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Implementing GJK (2006)
An old makeshift video I recorded about how to implement the GJK collision detection algorithm.
gjk  collision  game-engine  programming 
14 days ago by wjlroe
Winit 0.20, the state of windowing in Rust, and a request for help - announcements - The Rust Programming Language Forum
Hello, all!
I’m one of the maintainers of Winit, the main pure-Rust window creation library. Even if you haven’t used it directly, you’ve probably heard of projects that depend on it - Servo and Alacritty being the best…
opensource  contributing  programming  rust 
6 weeks ago by wjlroe
Avoiding instruction cache misses – Paweł Dziepak
Largely arbitrary programming notes by Paweł Dziepak.
cache  cpu  learn  programming  performance 
7 weeks ago by wjlroe
Unpacked: Full-Stack GraphQL with Absinthe, Elixir/Phoenix, Apollo, and React | The Pragmatic Studio
Learn how to build a full-stack GraphQL app using React on the frontend and Phoenix with Absinthe as your GraphQL backend server.
course  elixir  phoenix  reactjs  graphql  videos  learning  programming 
7 weeks ago by wjlroe
Order Independent Transparency - OpenGL SuperBibleOpenGL SuperBible
What's the big deal with order independent transparency? What is it? Do we need it? Can we get away without it? It's fun. Maybe. Yeah, probably.
programming  graphics  transparency 
9 weeks ago by wjlroe
V Programming Language
Simple, fast, safe, compiled programming language
programming  programming-language  c++  c  rust  vlang  golang 
march 2019 by wjlroe
Low level text layout kickoff | Raph Levien’s blog
This post is to announce a new Rust library for low-level text layout, called “skribo” (the Esperanto word for “writing”). This has been a major gap in the Rust ecosystem, and I hope the new crate can improve text handling across the board.
fonts  rust-lang  graphics  programming  gamedev  text-editor 
february 2019 by wjlroe
Playing with Paths – Android Developers – Medium
I recently helped out with a hero animation in an app–unfortunately I can’t share this animation just yet… but I wanted to share what I learned making it. In this post I’ll walk through recreating…
graphics  shapes  programming 
february 2019 by wjlroe
Matt's Webcorner - Variance Shadow Maps
This is an implementation of variance shadow maps.
gamedev  shadows  programming 
february 2019 by wjlroe
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