to do at poolside when you're dead
"You're that ex-demon Xander took to prom. The one who sent me to bizarro Sunnydale. God, they'll let anyone in here these days." She makes a show of snapping her fingers, like she's just remembered the name. "Anya, right?"
fic  btvs/ats  cordelia-chase  anya 
july 2008 by wondy
bossymarmalade: grade me! validate me! - gold star for you
But Tara's feeling pretty warm and baby-pink herself, the colour of affection as she watches Willow sprawl the pens out across her desk and busily start grouping.
fic  btvs/ats  tara-maclay  willow-rosenberg 
july 2008 by wondy
Indelible :: NWHepcat
Summary: When Oz and Xander return from Africa, Oz discovers that a lot more has changed than he ever dreamed of. Xander and Dawn find themselves undergoing some changes as well.
fic  btvs/ats  xander-harris  dawn-summers  oz  nwhepcat 
july 2008 by wondy
love is a psychopath - Meta Meta Meta
So the Jossverse, character-wise, works on the principle of shadow doubles (TM Roz), parallels, and seeing what you COULD be.
meta  btvs/ats  buffy-summers  lilah-morgan  darla  cordelia-chase  # 
june 2008 by wondy
spring_with_xan: [fic] No Simple Highway
Summary: Between the dawn and the dark of night.
fic  btvs/ats  xander-harris  anya 
june 2008 by wondy
Thistlerose's Journal - [fic] Deal
Summary: Nikki Wood watches over her city.
fic  btvs/ats  nikki-wood  gen 
may 2008 by wondy
Thistlerose's Journal - [fic] if the moon should fall from the sky
At least a dozen thoughts jangled in Buffy’s mind when Xander kissed her, loudest among them: Mmm, I forgot how nice it is to kiss someone who can actually breathe!
fic  btvs/ats  buffy-summers  xander-harris 
may 2008 by wondy
Palette by Idyll
And of course he's not asking where she is, because on the Hellmouth, an unspeakable absence such as this means only one thing. He wants to know how, and it's obvious she would rather answer the other question, because it's simpler.
fic  btvs/ats  spike  tara-maclay 
may 2008 by wondy
long way - Remix fic: The Great Bikini Incident (The Key to Time Remix) (Buffy/DW)
Summary: Dawn’s suspicious of the three electricity inspectors outside her sister’s Rome apartment.
fic  who  crossover  btvs/ats  dw  gen  doyle  dawn-summers  ninth-doctor  rose-tyler  jack-harkness 
april 2008 by wondy
The American Stranger :: NWHepcat
Summary: For the past couple of weeks, Oz has been hearing about another American asking questions about the local stories.
fic  gen  oz  btvs/ats  xander-harris  nwhepcat 
april 2008 by wondy
ros_fod: you better believe it.
They stand on the shore, whispering, two sketches of fur clothing and leather boots, dark and indistinguishable. He eyes the fishermen as they auger through the frozen ocean until the Attaché clears his throat.
fic  btvs/ats  riley-finn  connor 
april 2008 by wondy
callmesandy: Minus the callow youth
"I'm not insulting you," he said. "Clearly, I appreciate these, uh, aspects of your personality."
fic  btvs/ats  cordelia-chase  rupert-giles 
march 2008 by wondy
musesfool: fic: Process Stories (SPN/BtVS; Sam/Buffy; pg)
"You've been holding back," Buffy says. "That's okay, though. So've I."
fic  crossover  musesfool  sammy-winchester  buffy-summers  btvs/ats  spn 
march 2008 by wondy
allyndra - Fic: Because Even the Impending Apocalypse Doesn't Stop the Rituals of High School
Summary: Despite everything, yearbooks got signed before the class of '99 graduated. This is Xander's
btvs/ats  fic  gen  xander-harris 
march 2008 by wondy
So Says I - Angels and Drums III: Ghost Story (BtVS/TW) PG
So Dawn Summers and Jack Harkness are trapped in a haunted house. Hijinks ensue. Okay, no, not really. Part of a series.
fic  crossover  btvs/ats  who  tw  jack-harkness  dawn-summers  gen 
march 2008 by wondy
FanFiction.Net - Five in One, a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fanfic
I don't give a piss about your mum. She was a slayer. I was a vampire. That's the way the game is played.
fic  gen  btvs/ats  spike  selena  nikki-wood 
february 2008 by wondy
mireille719: FIC: The Post-Finals Tradition (Connor/Oz, FRT)
Summary: And to think that just a couple of months ago, Connor had been thinking he was too normal for Oz.
fic  btvs/ats  connor  oz 
february 2008 by wondy
just this once, everybody lives - Dry Spells Hard Times Bad Lands
"Yeah. We've got theories and thoughts and crazy guesses. But Willow doesn't think they're dead. Or on this planet. Or this dimension. And how I don't know." Saving everyone is the order of the day.
fic  btvs/ats  connor  buffy-summers  dawn-summers  fred-burkle 
february 2008 by wondy
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sex Poodles
By default, the summer he turned twenty became The One Where Nothing Happened. It was the Seinfeld of Sunnydale summers.
fic  btvs/ats  yuletide  anya  xander-harris  doyle 
february 2008 by wondy
callmesandy: this is a business of smoke and mirrors
"I didn't actually ask you here to talk about National Geographic documentaries. Even though that one sounds really interesting, promise. I was just wondering, Fred, are you happy?"
fic  btvs/ats  fred-burkle  willow-rosenberg 
january 2008 by wondy
Vampire Ecology in the Jossverse
Vampecology. For serious. Really interesting.
btvs/ats  meta  # 
january 2008 by wondy
32 short fics about xander harris
Summary: Cruising through Xander's life in Sunnydale, and on into Cleveland, one hundred words at a time.
fic  gen  btvs/ats  xander-harris  nwhepcat 
january 2008 by wondy
hesychasm: SPN/BTVS: The Devil's Gate, NC-17
She'd always known she'd make her way there one day. Approx. 34,800 words. Jo/Faith.
fic  crossover  btvs/ats  spn  jo-harvelle  faith-lehane  angel 
january 2008 by wondy
TtH • Story • Bring Me The Head of Harry Potter
Summary: Someone wants Harry dead, and Dawn and Angel Investigations are in the line of fire - BtVS / Angel / HP / Highlander / Sopranos etc., character death. COMPLETE
fic  crossover  hp  btvs/ats  harry-potter  dawn-summers 
december 2007 by wondy
Lilac City
After the fall of Sunnydale, Xander resigned as the heart of the Scoobies, creating a solitary life away from the supernatural wars. He manages a supermarket in Spokane, stays sober, keeps to himself. But now, five years later, his quiet life is about to
btvs/ats  fic  xander-harris  faith-lehane  willow-rosenberg  dawn-summers  nwhepcat 
october 2007 by wondy
summer_of_giles: [fic] And Away We Go (just Giles, PG)
Summary: "Is it weird," Xander asks, "having your roles reversed? Being the one Watcher in all the world – amid hundreds of Slayers?"
fic  btvs/ats  gen  rupert-giles  andrew-wells  faith-lehane  xander-harris  buffy-summers  willow-rosenberg 
september 2007 by wondy
TtH • Story • Peril
"This is absurd." Hee! More from Jennifer's series.
crossover  fic  btvs/ats  lotr  buffy-summers  boromir 
august 2007 by wondy
TtH • Story • Language
Buffy knew it annoyed Elrohir and Elladan to no end that she could tell them apart.
crossover  fic  btvs/ats  lotr  buffy-summers 
august 2007 by wondy
btvs_iputyouthere Video - laurasha Videos on IMEEM - I Put You There
A kind of love every fangirl knows. Oh, so very well done, and amusing, and completeley genius.
btvs/ats  vid  rupert-giles  # 
july 2007 by wondy
btvs_transparent Video - Transparent
Willow character portrait. By Laura Shapiro.
vid  btvs/ats  willow-rosenberg  # 
july 2007 by wondy
gold dust in our hands - hey, mister wrong (Buffy/Spike)
Summary: Spike has this really inconvenient tendency to make Buffy’s fantasies rebel against her.
btvs/ats  fic  buffy-summers  spike  dollsome 
july 2007 by wondy
No Going Back
If nothing else, if a sleazy bathhouse hadn't existed, Ethan would have been forced to create it, just so he'd have a place where he felt comfortable. Sequel to Refletions in a Turning Mirror.
btvs/ats  fic  rupert-giles  ethan-rayne 
june 2007 by wondy
Footprints (NC - 17)
“So, all moved back in?” Xander poked his head around the door, pointedly not hoping to see either roommate in a state of undress. He wasn’t disappointed.
btvs/ats  fic  xander-harris  buffy-summers 
june 2007 by wondy
MAP of a human heart - September, 02
Summary: Just because you don't get exactly what you want, doesn't mean you don't get something good enough. B/X friendship.
btvs/ats  fic  gen  xander-harris  buffy-summers 
june 2007 by wondy
+more days like this+
More days like this and the howling black wind really will consume her.
btvs/ats  buffy-summers  angel 
june 2007 by wondy
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