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feathersjs/feathers: A framework for real-time applications and REST APIs with JavaScript and TypeScript
Feathers is a framework for creating real-time applications and REST APIs using JavaScript or TypeScript with Node.JS, React Native and the browser.

It works with any backend supporting many databases out of the box and with any frontend technology like React, VueJS, Angular, Android or iOS.
api  framework  nodejs  javascript  js 
september 2019 by wjy
Nodes is a new way to create with code
Nodes is your thinking space for exploring ideas with code on the web, powered by JavaScript and NPM.

What if programming was about ideas not semicolons? Compose, abstract, generalise. Start from top down or bottom up and refine as you go. With Nodes programming feels like sketching on canvas. Zoom in and out of problems, experiment on the side and easily re-use parts of other projects.
nodejs  canvas  visualization  programming  awesome 
july 2019 by wjy
nestjs/nest: A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, scalable, and enterprise-grade server-side applications on top of TypeScript & JavaScript (ES6, ES7, ES8) 🚀
A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, scalable, and enterprise-grade server-side applications on top of TypeScript & JavaScript (ES6, ES7, ES8) 🚀 https://nestjs.com/
nodejs  opensource  typescript  framework  microservices  js 
april 2019 by wjy
motdotla/dotenv: Loads environment variables from .env for nodejs projects.
Dotenv is a zero-dependency module that loads environment variables from a .env file into process.env. Storing configuration in the environment separate from code is based on The Twelve-Factor App methodology.
nodejs  deployment  config  env  js  javascript  node.js 
march 2018 by wjy
ForbesLindesay/connect-roles: Provides dynamic roles based authorisation for node.js connect and express servers.
Connect roles is designed to work with connect or express. It is an authorisation provider, not an authentication provider. It is designed to support context sensitive roles/abilities, through the use of middleware style authorisation strategies.

If you're looking for an authentication system I suggest you check out passport.js, which works perfectly with this module.
nodejs  javascript  js  security  authorization 
march 2018 by wjy
NodeBots - The Rise of JS Robotics
Learn how to make robots powered by JavaScript
javascript  nodejs  node.js  js  robotics  arduino 
february 2018 by wjy
justadudewhohacks/opencv4nodejs: Asynchronous OpenCV 3.x API for node.js, with examples for: Face Detection, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Nets, Hand Gesture Recognition, Object Tracking, Feature Matching, Image Histogram
Asynchronous OpenCV 3.x API for node.js, with examples for: Face Detection, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Nets, Hand Gesture Recognition, Object Tracking, Feature Matching, Image Histogram
node.js  nodejs  opencv  awesome  demo  examples  js  javascript 
february 2018 by wjy
Pown.js is the security testing an exploitation framework built on top of Node.js and NPM.
js  javascript  node.js  nodejs  testing  exploitation  framework  security 
january 2018 by wjy
oliver-moran/jimp: An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript for Node, with zero external or native dependencies.
An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript for Node, with zero external or native dependencies.
javascript  nodejs  node.js  js  imageprocessing  library 
january 2018 by wjy
substack/tcp-bind: allocate a file descriptor to listen on a port later
allocate a file descriptor to listen on a port later

This is handy if you want to run a server on a low port but want to drop privileges as soon as possible.
node.js  nodejs  tcp  server  linux 
january 2018 by wjy
Faye: Simple pub/sub messaging for the web
Faye is a publish-subscribe messaging system based on the Bayeux protocol. It provides message servers for Node.js and Ruby, and clients for use on the server and in all major web browsers.
nodejs  bayeux  pubsub  messaging  websocket 
january 2018 by wjy
Snyk helps you use open source and stay secure.
Continuously find & fix vulnerabilities in your dependencies
nodejs  tools  javascript  js  security  dependency  vulnerability  ci 
december 2017 by wjy
Home | pimatic - smart home automation for the raspberry pi
pimatic is a home automation framework that runs on node.js. It provides a common extensible platform for home control and automation tasks.
javascript  nodejs  homeautomation  automation  iot  framework 
november 2017 by wjy
thlorenz/learnuv: Learn uv for fun and profit, a self guided workshop to the library that powers Node.js.
Learn uv for fun and profit, a self guided workshop to the library that powers Node.js.
libuv  c  tutorial  nodejs  node.js  async 
november 2017 by wjy
node-ffi/node-ffi: Node.js Foreign Function Interface
node-ffi is a Node.js addon for loading and calling dynamic libraries using pure JavaScript. It can be used to create bindings to native libraries without writing any C++ code.

It also simplifies the augmentation of node.js with C code as it takes care of handling the translation of types across JavaScript and C, which can add reams of boilerplate code to your otherwise simple C. See the example/factorial for an example of this use case.

WARNING: node-ffi assumes you know what you're doing. You can pretty easily create situations where you will segfault the interpreter and unless you've got C debugger skills, you probably won't know what's going on.
native  node.js  nodejs  node  ffi  libffi  cool 
october 2017 by wjy
Migrating from a Node App to Serverless · Raymond Camden
Migrating from a Node app to Serverless: (via @raymondcamden)
node.js  nodejs  js  javascript  article  serverless  openwhisk 
august 2017 by wjy
EmergingTechnologyAdvisors/node-serialport: Node.js package to access serial ports for reading and writing. Welcome your robotic JavaScript overlords. Better yet, program them!
Node.js package to access serial ports for reading and writing. Welcome your robotic JavaScript overlords. Better yet, program them!
node.js  nodejs  js  javascript  serialport  iot 
july 2017 by wjy
dthree/ad: Making Active Directory jQuery-easy.
AD is a Javascript implementation of common Active Directory tasks, built to be simple as possible.

Really simple. jQuery-simple (it doesn't do addition though).

You can use async / await:
js  javascript  node.js  nodejs  ldap 
july 2017 by wjy
Run concurrent command line commands in an organized and readable way
commandline  cli  tools  nodejs 
july 2017 by wjy
KeystoneJS · Node.js cms and web application platform built on Express and MongoDB
Node.js CMS & Web Application Platform

The open source framework for developing database-driven websites, applications and APIs in Node.js. Built on Express and MongoDB.

GET STARTEDTry the demo
javascript  framework  cms  nodejs  mongodb  node.js  js 
july 2017 by wjy
Welcome to getdns!
getdns is a modern asynchronous DNS API. It implements DNS entry points from a design developed and vetted by application developers, in an API specification. The open source C implementation of getdns is developed and maintained in collaboration by NLnet Labs, Sinodun and No Mountain Software. This implementation is licensed under the New BSD License.
api  dns  node.js  nodejs  python  c  async 
july 2017 by wjy
LogRocket | Logging and Session Replay for JavaScript Apps
LogRocket records everything users do on your site, helping you reproduce bugs and fix issues faster.
logging  analytics  redux  js  javascript  node.js  nodejs  replay 
june 2017 by wjy
Seneca, a microservices toolkit for Node.js
Seneca is a microservices toolkit for Node.js.
It helps you write clean, organized code that you can scale and deploy at any time.
nodejs  node.js  js  javascript  microservices 
june 2017 by wjy
nodefluent/kafka-streams: equivalent to kafka-streams for nodejs
equivalent to kafka-streams 🐙 for nodejs ✨🐢🚀✨
kafka  node.js  nodejs  stream  js  javascript 
may 2017 by wjy
uWebSockets/uWebSockets: Tiny WebSockets
µWS is one of the most lightweight, efficient & scalable WebSocket & HTTP server implementations available. It features an easy-to-use, fully async object-oriented interface and scales to millions of connections using only a fraction of memory compared to the competition. While performance and scalability are two of our top priorities, we consider security, stability and standards compliance paramount. License is zlib/libpng (very permissive & suits commercial applications).
library  websocket  c++  websockets  nodejs  node.js  performance  http  webdev  awesome 
may 2017 by wjy
GitHub - expressjs/multer: Node.js middleware for handling `multipart/form-data`.
Multer is a node.js middleware for handling multipart/form-data, which is primarily used for uploading files. It is written on top of busboy for maximum efficiency.
nodejs  node.js  javascript  js  uploading  form 
april 2017 by wjy
Nodal — API Services Made Easy With Node.js
Nodal is a web server for Node.js, optimized for building API services quickly and efficiently.

Boasting its own opinionated, explicit, idiomatic and highly-extensible framework, Nodal takes care of all of the hard decisions for you and your team. This allows you to focus on creating an effective product in a short timespan while minimizing technical debt
javascript  framework  nodejs  js  webdev 
february 2017 by wjy
fastify/fastify: Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js
Extremely fast node.js web framework, inspired by Express, Hapi and Restify.
js  javascript  node.js  nodejs  webdev  webframework  performance 
january 2017 by wjy
mafintosh/hyperdrive: A file sharing network based on rabin file chunking and append only feeds of data verified by merkle trees.
A file sharing network based on rabin file chunking and append only feeds of data verified by merkle trees.
nodejs  opensource  filesharing  js  javascript 
november 2016 by wjy
Trace | Node.js Debugging and Performance Monitoring
Find and fix issues using profilers, distributed tracing, error detection and custom metrics
monitoring  analytics  javascript  nodejs  metrics  exceptions  js 
november 2016 by wjy
Electrode | Universal React and Node.js Application Platform @WalmartLabs Powered
Electrode is a platform for building universal React/Node.js applications with standardized structure, best practices, and modern technologies baked in. Electrode focuses on performance, component reusability, and simple deployment to multiple cloud providers—so you can focus on what makes your app unique.
javascript  framework  nodejs  react  js  webdev 
october 2016 by wjy
The Node.js Debugger
Try A Different Experience With Node.js JavaScript Debugging.
javascript  nodejs  debugging  js  tools  devtools 
august 2016 by wjy
GitHub - svg/svgo: Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files.
SVG Optimizer is a Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files.
svg  optimization  node.js  nodejs  tools  javascript  js  vector 
april 2016 by wjy
Home | Assemble
The static site generator for Node.js, Grunt.js and Yeoman.
nodejs  grunt  generator  static  webdev 
march 2016 by wjy
Hubl.in is a free and open source video conference solution built with love and designed with ethics in mind. It's the best way to initiate a communication anywhere with anybody and brings real time conversation to the next level. Hubl.in allows free communication without additional plugins. If you can read this page, you probably can use Hubl.in right now. Give it a try!
opensource  video  conference  node.js  nodejs  webrtc 
march 2016 by wjy
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