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Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic Java
A Kubernetes Native Java stack tailored for GraalVM & OpenJDK HotSpot, crafted from the best of breed Java libraries and standards
framework  java  jvm  kubernetes  opensource  cool  performance 
5 weeks ago by wjy
IKVM.NET Home Page
IKVM.NET is an implementation of Java for Mono and the Microsoft .NET Framework. It includes the following components:

A Java Virtual Machine implemented in .NET
A .NET implementation of the Java class libraries
Tools that enable Java and .NET interoperability
java  mono  jvm 
february 2018 by wjy
JVM(TM) Tool Interface 1.2.3
The JVMTM Tool Interface (JVM TI) is a programming interface used by development and monitoring tools. It provides both a way to inspect the state and to control the execution of applications running in the JavaTM virtual machine (VM).
JVM TI is intended to provide a VM interface for the full breadth of tools that need access to VM state, including but not limited to: profiling, debugging, monitoring, thread analysis, and coverage analysis tools.
JVM TI may not be available in all implementations of the JavaTM virtual machine.
JVM TI is a two-way interface. A client of JVM TI, hereafter called an agent, can be notified of interesting occurrences through events. JVM TI can query and control the application through many functions, either in response to events or independent of them.
Agents run in the same process with and communicate directly with the virtual machine executing the application being examined. This communication is through a native interface (JVM TI). The native in-process interface allows maximal control with minimal intrusion on the part of a tool. Typically, agents are relatively compact. They can be controlled by a separate process which implements the bulk of a tool's function without interfering with the target application's normal execution.
jvm  api  jvmti  java 
december 2017 by wjy
Evaluating the accuracy of Java profilers
文章 Evaluating the Accuracy of Java Profilers,列举了xprof,hprof,jprofile和yourkit四种采样器,并通过几个压测场景证明了这几种采样器的结果是相互矛盾的。总结的原因有:

附加指令:不同的采样器会注入不同的代码,从而影响程序优化过程,同时也影响了safe point的分布,进一步造成采样差异;
抽样统计:采样器采样点不够随机,这几种采样器都只有在safe point采样;
paper  jvm  profiling  profiler 
december 2017 by wjy
plasma-umass/doppio: Breaks the browser language barrier (includes a plugin-free JVM).
doppio is a double shot of espresso. In this case, it's also a POSIX-compatible runtime system plus a JVM written in TypeScript and an active research project of the PLASMA group at the University of Massachusetts.
javascript  java  jvm  implementation  typescript  js 
october 2017 by wjy
The Eta Programming Language
Eta is a pure, lazy, strongly typed functional programming language on the JVM. It brings two big ecosystems i.e., Java and Haskell together. This means that you can reuse Java and Haskell libraries in Eta projects. Eta's concurrency support helps you to build highly scalable, distributed, and parallel systems on the JVM.
language  jvm  haskell  functional 
october 2017 by wjy
vmlens enables you to test multithreaded java
Make your application thread safe
java  tool  concurrency  multithread  jvm  debugging 
october 2017 by wjy
jcstress - Code Tools - OpenJDK Wiki
The Java Concurrency Stress tests (jcstress) is an experimental harness and a suite of tests to aid the research in the correctness of concurrency support in the JVM, class libraries, and hardware.
java  concurrency  stresstesting  testing  debugging  tool  jvm 
october 2017 by wjy
HotelsDotCom/styx: Programmable, asynchronous, event-based reverse proxy for JVM.
Programmable, asynchronous, event-based reverse proxy for JVM.
netty  proxy  http  java  jvm  async 
october 2017 by wjy
Oracle Labs GraalVM: Programming Languages and Runtimes Overview
Graal is a new just-in-time compiler for the JVM focused on peak performance and multi-language support. Graal offers performance advantages not only to Java code, but also to scripting languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, and R. Additionally, it enables the execution of native code on the JVM via an LLVM-based front end (project Sulong). Languages are executed by Graal via the Truffle framework, which comes with seamless interoperability and polyglot debugging and profiling functionality.
java  jvm  compilers  performance  llvm  programming  graal  graalvm 
september 2017 by wjy
DoppioJVM: A JVM in JavaScript
A Java Virtual Machine written in 100% JavaScript.

Read the academic paper »

Browse the code »
javascript  opensource  java  jvm  js  awesome 
july 2017 by wjy
Lightbend Lagom - Reactive Microservices | @lightbend
It’s open source. It’s highly opinionated.
Build greenfield microservices and decompose your Java EE monolith like a boss.
framework  java  jvm  reactive  play  akka 
march 2017 by wjy
VisualVM: Home
VisualVM is a visual tool integrating commandline JDK tools and lightweight profiling capabilities.
Designed for both development and production time use.
programming  java  jvm  profiling  debug  tools 
january 2017 by wjy
Project Reactor
Reactor is a second-generation Reactive library for building non-blocking applications on
the JVM based on the Reactive Streams Specification
library  java  jvm  reactive  programming  async 
october 2016 by wjy
[no title]
Reactive Streams is an initiative to provide a standard for asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking back pressure. This encompasses efforts aimed at runtime environments (JVM and JavaScript) as well as network protocols.
java  jvm  concurrency  reactive  stream  async  asynchronous  standards  spec 
october 2016 by wjy
RingoJS - Multi-threaded JavaScript on the JVM
Ringo is a JavaScript platform built on the JVM and optimized for server-side applications. It takes a non-dogmatic stance on things like I/O paradigms. Ringo ships with a large set of built-in modules and follows the CommonJS standard.
javascript  java  rhino  framework  programming  server  js  ringojs  opensource  jvm 
april 2016 by wjy
zxh0/jvm.go · GitHub
jvm.go is a new JVM(which is far from complete) programmed in Go. The main purpose of this project is learning Go and JVM. So, the number one goal of the project is readability of code. The basic idea is just implement the core JVM, and use rt.jar(from OpenJDK) as its class libraries. GC is directly using Go's. For me, the hardest part is Thread and ClassLoader.
golang  jvm 
march 2015 by wjy
Netflix/Nicobar · GitHub
Nicobar is a dynamic scripting framework for java, driven by a powerful module loading system based on JBoss Modules. Scripts can be source, written in JVM compatible languages (like Groovy), or can be compiled bytecode, in the form of .class files. Scripts can be fetched from persistence dynamically, (compiled and) converted into modules, and inserted in the correct place in a runtime module graph based upon module metadata.
netflix  jvm  scripting  moduleloader  framework  java 
february 2015 by wjy
Avatar.js is a project to bring the node programming model, APIs and module ecosystem to the Java platform, enabling a new class of hybrid server applications that can leverage two of the most popular programming languages and ecosystems today. These Java+JavaScript applications can leverage capabilities of both environments - access the latest node frameworks while taking advantage of the Java platform's scalability, manageability, tools, and extensive collection of Java libraries and middleware.
js  nodejs  javascript  java  jvm  avatarjs  scripting  node.js 
january 2015 by wjy
WebJars - Web Libraries in Jars
WebJars are client-side web libraries (e.g. jQuery & Bootstrap) packaged into JAR (Java Archive) files. Explicitly and easily manage the client-side dependencies in JVM-based web applications Use JVM-based build tools (e.g. Maven, Gradle, SBT, ...) to download your client-side dependencies Know which client-side dependencies you are using Transitive dependencies are automatically resolved and optionally loaded via RequireJS Public CDN, generously provided by:
java  jvm  javascript  js  jar  webdev 
december 2014 by wjy
Dead-Simple Packaging and Deployment for JVM Apps
jvm  apps  app  packaging 
april 2014 by wjy
PyJVM is not full implementation of JVM7. All byte code instructions are supported, but many native methods from Java Api are not. There is good chance your java application will finish with exception: Exception: Op (SOME_NAME_HERE) is not yet supported in natives
python  jvm 
april 2014 by wjy
java virtual machine in pure node.js
javascript  node.js  !awesome  java  jvm  nodejs 
october 2013 by wjy
Kestrel is a simple, distributed message queue written on the JVM, based on Blaine Cook's "starling". Each server handles a set of reliable, ordered message queues, with no cross communication, resulting in a cluster of k-ordered ("loosely ordered") queues. Kestrel is fast, small, and reliable.
starling  mq  distributed  jvm  messaging  kestrel  messagequeue 
june 2013 by wjy
Vert.x- Effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise
Vert.x is an event driven application framework that runs on the JVM - a run-time with real concurrency and unrivalled performance. Vert.x then exposes the API in Ruby, Java, Groovy, JavaScript and Python. So you choose what language you want to use. Scala and Clojure support is on the roadmap too.

Vert.x uses the following amazing open source projects:
- Netty for much of its network IO
- JRuby for its Ruby engine
- Groovy
- Mozilla Rhino for its JavaScript engine
- Jython for its Python engine
- Hazelcast for group management of cluster members
python  ruby  Jython  rhino  groovy  jruby  netty  jvm  framework  event  asynchronous  javascript 
october 2012 by wjy
is a statically typed programming language that compiles to JVM byte codes and JavaScript.
language  kotlin  jvm  jetbrain  java 
october 2012 by wjy
Scalatra | A tiny, Sinatra-like web framework for Scala
Scalatra is a simple, accessible and free web micro-framework.

It combines the power of the JVM with the beauty and brevity of Scala, helping you quickly build high-performance web sites and APIs.
webdev  jvm  scalatra  sinatra  framework  scala 
september 2012 by wjy
Ceylon: Welcome to Ceylon
Ceylon is a language for writing large programs in teams.
language  jvm  programming  Ceylon  functional 
july 2012 by wjy
Noir is a micro-framework that allows you to rapidly develop websites in Clojure.
jvm  webdev  framework  noir  clojure 
july 2012 by wjy
Welcome - Kotlin - Confluence
"Project Kotlin" is a codename for a statically typed programming language compiled to JVM byte code and JavaScript.
javascript  java  kotlin  language  jvm 
june 2012 by wjy
JRebel Plugin - Free 30-Day JavaRebel License | zeroturnaround.com
JRebel is a JVM-plugin that makes it possible for Java developers to instantly see any code change made to an app without redeploying. JRebel lets you see code changes instantly, versioning classes and resources individually and updating one at a time instead of as a lump application redeploy.
development  jvm  tools  programming  deploy  deployment  jrebel  java 
april 2012 by wjy
Akka Project
Akka is a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault tolerant event-driven applications on the JVM.
programming  scalability  library  concurrency  java  jvm  scala  akka 
march 2012 by wjy

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