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Redis Graph - a graph database module for Redis
RedisGraph is the first queryable property graph database to use sparse adjacency matrices and linear algebra to represent and query graphs.
graph  redis  database  db 
october 2018 by wjy
eropple/taskbotjs: The best JavaScript/TypeScript job processing framework on the planet.
TaskBotJS is a job queue and processing service for NodeJS applications. Using Redis as a background store, TaskBotJS allows you to offload long-running jobs away from your web application and handles all the rough edges involved: job scheduling, handling failures and retries, priority queueing, the works. It's designed to make developers and operators alike happy to use it and above everything else TaskBotJS just wants to get out of your way so you can get your work done.

It's pretty cool, and I'm excited that you're here to check it out.
js  javascript  jobqueue  typescript  redis 
july 2018 by wjy
Redisson: Redis based In-Memory Data Grid for Java
Redis based In-Memory Data Grid for Java
Redisson empowers Java applications with Redis for companies from small startups to big enterprises.
redis  java  database  memory 
september 2017 by wjy
GitHub - adjust/rmq: Message queue system written in Go and backend by Redis
rmq is short for Redis message queue. It's a message queue system written in Go and backed by Redis. It's similar to redismq, but implemented independently with a different interface in mind.
golang  redis  mq  queue 
april 2016 by wjy
Arachnod by risyasin
Powerful & Easy to use web crawler for Nodejs. Arachnod has been designed for heavy and long running tasks, for performance & efective resource usage. For it's goals Arachnod uses Redis's power as a backend. Covering all heavy & time consuming tasks such as controlling urls & their tasks to store & distribute information among the Arachnod's child tasks (Spiderlings). Arachnod also avoids to use any server-side DOM requiring technics such as jQuery with JSdom to use resources properly. Frankly, I have tested JSdom for along time with no luck, always memory leaks & high memory usage. Libxml based XPath solutions were not actually real, Instead, Arachnod uses Cheerio for accessing DOM elements. Also uses SuperAgent as HTTP Client.
node.js  nodejs  webscraping  redis 
january 2016 by wjy
Thredis is Redis + SQL + Threads. Or perhaps it's pure lunacy resulting from some mad winter hacking mixed with eggnog. Or perhaps it's the first hybrid SQL/NoSQL server. You be the judge. Thredis embeds an in-memory SQLite database within Redis to enable a sophisticated level of SQL (joins, sub-selects, etc, all supported), as well as introduces multi-threaded processing to take advantage of SMP systems.
redis  threads  sqlite  sql 
july 2015 by wjy
seppo0010/rsedis · GitHub
Redis re-implemented in Rust.
redis  rust 
june 2015 by wjy
seppo0010/rlite · GitHub
self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional redis-compatible database engine. rlite is to Redis what SQLite is to SQL.
compact  redis  database  selfcontained  serverless  zeroconfiguration  transactional 
march 2015 by wjy
Stream Framework is a Python library, which allows you to build newsfeed and notification systems using Cassandra and/or Redis.
python  cassandra  redis  newsfeed  notification 
december 2014 by wjy
A generic dynamo implementation for different k-v storage engines
dynomite  sharding  replication  distributed  keyvalue  netflix  database  redis  memcached  memcache 
november 2014 by wjy
A fast, light-weight proxy for memcached and redis
redis  cache  memcached  proxy  performance  distributed  twitter  twemproxy  caching 
september 2014 by wjy
RQ: Simple job queues for Python
RQ (Redis Queue) is a simple Python library for queueing jobs and processing them in the background with workers. It is backed by Redis and it is designed to have a low barrier to entry. It should be integrated in your web stack easily.
python  redis  queue 
august 2014 by wjy
Redis Autocomplete
This is a demo of the new ZRANGEBYLEX Redis command. It autocompletes the query field using all the 8 millions of unique lines of the Linux kernel source code as autocompletion dictionary.
redis  demo  linux  source  autocomplete 
april 2014 by wjy
A PHP extension for Redis.
php  redis  extension 
march 2014 by wjy
Lark is a python library that provides a generic method from transforming a HTTP request into a redis command. If you have heard of webdis this works in roughly the same way. It provides two main framework specific methods for Django, and Flask. Though it should be easy to fit Lark into any python web framework.
python  redis  lark  flask  rest 
december 2013 by wjy
Qless is a powerful Redis-based job queueing system inspired by resque, but built on a collection of Lua scripts, maintained in the qless-core repo.
queue  redis  Ruby  celery  messaging 
november 2013 by wjy
A Varnish module that allows sending commands to redis from the VCL.
module  varnish  redis 
september 2012 by wjy
R3 by heynemann
r³ is a map-reduce engine written in python using redis as a backend
map-reduce  r3  mapreduce  redis  python 
july 2012 by wjy
Multi-database ORM: redis, mongodb, mysql, sqlite, postgres, neo4j, memory... Many databases, common API.
neo4j  postgres  sqlite  mysql  mongodb  redis  database  orm  node.js 
july 2012 by wjy
Redis Sentinel design draft 1.1 – Redis
Redis Sentinel is the name of the Redis high availability solution that's currently under development. It has nothing to do with Redis Cluster and is intended to be used by people that don't need Redis Cluster, but simply a way to perform automatic fail over when a master instance is not functioning correctly.
specification  availability  sentinel  redis 
june 2012 by wjy
kumarnitin/RedisLive · GitHub
Visualize your redis instances, analyze query patterns and spikes.
visualization  visu  redis  dashboard 
june 2012 by wjy
PHP port of resque (Workers and Queueing)

Resque is a Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on multiple queues, and processing them later.
php-resque  workers  redis  resque  queue  php 
june 2012 by wjy
Multi-room chat server and client ready to use. It’s built with the help of node.JS, Express, Socket.IO and Redis.
js  javascript  socket.io  chat  realtime  server  redis  nodejs  node.js 
june 2012 by wjy
A ruby statsd server implementation storing to Redis and disk
stats  log  monitoring  statsd  redis  ruby 
june 2012 by wjy
A query analyzer that parses Redis' MONITOR command for counter/timing stats about query patterns
performance  optimization  tuning  monitoring  tools  python  redis 
may 2012 by wjy
Edis is a protocol-compatable Server replacement for Redis, written in Erlang. Edis's goal is to be a drop-in replacement for Redis when persistence is more important than holding the dataset in-memory. Edis (currently) uses Google's leveldb as a backend. Future plans call for a multi-master clustering model. Near term goals are to act as a read-slave for existing Redis servers.
persistence  nosql  redis  erlang 
may 2012 by wjy
An Apache HTTPD module for speaking to redis via HTTP
mod_redis  redis  apache 
april 2012 by wjy
Gazel | key/value store for the browser
A high performance key/value store for the browser modeled after Redis.
indexedDB  persistance  browser  redis  storage  javascript 
april 2012 by wjy
Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later.
library  resque  background  jobs  ruby  queue  redis 
march 2012 by wjy
redis-like wrapper for javascript storage
webdev  browser  brow  api  redis  database  storage  library  javascript  localstorage 
march 2012 by wjy
A graph-based cache for Node.js, powered by Redis
cache  redis  redi  nodejs  node.js 
march 2012 by wjy
steelThread/redmon - GitHub
A web interface for managing redis: cli, admin, and live monitoring
ruby  monitoring  interface  monitor  redis 
january 2012 by wjy
redis - Google Code
Redis is a key-value database. It is similar to memcached but the dataset is not volatile, and values can be strings, exactly like in memcached, but also lists and sets with atomic operations to push/pop elements.
redis  cache  caching  key-value  memcache  opensource  db  performance  storage  scalability  memcached  database 
march 2009 by wjy

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