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When does a coronavirus epidemic become a pandemic? - MarketWatch
Outbreak: Small, but unusual.
Epidemic: Bigger and spreading.
Pandemic: International and out of control.
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18 days ago by wjy
Farmdev: The Art of UI Skeletons
The Art of UI Skeletons: tips on making apps "feel" fast from the Firefox Add-ons site team.
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5 weeks ago by wjy
D3 vs G2 vs Echarts - 简书
echarts 使用简单而自由度差, d3 自由度好而学习门槛高
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6 weeks ago by wjy
Rendering on the Web  |  Web  |  Google Developers

SSR: Server-Side Rendering - rendering a client-side or universal app to HTML on the server.
CSR: Client-Side Rendering - rendering an app in a browser, generally using the DOM.
Rehydration: “booting up” JavaScript views on the client such that they reuse the server-rendered HTML’s DOM tree and data.
Prerendering: running a client-side application at build time to capture its initial state as static HTML.

TTFB: Time to First Byte - seen as the time between clicking a link and the first bit of content coming in.
FP: First Paint - the first time any pixel gets becomes visible to the user.
FCP: First Contentful Paint - the time when requested content (article body, etc) becomes visible.
TTI: Time To Interactive - the time at which a page becomes interactive (events wired up, etc).
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august 2019 by wjy
» Alone in the Dark The Digital Antiquarian
Most videogame stories are power fantasies. You spend your time getting ever stronger, ever tougher, ever more formidable as you accumulate experience points, gold, and equipment. Obstacles aren’t things to go around; they’re things you go through. If you can’t get past any given monster, the solution is to go kill some other monsters, then come back when you’re yet more powerful and slay the big beast at last. Life, these games tell us, is or ought to be one unadulterated ride up the escalator of success; a setback just means you haven’t yet risen high enough.

That dynamic held true in 1992 just as much as it usually does today. But during that year there came a well-nigh revolutionary game out of France that upended all of these traditional notions about what the medium of videogames can do and be. It cast you as a painfully ordinary, near-powerless individual adrift in a scary world, with no surefire panaceas in the form of experience points, gold, or portable rocket launchers to look forward to. It was just you and your wits, trapped in a haunted house full of creatures that were stronger than you and badly wanted to kill you. Despite its supernatural elements, this game’s scenario felt more disconcertingly close to real life than that of any of those other games. Here, you truly were alone in the dark. Aren’t we all from time to time?
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august 2019 by wjy
IPv4 route lookup on Linux | Vincent Bernat
With its implementation of IPv4 routing tables using LPC-tries, Linux offers good lookup performance (50 ns for a full view) and low memory usage (64 MiB for a full view).
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april 2019 by wjy
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