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Coding Horror: Performance is a Feature
Nice post by @codinghorror on web performance. Drupal's devel module has offerred similar profiling info since 2002
cdn  wpo  performance  school  school:master-thesis  jeffatwood 
june 2011 by WimLeers
YouTube - New Relic Introduces Real User Monitoring
New Relic Introduces Real User Monitoring Very cool for us performance geeks, and part of the Acquia Network
newrelic  wpo  episodes  school  school:master-thesis  stevesouders 
may 2011 by WimLeers
How we provide real user monitoring: A quick technical review | New Relic blog
New Relic adds Real User Monitoring. I always start with real user data as ground truth:
newrelic  wpo  episodes  school  school:master-thesis  stevesouders  thesis 
may 2011 by WimLeers
Web Performance Optimization Analytics: automatically pinpoint causes of slow page loads! | DrupalCon London 2011
Session proposal for @drupalcon London: — #CDN module + #thesis on #WPO: automatically find causes of slow page loads!
school  school:master-thesis  wpo  drupal  drupalcon  drupalconlondon  thesis  CDN 
may 2011 by WimLeers
Google Analytics Blog: Measure Page Load Time with Site Speed Analytics Report
Site Speed Report now available in the new Google Analytics. Track page load time right in GA!
google  google:analytics  wpo  school  school:master-thesis  thesis 
may 2011 by WimLeers
wimleers/QBrowsCap - GitHub
New @github repo: "QBrowsCap" (#Qt lib for using the Browser Capabilities project.) — #masterthesis
qt  browscap  qbrowscap  school  school:master-thesis  episodes  wpo  c++  from delicious
december 2010 by WimLeers
Ben Strong's Blog: Google and Microsoft Cheat on Slow-Start. Should You?
If you liked John Rauser's Velocity talk on TCP performance (), you'll love this from Ben Strong:
microsoft  google  wpo  http  tcp  internet  performance  school  school:master-thesis  from delicious
december 2010 by WimLeers
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