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Learn to Program the World's Most Bodacious Language with Clojure for the Brave and True
“Learning Clojure is the best way you can improve as a programmer because it introduces you to powerful concepts implemented in a simple, cohesive, and practical language. You learn Clojure here. Therefore, Brave Clojure is your very best friend when it comes to programming.” And lo, the syllogism was born!
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october 2017 by wjy
Eve is our way of bringing the power of computation to everyone, not by making everyone a programmer but by finding a better way for us to interact with computers. On the surface, Eve is an environment a little like Excel that allows you to "program" simply by moving columns and rows around in tables. Under the covers it's a powerful database, a temporal logic language, and a flexible IDE that allows you to build anything from a simple website to complex algorithms. Instead of poring over text files full of abstract symbols, you interact with domain editors that are parameterized by grids of data. To build a UI you don't open a text editor, you just draw it on the screen and drag data to it. It's much closer to the ideal we've always had of just describing what we want and letting the machine do the rest. Eve makes the computer a real tool again - one that doesn't require decades of training to use.
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february 2016 by wjy
Little Forms: Little Forms
Little Forms is an open source (but note) minimalistic GUI widget library written in plain C. It currently supports Windows and X11 backends (for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and other systems that provide the X11 API).
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december 2015 by wjy
Data structures and algorithms examples
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december 2014 by wjy
Ivory - index
The Ivory Language is an eDSL for safe systems programming. You can think of Ivory as a safer C, embedded in Haskell.
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september 2014 by wjy

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