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Refactoring to Patterns
Refactoring to Patterns is a book by Joshua Kerievsky published by Addison Wesley in August 2004. You can purchase a copy through us at a 30% discount.

What Is Refactoring To Patterns?
Refactoring to Patterns is the marriage of refactoring -- the process of improving the design of existing code -- with patterns, the classic solutions to recurring design problems. Refactoring to Patterns suggests that using patterns to improve an existing design is better than using patterns early in a new design. This is true whether code is years old or minutes old. We improve designs with patterns by applying sequences of low-level design transformations, known as refactorings.
What Are The Goals Of This Book?
This book was written to help you
Understand how to combine refactoring and patterns
Improve the design of existing code with pattern-directed refactorings
Identify areas of code in need of pattern-directed refactoring
Learn why using patterns to improve existing code is better than using patterns early in a new design
To achieve these goals, this book features
A catalog of 27 refactorings
Examples based on real-world code, not the toy stuff
Pattern descriptions, including real-world pattern examples
A collection of smells (i.e. problems) that indicate the need for pattern-directed refactorings
Examples of different ways to implement the same pattern
Advice for when to refactor to, towards or away from patterns
A suggested study sequence for the refactorings
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