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Components for building interactive charts with D3(v4)
javascript  tools  charts  d3js  d3  d3.js  visualization  interactive 
september 2018 by wjy
D3 Graph Theory
A graph (as in "graph theory") is a discrete mathematical structure which deals with objects and pairwise relations between them. Graphs have immense applications in various disciplines of science. Knowledge of this subject is essential for mathematics and computer science enthusiasts.

D3 Graph Theory is project aimed at anyone who wants to learn graph theory. It provides quick and interactive introduction to the subject. The visuals used in the project makes it an effective learning tool.

And yes, it is open-source. Check the code at GitHub. Created by Avinash Pandey, a mathematics and computer science enthusiast.
tutorial  interactive  compsci  d3  d3.js  graph  algorithms  cool 
march 2018 by wjy
Blotter.js requires Three.js and Underscore.js. If you're already including these files in your project, view the information on custom builds to get the file size significantly smaller.
js  javascript  d3  d3.js  text  effects  typography 
february 2018 by wjy
Re-usable, easy interface JavaScript chart library, based on D3 v4+.
visualization  javascript  charts  chart  d3  d3.js  js 
september 2017 by wjy
Bundle Buddy is a tool to help you find source code duplication across your javascript chunks/splits. This enables you to fine tune code splitting parameters to reduce bundle invalidation rates as well as improve repeat page load performance \o/.
visualization  webpack  awesome  d3  d3.js  d3js 
july 2017 by wjy
Stardust: GPU-based Visualization Library
Stardust is a library for rendering information visualizations with GPU (WebGL). Stardust provides an easy-to-use and familiar API for defining marks and binding data to them. With Stardust, you can render tens of thousands of markers and animate them in real time without the hassle of managing WebGL shaders and buffers.
javascript  visualization  webgl  dataviz  js  d3  d3.js  d3js 
june 2017 by wjy
Britecharts - D3.js based charting library of reusable components
Britecharts is a client-side reusable Charting Library based on D3.js v4 that allows easy and intuitive use of charts and components that can be composed together creating amazing visualizations.
d3  d3.js  visualization  js  javascript  chart  components  library 
may 2017 by wjy
Part 2: The beauty of bitwise AND (∧ or &) — Biffures — Medium
Exploring and visualizing the many facets of the bitwise AND operation
bitwise  programming  article  js  javascript  d3.js  d3 
august 2016 by wjy
React+d3.js ES6 by Swizec Teller
React with d3.js in ES6 was the most fun I've had turning data into pictures.
dataviz  es6  js  javascript  d3.js  d3  react  book 
april 2016 by wjy
dimple - A simple charting API for d3 data visualisations
An object-oriented API for business analytics powered by d3.
javascript  visualization  d3  d3.js  d3js  charts  business 
march 2016 by wjy
dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library
dc.js is a javascript charting library with native crossfilter support and allowing highly efficient exploration on large multi-dimensional dataset (inspired by crossfilter's demo). It leverages d3 engine to render charts in css friendly svg format. Charts rendered using dc.js are naturally data driven and reactive therefore providing instant feedback on user's interaction. The main objective of this project is to provide an easy yet powerful javascript library which can be utilized to perform data visualization and analysis in browser as well as on mobile device.
d3  d3js  d3.js  charts  js  javascript  library  crossfilter  visualization  dataviz 
march 2016 by wjy
d3/d3-scale · GitHub
Encodings that map abstract data to visual representation.
d3  d3js  d3.js  maps  geo  visualization 
december 2015 by wjy
Getting Started | d3.compose
Compose complex, data-driven visualizations from reusable charts and components with d3.
d3  d3.js  d3js  visualizations  visualization 
december 2015 by wjy
d3/d3-shape · GitHub
a small JavaScript library for drawing geometric shapes commonly found in data visualizations, with each shape driven by data through accessor functions. It works with both SVG and Canvas.
d3.js  d3  d3js  visualization  js  javascript  graphics 
december 2015 by wjy
Welcome to Bokeh — Bokeh 0.10.0 documentation
Bokeh is a Python interactive visualization library that targets modern web browsers for presentation. Its goal is to provide elegant, concise construction of novel graphics in the style of D3.js, but also deliver this capability with high-performance interactivity over very large or streaming datasets. Bokeh can help anyone who would like to quickly and easily create interactive plots, dashboards, and data applications.
python  visualization  library  data  d3  d3js  d3.js 
november 2015 by wjy
plotly.js | JavaScript Graphing Library
Built on top of d3.js and stack.gl, plotly.js is a high-level, declarative charting library. plotly.js ships with 20 chart types, including 3D charts, statistical graphs, and SVG maps.
javascript  js  library  scientific  graphing  charting  d3.js  d3  d3js 
november 2015 by wjy
Promisees · Courtesy of ponyfoo.com
Promisees - Promise visualization playground for the adventurous
javascript  js  promise  promises  visualization  d3  d3.js  d3js  cool  !cool  playground  bluebird 
november 2015 by wjy
Tired of making legends for your data visualizations? Me too, enjoy.
d3  d3.js  d3js  visualizations  dataviz  datavis  library  legend 
july 2015 by wjy
Replacing jQuery with D3
[tl;dr] You can easily replace jQuery in your visualization projects by using D3-only functions.
javascript  js  jquery  d3  d3js  d3.js 
may 2015 by wjy
Textures are useful for the selective perception of different categories
d3  svg  textures  patterns  texture  pattern  js  javascript  d3.js  d3js  cool  !cool 
march 2015 by wjy
Circles Sines and Signals - Introduction
d3.js  d3  d3js  interactive  visualization  sines  signals  dsp  fourier  fft  sampling 
march 2015 by wjy
GitHut - Programming Languages and GitHub
github  visualization  languages  data  d3  d3.js  !cool  cool 
march 2015 by wjy
Home | d4 Examples
D4 is a friendly charting DSL for D3. The goal of D4 is to allow developers to quickly build data-driven charts with little knowledge of the internals of D3.
d3  d4  js  javascript  visualization  dsl  d3.js  charts 
february 2015 by wjy
Image kernels explained visually
An image kernel is a small matrix used to apply effects like the ones you might find in Photoshop or Gimp, such as blurring, sharpening, outlining or embossing. They're also used in machine learning for 'feature extraction', a technique for determining the most important portions of an image. In this context the process is referred to more generally as "convolution" (see: convolutional neural networks.)
imageprocessing  imagekernel  convolution  d3.js  d3  d3js  interactive  visualisation  !awesome  awesome  machinelearning 
february 2015 by wjy
Eigenvectors and eigenvalues explained visually
Eigenvalues/vectors are instrumental to understanding electrical circuits, mechanical systems, ecology and even Google's PageRank algorithm. Let's see if visualization can make these ideas more intuitive.
math  linearalgebra  eigenvector  eigenvalue  visualization  d3  d3js  d3.js 
january 2015 by wjy
Browser, NodeJs library and command-line tool for handling tube data
node.js  nodejs  tubemap  d3  d3js  d3.js  visualization  javascript  js  map 
november 2014 by wjy
MetricsGraphics.js - a library based on D3.js, optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data
MetricsGraphics.js is a library built on top of D3 that is optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data. It provides a simple way to produce common types of graphics in a principled, consistent and responsive way. The library currently supports line charts, scatterplots and histograms as well as features like rug plots and basic linear regression.
visualization  javascript  d3  d3.js  charts  graphs  library  timeseries  metrics  datavis  dataviz 
november 2014 by wjy
Peek.js - charts based on D3.js
Peek.js is a chart library for web applications, based on D3.js. Reusable charts (object-oriented) JSON data format Simple to understand and customize
d3.js  d3  charts  javascript  js  visualization 
september 2014 by wjy
Visualizing Algorithms
Algorithms are a fascinating use case for visualization. To visualize an algorithm, we don’t merely fit data to a chart; there is no primary dataset. Instead there are logical rules that describe behavior. This may be why algorithm visualizations are so unusual, as designers experiment with novel forms to better communicate. This is reason enough to study them. But algorithms are also a reminder that visualization is more than a tool for finding patterns in data. Visualization leverages the human visual system to augment human intellect: we can use it to better understand these important abstract processes, and perhaps other things, too.
algorithms  dataviz  article  !awesome  d3  d3.js  d3js  visualization 
june 2014 by wjy
dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library
dc.js is a javascript charting library with native crossfilter support and allowing highly efficient exploration on large multi-dimensional dataset (inspired by crossfilter's demo). It leverages d3 engine to render charts in css friendly svg format. Charts rendered using dc.js are naturally data driven and reactive therefore providing instant feedback on user's interaction. The main objective of this project is to provide an easy yet powerful javascript library which can be utilized to perform data visualization and analysis in browser as well as on mobile device.
javascript  visualization  chart  d3  j3js  d3.js  crossfilter  graph  dataviz 
june 2014 by wjy
ToneDen Player
A fresh new customizable SoundCloud player.
webplayer  html5  soundcloud  js  sound  d3  d3.js 
april 2014 by wjy
VIM Inspired Keyboard Navigation Extensible and Configurable Unlimited Undo/Redo Drag and Drop
editor  tree  javascript  js  vim  d3  d3.js  d3js 
april 2014 by wjy
xCharts » Examples
a D3-based library for building custom charts and graphs
chart  d3  javascript  js  charts  d3.js  graph  library 
april 2014 by wjy
A visual explanation by Victor Powell for Setosa What follows in an interactive walk through of Euclid's proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.
pythagorean  visualization  interactive  d3  d3.js 
march 2014 by wjy
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