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GNUnet is a new network protocol stack for building secure, distributed, and privacy-preserving applications. With strong roots in academic research, our goal is to replace the old insecure Internet protocol stack.
infrastructure  internet  p2p  networking  gnu  opensource 
december 2019 by wjy
Chocobozzz/PeerTube: Federated (ActivityPub) video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent) directly in the web browser with WebTorrent and Angular.
Federated (ActivityPub) video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent) directly in the web browser with WebTorrent and Angular.
video  streaming  p2p  torrents  decentralized  awesome  js  javascript  typescript 
march 2018 by wjy
Beaker | Peer-to-peer Web browser. No blockchain required.
Beaker is a peer-to-peer browser with tools to create and host websites. Don't just browse the Web, build it.
software  browser  decentralized  p2p  dat 
september 2017 by wjy
Dat is the distributed data sharing tool. Use the desktop app, command line tool, and javascript library.
distributed  p2p  collaboration  js  javascript  node.js  opensource  dat 
september 2017 by wjy
IPFS is the Distributed Web
A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol
to make the web faster, safer, and more open.
distributed  p2p  web  filesystem  ipfs  decentralized 
may 2017 by wjy
LBRY - Content Freedom
Watch, read and play in a decentralized digital library controlled by the community.
library  p2p  blockchain  books  decentralized  publishing 
march 2017 by wjy
tinc wiki
tinc is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon that uses tunnelling and encryption to create a secure private network between hosts on the Internet. tinc is Free Software and licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later. Because the VPN appears to the IP level network code as a normal network device, there is no need to adapt any existing software. This allows VPN sites to share information with each other over the Internet without exposing any information to others.
vpn  software  p2p  tools 
august 2015 by wjy
Socket.IO — Socket.IO P2P
a bidirectional events channel between two peers
socket.io  socketio  p2p  websockets 
july 2015 by wjy
ricochet-im/ricochet · GitHub
Anonymous peer-to-peer instant messaging
chat  tor  p2p  messaging  im  ricochet  privacy  security 
may 2015 by wjy
losvedir/ephemeral2 · GitHub
Ephemeral P2P over websockets, Phoenix/Elixir.
elixir  erlang  p2p  browser  websockets  websocket 
may 2015 by wjy
PeerVPN - the open source peer-to-peer VPN
PeerVPN is a software that builds virtual ethernet networks between multiple computers. Such a virtual network can be useful to facilitate direct communication that applications like file sharing or gaming may need. Often, such direct communication is made impossible or very difficult by firewalls or NAT devices. A virtual network built by PeerVPN uses a full mesh topology. All nodes talk directly to each other, there is no need for a central server. If one node goes down, the rest of the network is unaffected. Features: * Ethernet tunneling support using TAP devices. * IPv6 support. * Full mesh network topology. *Automatically builds tunnels through firewalls and NATs without any further setup (for example, port forwarding). *Shared key encryption and authentication support.
vpn  p2p  peervpn  mesh  meshnetwork 
february 2015 by wjy
Bitmessage Wiki
Bitmessage is a P2P communications protocol used to send encrypted messages to another person or to many subscribers. It is decentralized and trustless, meaning that you need-not inherently trust any entities like root certificate authorities. It uses strong authentication which means that the sender of a message cannot be spoofed, and it aims to hide "non-content" data, like the sender and receiver of messages, from passive eavesdroppers like those running warrantless wiretapping programs. If Bitmessage is completely new to you, you may wish to start by reading the whitepaper.
crypto  p2p  messaging 
december 2014 by wjy
Bit451 by Bit451
decentralized / distributed anonymous p2p media network
decentralized  distributed  p2p  anonymous  opensource  bit451 
december 2014 by wjy
Chord (peer-to-peer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In computing, Chord is a protocol and algorithm for a peer-to-peer distributed hash table. A distributed hash table stores key-value pairs by assigning keys to different computers (known as "nodes"); a node will store the values for all the keys for which it is responsible. Chord specifies how keys are assigned to nodes, and how a node can discover the value for a given key by first locating the node responsible for that key.
distributed  dht  p2p  algorithm  chord  algorithms 
november 2014 by wjy
IPFS | The Permanent Web
IPFS is a global, versioned, peer-to-peer filesystem.
p2p  filesystem  global  permanent 
august 2014 by wjy
Storj - The Future of Cloud Storage
Storj is a Decentralized Autonomous File Storage Network. The network runs on a protocol, cryptocurrency, and suite of decentralized applications that allow users to store data in a secure and decentralized manner. It uses Bitcoin’s features of a public transaction ledger, public/private key encryption, and cryptographic hash functions for security.
cloud  storage  p2p  blockchain  decentralized  !bitcoin 
june 2014 by wjy
Using SD
SD is a peer to peer ticket tracking system built on the Prophet distributed database. SD is designed to make it easy to work with tickets and to share ticket databases with your collaborators.
git  bugtracking  distributed  tracker  bug  p2p  tickets  software  opensource 
april 2014 by wjy
Anonymous peer to peer download inside browsers and distributed database inside browsers, compatible with torrents but encrypted and untrackable
Anonymous P2P inside browsers, no installation, compatible with torrents but encrypted and untrackable - Download and adaptive Streaming
p2p  anonymous  streaming  browser  torrents 
april 2014 by wjy
Ethereum is a platform and a programming language that makes it possible for any developer to build and publish next-generation distributed applications. Ether, Etherum's internal currency, powers its applications and acts as a 'token of exchange' on the decentralized network.
cryptocurrency  p2p  platform  ethereum  !bitcoin  programming  language  distributed 
april 2014 by wjy
rfc5766-turn-server - High-performance free open source TURN and STUN Server implementation. VoIP media traffic NAT traversal and gateway. TURN client library included. - Google Project Hosting
The TURN Server is a VoIP media traffic NAT traversal server and gateway. It can be used as a general-purpose network traffic TURN server and gateway, too. On-line management interface (over telnet) for the TURN server is available.
webrtc  turn  stun  voip  p2p  server 
march 2014 by wjy
twister | P2P microblogging platform
twister is the fully decentralized P2P microblogging platform leveraging from the free software implementations of Bitcoin and BitTorrent protocols.
p2p  privacy  microblogging  opensource  dht 
december 2013 by wjy
freelan - an open-source, multi-platform, peer-to-peer VPN software
A free, open-source, multi-platform, highly-configurable and peer-to-peer VPN software, designed to easily connect remote hosts and mainly focused on security and performance. It can be used to create from small to very large virtual private networks which can be dynamically modified. Freelan works on top of UDP and implements a simple yet pretty secure VPN protocol that can create Ethernet tunnels over both IPv4 and IPv6. Freelan is available as end-user binary packages and as a C++ library to ease its integration into other softwares.
software  vpn  freelan  network  p2p 
september 2013 by wjy
aria2 1.15.2 arrived - aria2
aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility. It supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. aria2 can be manipulated via built-in JSON-RPC and XML-RPC interfaces.
commandline  aria2  opensource  download  linux  aria  torrent  bittorrent  p2p  tools  software  rpc  http  ftp  server 
october 2012 by wjy
libjingle - Google Talk Voice and P2P Interoperability Library - Google Project Hosting
Libjingle, the Google Talk Voice and P2P Interoperability Library, is a set of components to interoperate with Google Talk's peer-to-peer voice and video chat. The package includes source code for Google's implementation of the XMPP Jingle extensions.
libjingle  voip  library  google  jabber  p2p  xmpp 
october 2012 by wjy
A fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client.
torrents  osx  linux  p2p  opensource  torrent  bittorrent  software 
september 2012 by wjy
TeleHash - Distributed JSON Peering Protocol
A new wire protocol enabling applications to connect directly in a real-time and fully distributed manner, freeing them from relying on centralized datacenters
networking  protocol  programming  json  dht  distributed  messaging  telehash  p2p 
august 2012 by wjy
P2P Messaging Library For Android
mobile  programming  android  library  p2p 
may 2012 by wjy

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