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KRACK Attacks: Breaking WPA2
Key Reinstallation Attacks
Breaking WPA2 by forcing nonce reuse
Discovered by Mathy Vanhoef of imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven
security  wifi  encryption  network  wpa2 
october 2017 by wjy
OpenSnitch is a GNU/Linux port of the Little Snitch application firewall.
linux  network  firewall  gnu  littlesnitch  opensource 
may 2017 by wjy
clumsy, an utility for simulating broken network for Windows Vista / Windows 7 and above
clumsy makes your network condition on Windows significantly worse, but in a managed and interactive manner.
testing  network  tool  windows 
february 2017 by wjy
Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO
A very hands-on approach to iproute2, traffic shaping and a bit of netfilter.
linux  networking  routing  network  sysadmin  netfilter 
september 2016 by wjy
Storage for your Cloud. — Gluster
GlusterFS is a scalable network filesystem. Using common off-the-shelf hardware, you can create large, distributed storage solutions for media streaming, data analysis, and other data- and bandwidth-intensive tasks. GlusterFS is free and open source software.
cloud  filesystem  storage  network 
september 2016 by wjy
pavel-odintsov/fastnetmon: FastNetMon - very fast DDoS analyzer with sflow/netflow/mirror support
FastNetMon - A high performance DoS/DDoS load analyzer built on top of multiple packet capture engines (NetFlow, IPFIX, sFLOW, SnabbSwitch, netmap, PF_RING, PCAP).

What can we do? We can detect hosts in our networks sending or receiving large volumes of packets/bytes/flows per second. We can call an external script to notify you, switch off a server, or blackhole the client.

To enable sFLOW, simply specify IP of the server running FastNetMon and specify (configurable) port 6343 To enable netflow, simply specify IP of the server running FastNetMon and specify (configurable) port 2055

Why did we write this? Because we can't find any software for solving this problem in the open source world!

What is a "flow" in FastNetMon terms? It's one or multiple UDP, TCP, or ICMP connections with unique src IP, dst IP, src port, dst port, and protocol.

License: GPLv2
security  network  ddos  tools  testing 
september 2016 by wjy
Global DNS Propagation Checker - What's My DNS?
whatsmydns.net lets you instantly perform a DNS lookup to check a domain names current IP address and DNS record information against multiple name servers located in different parts of the world. This allows you to check the current state of DNS propagation after having made changes to your domains records.
dns  tools  domains  checker  propagation  domain  check  network 
february 2016 by wjy
Introduction — Turbo.lua 2.0.0 documentation
Turbo.lua is a framework built for LuaJIT 2 to simplify the task of building fast and scalable network applications. It uses a event-driven, non-blocking, no thread design to deliver excellent performance and minimal footprint to high-load applications while also providing excellent support for embedded uses. The toolkit can be used for HTTP REST API’s, traditional dynamic web pages through templating, open connections like WebSockets, or just as high level building blocks for native speed network applications.
lua  luajit  framework  network  http  eventdriven  nonblocking 
january 2016 by wjy
Tcptunnel is a simple TCP port forwarder. This tool listens to a local TCP port and all the received data is sent to a remote host. It can be used to redirect TCP based protocols like HTTP, IRC, NNTP, SSH or SMTP.
network  tools  tunnel  networking  portforwarding 
august 2015 by wjy
Morhaus/dispatch-proxy · GitHub
Combine internet connections, increase your download speed
proxy  tools  network  node.js  networking 
august 2015 by wjy
lwIP - A Lightweight TCP/IP stack - Summary [Savannah]
This project is not part of the GNU Project. lwIP is a small independent implementation of the TCP/IP protocol suite that has been initially developed by Adam Dunkels and is now continued here. The focus of the lwIP TCP/IP implementation is to reduce resource usage while still having a full scale TCP. This makes lwIP suitable for use in embedded systems with tens of kilobytes of free RAM and room for around 40 kilobytes of code ROM. Main features include: - Protocols: IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, IGMP, ARP, PPPoS, PPPoE - DHCP client, DNS client, AutoIP/APIPA (Zeroconf), SNMP agent (private MIB support) - APIs: specialized APIs for enhanced performance, optional Berkeley-alike socket API - Extended features: IP forwarding over multiple network interfaces, TCP congestion control, RTT estimation and fast recovery/fast retransmit - Addon applications: HTTP server, SNTP client, SMTP client, ping, NetBIOS nameserver
tcp  tcpip  stack  network  embedded 
august 2015 by wjy
CapLoader - Handles Big Data PCAP files
CapLoader is a Windows tool designed to handle large amounts of captured network traffic. CapLoader performs indexing of PCAP/PcapNG files and visualizes their contents as a list of TCP and UDP flows. Users can select the flows of interest and quickly filter out those packets from the loaded PCAP files. Sending the selected flows/packets to a packet analyzer tool like Wireshark or NetworkMiner is then just a mouse click away. CapLoader is the ideal tool to use when handling big data PCAP files in sizes up to many gigabytes (GB). The contents of individual flows can be exported to tools like Wireshark and NetworkMiner in just a matter of seconds.
software  tools  windows  network  packets  pcap  tcp  udp  netresec 
april 2015 by wjy
SPID Statistical Protocol IDentification | SourceForge.net
A proof-of-concept application of the Statistical Protocol IDentification (SPID) algorithm. SPID can detect the application layer protocol (layer 7) by analysing flow (packet sizes etc.) and payload statistics (byte values etc.) from pcap files.
netresec  poc  spid  algorithm  networking  analysis  network  monitoring  opensource 
april 2015 by wjy
NetworkMiner - The NSM and Network Forensics Analysis Tool
NetworkMiner is a Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) for Windows (but also works in Linux / Mac OS X / FreeBSD). NetworkMiner can be used as a passive network sniffer/packet capturing tool in order to detect operating systems, sessions, hostnames, open ports etc. without putting any traffic on the network. NetworkMiner can also parse PCAP files for off-line analysis and to regenerate/reassemble transmitted files and certificates from PCAP files. NetworkMiner collects data (such as forensic evidence) about hosts on the network rather than to collect data regarding the traffic on the network. The main user interface view is host centric (information grouped per host) rather than packet centric (information showed as a list of packets/frames). NetworkMiner has, since the first release in 2007, become a popular tool among incident response teams as well as law enforcement. NetworkMiner is today used by companies and organizations all over the world.
forensic  analysis  networking  netresec  tools  pcap  sniffer  network  packets 
april 2015 by wjy
ATC - A tool to simulate network conditions
Augmented Traffic Control (aka ATC) is a project that allows to control the connection that a device has to the internet. Aspects that can be controlled by ATC include: Bandwith Latency Packet loss Packet corruption Packet reordering
facebook  tools  network  bandwidth  latency  testing 
march 2015 by wjy
etherpoke is a scriptable network session monitor.
linux  network  tools  monitor  pcap  scriptable 
march 2015 by wjy
HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet · GitHub
Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network
decentralized  bitcoin  bittorrent  web  network  opensource  zeronet 
january 2015 by wjy
A Network Protocol Independent Performance Evaluator
network  testing  tool  linux  latency  performance  benchmark 
january 2015 by wjy
Beej's Guide to Network Programming Using Internet Sockets
Beej's Guide to Network Programming Using Internet Sockets
linux  programming  sockets  network 
november 2014 by wjy
Protocol data unit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
PDUs are relevant in relation to each of the first 4 layers of the OSI model as follows: The Layer 1 (Physical Layer) PDU is the packet, consisting of bits or, more generally, symbols (can also be seen as "stream") The Layer 2 (Data Link Layer) PDU is the frame The Layer 3 (Network Layer) PDU is the packet The Layer 4 (Transport Layer) PDU is the segment for TCP, or the datagram for UDP The Layer 5-6-7 (Application Layer) PDU is the message Given a context pertaining to a specific OSI layer, PDU is sometimes used as a synonym for its representation at that layer.
network  protocol  wikipedia  networking  pdu 
november 2014 by wjy
WinDivert 1.1: Windows Packet Divert
Windows Packet Divert (WinDivert) is a user-mode packet capture-and-divert package for Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8.
tcp  network  networking  divert  windows 
november 2014 by wjy
Highly secure, low latency Internet anonymity
anonymous  network  secure  privacy 
october 2014 by wjy
UDT: Breaking the Data Transfer Bottleneck
UDT is a reliable UDP based application level data transport protocol for distributed data intensive applications over wide area high-speed networks. UDT uses UDP to transfer bulk data with its own reliability control and congestion control mechanisms. The new protocol can transfer data at a much higher speed than TCP does. UDT is also a highly configurable framework that can accommodate various congestion control algorithms.
udp  performance  udt  networking  network  protocol  distributed 
september 2014 by wjy
Weave creates a virtual network that connects Docker containers deployed across multiple hosts.
docker  network  networking  golang  virtualization 
september 2014 by wjy
Rudder is an etcd backed overlay network for containers
etcd  coreos  network  containers  container  docker 
september 2014 by wjy
The Bro Network Security Monitor
Bro is a powerful network analysis framework that is much different from the typical IDS you may know.
sysadmin  ids  bro  network  security  monitoring 
september 2014 by wjy
GlassWire Network Security Monitor & Firewall Tool
GlassWire displays your network activity on an easy to understand graph while searching for unusual Internet behavior that could indicate malware or violations of your privacy. Once unusual network activity is discovered you're instantly alerted with detailed information so you can protect your computer, privacy, and data.
network  monitoring  firwall  software 
august 2014 by wjy
Helium is a complete platform for smart machines. It's based on simple device connectivity, and stresses security, low power, low cost, and ease of development. The wireless problem is often the most complex for enterprises and developers looking to capitalize on the coming wave of connected devices and new data streams. Helium solves this. Helium Metropolitan Area Networks provide public access to Helium connectivity and are the ideal backbone for smart device data. Our first MAN is being rolled out in San Francisco and we've just announced early access for developers that want to be part of the Beta.
connectivity  smartydevices  network 
july 2014 by wjy
The Bro Network Security Monitor
Bro is a powerful network analysis framework that is much different from the typical IDS you may know.
network  security  ids  analysis  tools  framework  software  monitoring  bro 
june 2014 by wjy
Submarine Cable Map
The Submarine Cable Map is a free resource from TeleGeography. Data contained in this map is drawn from the Global Bandwidth Research Service and is updated on a regular basis.
network  maps  map  submarine 
may 2014 by wjy
kryo.se: iodine (IP-over-DNS, IPv4 over DNS tunnel)
iodine lets you tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server. This can be usable in different situations where internet access is firewalled, but DNS queries are allowed. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Windows and needs a TUN/TAP device. The bandwidth is asymmetrical with limited upstream and up to 1 Mbit/s downstream. Compared to other DNS tunnel implementations, iodine offers: Higher performance iodine uses the NULL type that allows the downstream data to be sent without encoding. Each DNS reply can contain over a kilobyte of compressed payload data. Portability iodine runs on many different UNIX-like systems as well as on Win32. Tunnels can be set up between two hosts no matter their endianness or operating system. Security iodine uses challenge-response login secured by MD5 hash. It also filters out any packets not coming from the IP used when logging in. Less setup iodine handles setting IP number on interfaces automatically, and up to 16 users can share one
dns  network  tunnel  iodine 
march 2014 by wjy
Scapy is a powerful interactive packet manipulation program. It is able to forge or decode packets of a wide number of protocols, send them on the wire, capture them, match requests and replies, and much more. It can easily handle most classical tasks like scanning, tracerouting, probing, unit tests, attacks or network discovery (it can replace hping, 85% of nmap, arpspoof, arp-sk, arping, tcpdump, tethereal, p0f, etc.). It also performs very well at a lot of other specific tasks that most other tools can't handle, like sending invalid frames, injecting your own 802.11 frames, combining technics (VLAN hopping+ARP cache poisoning, VOIP decoding on WEP encrypted channel, ...), etc.
python  networking  tools  programming  packet  security  network  libpcap  tcp  packages 
november 2013 by wjy
freelan - an open-source, multi-platform, peer-to-peer VPN software
A free, open-source, multi-platform, highly-configurable and peer-to-peer VPN software, designed to easily connect remote hosts and mainly focused on security and performance. It can be used to create from small to very large virtual private networks which can be dynamically modified. Freelan works on top of UDP and implements a simple yet pretty secure VPN protocol that can create Ethernet tunnels over both IPv4 and IPv6. Freelan is available as end-user binary packages and as a C++ library to ease its integration into other softwares.
software  vpn  freelan  network  p2p 
september 2013 by wjy
TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes.
hacking  tcp  nmap  network  scanner  tools  security  portscanner 
september 2013 by wjy
TinyOS Home Page
TinyOS is an open source, BSD-licensed operating system designed for low-power wireless devices, such as those used in sensor networks, ubiquitous computing, personal area networks, smart buildings, and smart meters. A worldwide community from academia and industry use, develop, and support the operating system as well as its associated tools, averaging 35,000 downloads a year.
sensors  sensor  software  wireless  programming  opensource  tinyos  embedded  network  electronics 
september 2013 by wjy
Munin is a networked resource monitoring tool that can help analyze resource trends and "what just happened to kill our performance?" problems. It is designed to be very plug and play. A default installation provides a lot of graphs with almost no work.
networking  software  monitoring  linux  sysadmin  network 
august 2013 by wjy
Crossroads is an open source load balance and fail over utility for TCP based services. It is a daemon running in user space, and features extensive configurability, polling of back ends using 'wakeup calls', detailed status reporting, 'hooks' for special actions when backend calls fail, and much more. Crossroads is service-independent: it is usable for HTTP(S), SSH, SMTP, DNS, etc.. In the case of HTTP balancing, Crossroads can provide 'session stickiness' for back end processes that need sessions, but aren't session-aware of other back ends.
software  loadbalancing  linux  network 
august 2013 by wjy
DeleGate Home Page (www.delegate.org)
DeleGate is a multi-purpose application level gateway, or a proxy server which runs on multiple platforms (Unix, Windows, MacOS X and OS/2).
networking  tools  software  proxy  opensource  server  web  linux  network 
july 2013 by wjy
Ncat - Netcat for the 21st Century
Ncat is a feature-packed networking utility which reads and writes data across networks from the command line. Ncat was written for the Nmap Project as a much-improved reimplementation of the venerable Netcat. It uses both TCP and UDP for communication and is designed to be a reliable back-end tool to instantly provide network connectivity to other applications and users. Ncat will not only work with IPv4 and IPv6 but provides the user with a virtually limitless number of potential uses.
netcat  networking  software  tools  programming  security  sysadmin  nmap  linux  ncat  network 
may 2013 by wjy
Simple Authentication and Security Layer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) is a framework for authentication and data security in Internet protocols.
jabber  protocol  xmpp  authentication  wikipedia  sasl  security  sysadmin  network 
may 2013 by wjy
IPCop - Home
The IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distribution. It is geared towards home and SOHO users. The IPCop web-interface is very user-friendly and makes usage easy.
networking  software  firewall  ipcop  opensource  security  linux  network 
may 2013 by wjy
Riemann - A network monitoring system
Riemann provides low-latency, transient shared state for systems with many moving parts.
graphite  clojure  software  monitoring  servers  stats  events  opensource  sysadmin  network  riemann 
april 2013 by wjy
Inlab Software GmbH - Balance
Balance is a load balancing solution being a simple but powerful generic tcp proxy with round robin load balancing and failover mechanisms. Its behaviour can be controlled at runtime using a simple command line syntax.
balance  software  loadbalancing  performance  failover  cluster  load  web  linux  network 
january 2013 by wjy
Navigation Timing API
This script uses Navigation Timing object to present timing of different phases of loading the page by a browser.

It measures everything from triggering the action (hitting enter on url bar, refreshing page or clicking a link/button) to the moment when site is fully loaded. Adding it to your bookmarks allows you to analyze performance of every request you'd like to check out.
js  javascript  browser  timing  tools  performance  network  bookmarklet 
december 2012 by wjy
Proxifier - Bypass firewall and proxy, tunnel connections through an HTTPS and SOCKS proxy
Proxifier allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a SOCKS or HTTPS proxy and chains.
security  network  privacy  socks  software  tools  networking  mac  windows  proxy 
november 2012 by wjy
Cacti® - The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution
Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality. Cacti provides a fast poller, advanced graph templating, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management features out of the box. All of this is wrapped in an intuitive, easy to use interface that makes sense for LAN-sized installations up to complex networks with hundreds of devices.
visualization  graph  graphing  cacti  networking  software  rrdtool  tools  opensource  linux  network  monitoring  sysadmin 
october 2012 by wjy
Welcome to the Tomato USB web site - TomatoUSB
Tomato USB is an alternative Linux-based firmware for powering Broadcom-based ethernet routers. It is a modification of the famous Tomato firmware, with additional built-in support for USB port, wireless-N mode support, support for several newer router models, and various enhancements.
linux  hack  network  networking  wifi  wireless  usb  tomato  router  firmware 
september 2012 by wjy
Allows you to monitor the CPU, memory and network usage when running a program.

Output is tab-separated for easy loading into spreadsheet programs.
cpu  network  memory  performance  monitor  tools 
august 2012 by wjy
Hping - Active Network Security Tool
hping is a command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer. The interface is inspired to the ping(8) unix command, but hping isn't only able to send ICMP echo requests. It supports TCP, UDP, ICMP and RAW-IP protocols, has a traceroute mode, the ability to send files between a covered channel, and many other features.
software  networking  linux  sysadmin  hping  tools  network  ping  ip  icmp  udp  tcp  traceroute 
june 2012 by wjy
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