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Common Log Format - Wikipedia
The Common Log Format,[1] also known as the NCSA Common log format,[2] (after NCSA_HTTPd) is a standardized text file format used by web servers when generating server log files. Because the format is standardized, the files can be readily analyzed by a variety of web analysis programs, for example Webalizer and Analog.

Each line in a file stored in the Common Log Format has the following syntax:

host ident authuser date request status bytes
logging  format  history  standard 
january 2020 by wjy
pimterry/loglevel: Minimal lightweight logging for JavaScript, adding reliable log level methods to wrap any available console.log methods
📒 Minimal lightweight logging for JavaScript, adding reliable log level methods to wrap any available console.log methods
js  javascript  logging  library  lightweight  minimal 
january 2020 by wjy
The Art of Logging - CodeProject
This article provides guidelines for logging within your web or desktop applications, answering questions such as when to log, what to log, and how to log.
logging  bestpractices  development  softwareengineering 
may 2018 by wjy
LogRocket | Logging and Session Replay for JavaScript Apps
LogRocket records everything users do on your site, helping you reproduce bugs and fix issues faster.
logging  analytics  redux  js  javascript  node.js  nodejs  replay 
june 2017 by wjy
Open source Java APM
java  apm  metrics  logging  monitoring 
march 2017 by wjy
GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer
GoAccess is an open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser.

It provides fast and valuable HTTP statistics for system administrators that require a visual server report on the fly.
web  analytics  analysis  log  logs  tools  logging  termial 
december 2016 by wjy
winstonjs/winston · GitHub
a multi-transport async logging library for node.js
node.js  logging  javascript  nodejs  js  logger 
may 2015 by wjy
Project log-malloc2 - Memory allocation tracking library
Malloc logging library with backtrace and byte-exact memory tracking.
c  programming  malloc  logging  library  backtrace 
january 2015 by wjy
a simple and fast JSON logging module for node.js services
nodejs  node.js  logging  json 
december 2014 by wjy
OpenTSDB - A Distributed, Scalable Monitoring System
The Scalable Time Series Database Store and serve massive amounts of time series data without losing granularity.
monitoring  database  tsdb  timeseries  opensource  logging 
november 2014 by wjy
Sentry — Sentry 7.0.0-DEV documentation
Sentry is a realtime event logging and aggregation platform. At its core it specializes in monitoring errors and extracting all the information needed to do a proper post-mortem without any of the hassle of the standard user feedback loop.
sentry  logging  python  monitoring  metrics 
november 2014 by wjy
CCZE – Freecode
CCZE is a robust and modular log colorizer with plugins for apm, exim, fetchmail, httpd, postfix, procmail, squid, syslog, ulogd, vsftpd, xferlog, and more.
color  logging  console  terminal  linux  unix  commandline 
september 2014 by wjy
Graylog2 - Open source log management and data analytics
Field-tested open source data analytics system used and trusted all around the world. Search your logs, create charts, send reports and be alerted when something happens. All running on the existing JVM in your datacenter.
log  syslog  statistics  opensource  graylog2  logging 
february 2014 by wjy
Takipi - Logs
Takipi makes your log files smarter by connecting them directly to your code. For each error in your log you'll now automatically see - The actual variable and object values across the stack. The exact source code which executed at the moment the error occurred. The rate of the error across all your machines, and in which deployment it first appeared.
tools  service  java  logging  scala  log 
november 2013 by wjy
Parse log files, generate metrics for Graphite and Ganglia
python  graphite  devops  monitoring  etsy  ganglia  logging  sysadmin  log 
september 2013 by wjy
Fluentd: Open Source Log Management
"Fluentd" is an open-source tool to collect events and logs. 150+ plugins instantly enables you to store the massive data for Log Search (like ElasticSearch), Big Data Analytics, and Archiving (MongoDB, S3, Hadoop).
logging  fluentd  aggregation  data  json  log  logs  monitoring 
june 2013 by wjy
socket.log is a web service built using socket.io and node.js which allows cross-device javascript logging.
firebug  javascript  inspector  js  webkit  socket  logging  nodejs  webservice  socket.io 
june 2013 by wjy
Selfspy is a daemon for Unix/X11 that continuously monitors and stores what you are doing on your computer. This way, you can get all sorts of nifty statistics and reminders on what you have been up to. It is inspired by the Quantified Self-movement and Stephen Wolfram's personal key logging.
personal  productivity  logging  analysis  stats  keylogger  python 
october 2012 by wjy
Winston is designed to be a simple and universal logging library with support for multiple transports. A transport is essentially a storage device for your logs. Each instance of a winston logger can have multiple transports configured at different levels. For example, one may want error logs to be stored in a persistent remote location (like a database), but all logs output to the console or a local file.

There also seemed to be a lot of logging libraries out there that coupled their implementation of logging (i.e. how the logs are stored / indexed) to the API that they exposed to the programmer. This library aims to decouple those parts of the process to make it more flexible and extensible.
library  log  winston  javascript  js  node.js  nodejs  logging 
october 2012 by wjy
NodeJS service to tail log files and relay the results to syslog.
log  logging  tcp  syslog  daemon  nodejs  node.js 
october 2012 by wjy
Lightweight Ruby daemon for reading local files and emitting remote syslog (without using local syslog daemon)
remote  udp  tools  syslog  ruby  logging 
october 2012 by wjy
logstash - open source log management
logstash is a tool for managing events and logs. You can use it to collect logs, parse them, and store them for later use (like, for searching). Speaking of searching, logstash comes with a web interface for searching and drilling into all of your logs.
linux  opensource  sysadmin  log  logging 
june 2012 by wjy
Kibana. Search it, score it, prove it.
Kibana helps you do that. Kibana is an alternative browser based interface for Logstash and ElasticSearch that allows you to efficiently search, graph, analyze and otherwise make sense of a mountain of logs.
elasticsearch  kibana  logstash  log  sysadmin  logging 
june 2012 by wjy
syslog-ng - Multiplatform Syslog Server and Logging Daemon
Leading solutions for log collection and management ranging from open-source tools to turn-key log server appliances for business-critical environments since 1997.
analysis  logging  management  log  sysadmin  monitoring  syslog-ng  syslog 
march 2012 by wjy

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