The Thing In the Walls Wants Your Small Change - Virginia M Mohlere - Luna Station Quarterly
"The penny was gone again.
Caro huffed and dropped her grocery bags in the hall. She reached in, took a penny from the change bowl by the door, and rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger, said Nana’s charm for the house spirits, to keep them happy and home.
She blew on the penny and tucked it down by the threshold.
Five days she’d lived here, and seven times the penny had been gone, either in the morning or after she returned from an errand. The apartment didn’t set off her Spooky Senses, but the penny thing was weird.
Nana was unsympathetic.
“Girl, you got house spirits with expensive taste,” she said, laughing. “That’s what you get, moving yourself where everything’s snow and concrete. Down here the house spirits know us. They miss you.”"
tinycoindragon  dragons  virginiammohlere  lunastationquarterly  shortstory 
november 2018
The Rose MacGregor Drinking and Admiration Society - T Kingfisher - Uncanny Magazine
"There was a land of elven halls and hollows, of fairy mounds and great cathedrals underground. Hapless mortals went in and danced until their feet gave out, and sometimes they came out again.
But far beyond the merriment and the music and the trapped mortals, there was a campfire, and around it sat a half-dozen men, and a great bull selkie, and a horse the color of night."
ursulavernon  tkingfisher  uncannymagazine  shortstory  fairytale  ish 
november 2018
Seasons of Glass and Iron - by Amal El-Mohtar - Uncanny Magazine
"Tabitha walks, and thinks of shoes.
She has been thinking about shoes for a very long time: the length of three and a half pairs, to be precise, though it’s hard to reckon in iron. Easier to reckon how many pairs are left: of the seven she set out with, three remain, strapped securely against the outside of the pack she carries, weighing it down. The seasons won’t keep still, slip past her with the landscape, so she can’t say for certain whether a year of walking wears out a sole, but it seems about right. She always means to count the steps, starting with the next pair, but it’s easy to get distracted."
fairytale  EastoftheSunandWestoftheMoon  TheGlassMountain  au  feminist 
september 2017
Like a Red Headed Stepchild | | mugglesftw
Harry Potter was born with red hair, but the Dursley's always treated him like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. Once he enters the wizarding world however, everyone assumes he's just another Weasley. To Harry's surprise, the Weasleys don't seem to mind.
harrypotter  gen  crack!fic 
april 2017
Evidence, a silmarillion fanfic | FanFiction
Maedhros and Maglor sneak into Eonwe's camp at the end of the War of Wrath- but the Silmarils are missing. A Silmarillion Discworld crossover!
silmarillion  lotr  discworld  maedhros  maglor  samvimes  gen  crack!fic 
april 2017
HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL: A SUBTERRANEAN ROMANCE - Disney's Hercules - quantum_witch
A "Disney's Hercules" sequel - In which Hades' kingdom is in danger, an immortal witch wants control, the Fates predict a miracle & Hades falls flaming-head-over-smoking-heels in love. The usual stuff of myth.

This is quite a lot of fun.
disney  greekandromanmythology  hades  persephone  hades/persephone 
january 2017
Drabblecast 335 - To Whatever - By Shaenon K. Garrity
To whatever lives in the walls—

Please stop taking my half & half.
Let’s get this out of the way: I know you’re there. Don’t think I’m unaware of the scrabbling sounds, the walls creaking from your bulk, the way my razor in the morning is never exactly where I left it last night. Richard always said it was the building settling—as if a building, however old, could take apples out of the fruit crisper—but he was as wrong about that as he was about a lot of things beyond the scope of this note. And since he moved out I feel you’ve gotten bolder.
ShaenonKGarrity  original!fic  drabblecast  lovecraft 
december 2016
Wheel 'n' Deal - icarus_chained - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
I was having a bad day. The kind that starts with a baseball bat to the head, and ends with a really smug demon helping you out of a summoning circle.
Set early on DF, just post Death Masks. Post-book for GO.

The one in which Crowley threatens demon summoners with the IRS etc
dresdenfiles  goodomens  harrydresden  crowley  crossover  gen 
july 2016
Seven Commentaries on an Imperfect Land | Ruthanna Emrys |
Tikanu, land of laws and patterns, magic and wild mint, is not found behind hidden doors. It passes across borders and takes root wherever its people settle. This collection of seven commentaries reveals a world waiting patiently at the edges of vision, that welcomes all who are willing to do the work of building it.
shortstory  original!fic  originalcharacters  fantasy 
july 2016
Fifty Years in the Virtuous City - lionpyh - Sultana's Dream - Roquia Sakhawat Hussain [Archive of Our Own]
In the capital, where our Queen lives, there are two universities.

Notes: For Jetamors.
(The source work is here: and is only 4,000 words, so you might like to read that first.)
The Virtuous City’ is the translated name of al-Madīna al-Fāḍila, by al-Fārābī, one of the first texts to deal with what constitutes a utopian society.
My heartfelt thanks to julychildren, who prevented me from making about seven different fools of myself, though I may have made more since the last draft.

"The year is 1291 A.H. and Amrita, Suhela, and twenty-seven others are the top class in the new Girls’ Intensive Preparatory #32, their local outpost of the national experiment. They are the same age as the new Queen and devoted to her with a love which they joke self-consciously amongst themselves is just this side of idolatry. They are conscious of their luck not to be a year older. At thirteen, the cutoff for new enrollment, the heaviest lot is theirs; within two years of what is the first formal education most of them have ever had they will be expected to have caught up to boys the same age who have been tutored all their lives. ‘But it is not difficult,’ remarked the Queen, when she visited their school in turn, ‘for anyone who really wishes to do a thing to do it better than one who does it simply because it is expected and convenient. So for you, who each have requested and work hard for your place, I am sure it will be easy.’ She speaks to them outdoors, on a clear morning, with a quiet wind alternately shirring and stilling the water of the rice flats. The building of the school hasn’t yet lost its clean vegetal smell of sawn bamboo. The girls could not stand straighter."
Sultana'sDream  RoquiaSakhawatHussain  TheLadyPrincipal(whocollectedsunheat)  TheLadyPrincipal(whocollectedrain) 
june 2016
Never Forgotten - DawningStar - Belgariad/Malloreon Series - Eddings [Archive of Our Own]
Zakath had a chance for happiness once. He will not speak of the choice that left him empty for so long--but the whole story was never his to tell.
eddings  malloreon  zakath  cyradis  cyradis/zakath 
june 2016
Empty Graves - Unpretty - Superman - All Media Types, DCU [Archive of Our Own]
Time travelers who plan to kill Superman never account for Martha Kent in their plans. She may not be the World's Finest, but she's a mother with a shotgun, and all told that might be scarier.

This is delightful.
superman  DCU  marthakent  jonathankent  clarkkent  martha/jonathan  au 
april 2016
Mettechai by tanarill
"Some time after Artaksis the King of Parshas and Mecede chose for himself Shahab the Atasan to love and protect, before the lands had truly recovered from the king's years of weakness, was a time when the life of Artaksis the king was in peril. For in those years of neglect, certain persons had benefited greatly because of the apathy of the king and the greed of some small number of ministers. And although the people cried out because of the affliction of cruel masters who cared not for them but for silver, for too long those who would pay heed were unable to reach the heart of the king, so the people suffered.
But Shahab had returned strength to the king, and so these persons could no longer act in the ways to which they had become accustomed. And while Parshas and Mecede flourished therefore, those who had lost silver and power with the return of the king were discontent. And they came together, and voiced one to the other their grievances, and their anger and jealousy surged and grew as they drank bowl after bowl of sweet wine, and slowly, they formed for themselves a plan."

Part two of the gay Esther AU.
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  esther!au 
february 2016
Artaksis by tanarill
"These are the things which happened in the years after the Gods of Atas blighted the land, and compelled the Atasan to flee lest they starve to death, and set in the stars the writ message that the Atasan were to learn humility before they would return. And the Atasan at that time wept, and when the hearts of the gods remained hard, marched to the land of the Mecede, where they settled in the hills."

Part one of the gay Esther AU.
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  esther!au 
february 2016
Warmth by Kuruki (来木)
"My evening starts out like any other. I sit on the bench near the corner of Jackson and Fifth with a group of my friends. This is the only time we can see each other now that school's out for winter break; our jobs keep us busy all day.
Turk brought two beers he took from his uncle's fridge. I pass the cans along when they come my way. No one even comments on it anymore—they know what a law breaker I am—but they do tease me when I wait at the crosswalk at night when there is no traffic.
The only difference tonight is that BMW that pulled up near sixth. Boy, he looks out of place. And he watches us. Turk, mildly buzzed from the beer he's guzzled, stands up and shouts that we don't have drugs, so the man should get lost.
Instead he gets out of the car."
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters 
february 2016
Kids And Heroes by Takiguchi Aiko (滝口アイコ)
"Rebecca Tietney was one of those mothers, Jeremy's own mother would have said darkly; the kind of parent who opened up the liquor cabinet at parties because it was better to have the kids drinking in the safety of her home rather than outside it where safety was not guaranteed. She may have been regretting this policy lately, as Rog and Jeremy were making friends with a college and post-college crowd that was not always respectful with free alcohol. But her philosophy was still clearly that kids were determined to make endless hurtful mistakes and her job was primarily damage control, because when they went up to Rog's room with their avocado sandwiches a pile of condoms, looking not unlike gummy candy, and a few sample packets of lube were lying on top of Roger's folded laundry."

There's a sequel further down the list.
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  greekandromanmythology 
february 2016
Sleeping by Dr. Noh
""You make a terrible drag queen," Carla said.
"Hey, this was your idea. And make sure you get all the fucking glitter off, yeah?" Rey peered at his reflection in the mirror. Freaky as it had been to see it all go on, it was weirder watching it come off. She rubbed a cotton ball along his cheek, and his scar was back like it'd never been gone.
Most of the make up was gone now, and he had his normal clothes back, which was fantastic. Those shoes, Jesus wept, worst thing to happen to him in pretty much ever.
She gave a last wipe at the pink glitter on his lids. "There," she said. "Done. You're big and mean again, so walk me to my car, 'kay?"
He faked a sigh and stood. "Rey, tend my bar, Rey, break up that fight, Rey, dress up in girls' clothes and be in my fucking chorus line. You don't pay me enough. There is no way you could pay me enough." He offered her his arm."

The one with the drag club bouncer/jack-of-all-trades, and the free clinic doctor.
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters 
february 2016
Ostinato by Kagamino Kage (鏡乃 影), illustrated by susieoh
""Let's go ghost-counting," Jan whispers, close in my ear.
"You know we can't go until evening," I scold him gently. "Father would whip us raw if we left off work."
"But -"
"We'll go just after supper. There'll be time enough left. Be patient."
He blows out a breath that rustles the wisps of curls on his forehead, and kicks his legs against his seat over and over. One foot grazes a table-leg each time. I bite my lip and try not to mess up my stitches; I don't want to scold him again. I know how he feels. I want to go too.
'Ghost-counting', he calls it. The ghosts haven't let go of that day, years ago. We can't let go, either."
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  fairytale  piedpipper 
february 2016
Herr Hall by Togi Kayako (土宜草子)
"There's a widower that lives in my neighborhood, and he has two sons. The older one, Andrew, is everything he wants in a kid: tall, blond, muscled, handsome, good at sports, gets all the girls, etc.
The younger one is me. I'm a bit below average height, lanky, I've got short, dark hair, and I enjoy things like books, which doesn't endear me to my so-called peers. My name's Theodore, which does nothing to endear me to my step-father. My mom picked it out; my step-dad, Kurt, says it's a stupid name. If he's drunk, he calls it a fag name, looking at me like I've done something wrong just by existing. I want to tell him that it's not my fault he ended up with me, that it's not like I had anywhere else to go, but I know he'll never listen."
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  fairytale 
february 2016
A Visit From Nick by Purrsia
"When it came down to rent or my guitar, that one was easy. So I might have to sleep in my car for a couple of days. No biggie.
Food versus the guitar...that was trickier. Ramen noodles and peanut butter were okay, but when I realized the cupboard was bare one day, that was the end of that.
I got paid for the job at the first of the year."
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  christmas!fic 
february 2016
心也許很小很小世界卻很大很大 (The Heart May be Tiny but the World's Enormous), Part 1, by shukyou (主教)
"Really, if it hadn't been for the damn baby, Gong Ji would've gotten away with it.
Clouds had rolled in and shrouded the heavens, but about an hour previous he'd seen through a thin patch a glimpse of the moon, already past her peak and starting her slow procession down the sky, her attendant stars following in her wake. It was the time of night only thieves and the night watch saw, and the muted lanterns of the town where the latter patrolled were behind him now; he could see over his shoulder their dim glow in the valley below."

The goat-thief, the smith and the baby.
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters 
february 2016
You Drive Me Crazy by Shinju Yuri (真珠百合), illustrated by Sakura (calintz)
"The first person Walter had ever fallen in love with had attracted his attention by hitting him over the head with her wax-headed doll, and bursting into tears when he started bleeding. The resemblance was sometimes striking, he thought, looking over at Frederick. He wondered what type of little girl Frederick had fallen in love with. Not someone like Walter's first love. If Frederick had been hit over the head with a doll, he would have hit her back harder, and then they would have clung together in angry tears. Walter chuckled."

Third story about Frederick Rochester and Walter Jennings.
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  frederickrochester  walterjennings  frederickrochester/walterjennings  steampunk 
february 2016
Loving You More by Shinju Yuri (真珠百合), illustrated by Sakura (calintz)
""The sun is shining," said Walter. "It's a beautiful day outside."
"Please die," said a lump in the middle of the bed. The lump had curled all of the blankets around itself and as Walter watched, attempted to tuck itself more tightly together.
"It's wonderful out," said Walter enthusiastically. "It's all snowy and look, there's a cardinal outside the window, waiting for you!"
"Please die horribly," amended the lump. "Somewhere else.""

Second story about Frederick Rochester and Walter Jennings.
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  frederickrochester  walterjennings  frederickrochester/walterjennings  steampunk 
february 2016
Your Cover's Blown by Shinju Yuri (真珠百合), illustrated by Sakura (calintz)
"He'd never fallen in love before but he'd always thought it would be like the feeling when you slotted something into place and knew, even before you turned on the steam and watched the gears begin to move, that everything was where it was supposed to be. Even before the gears began to move smoothly, faster and faster, until everything was a steady contented hum. He'd heard that it was something like a chemical reaction, though. If it was, that was all right, because he was used to them. The trick was to make big, gloriously horrible balls-ups of the thing and remember to duck if it blew. And do it over and over again until you got it right."

First story about Frederick Rochester and Walter Jennings.
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  frederickrochester  walterjennings  frederickrochester/walterjennings  steampunk 
february 2016
The Beautiful West by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ), illustrated by serenity_winner
"The woman is still dressed in her mourning clothes. Her hair is cut short, and she wears no jewellery. Her only adornment is kohl under her eyes, but roughly-smudged lines, functional rather than beautiful. She introduces herself as Kebi.
"You must be the priest."
He is grateful she recognizes him. His head is shaved clean and he wears white robes over his whole body, but still people sometimes take him for a scribe or an apprentice. At seventeen, he is very young to have taken on the full duties of a lector priest. "I am Amenthotep of the Temple of Amantet. I have come to help you with your troubles.""
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  egyptianmythology 
february 2016
Guitar Hero by Takiguchi Aiko (滝口アイコ)
"You couldn't even count the benefits of Roger getting clean but one of the unexpected ones was Jeremy got at least six hours of sleep a night, more or less uninterrupted. He'd had insomnia for as long as he could remember, and managing to drift off only to have Rog and those assholes from Up, Up and Away bring their coked-up groupies on the tour bus and smash the Playstation open with a hammer, do not even get him started. So having grown accustomed to the new order, he was less than charitable when Finn sat on his bed, basically only molecular repulsion between his ass and Jeremy's head and said, "Get up, man.""

The one in which the guitarist is Apollo. There is a prequel I've bookmarked further up the list.
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters  greekandromanmythology  apollo 
february 2016
The Emperor's Last Concubine by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ)
""What about this?"
Yanzi examines the tunic carefully. It's deep green, embroidered with tiny, pale blue flowers of indeterminate type. The silk is of good quality. He vaguely remembers receiving it as a birthday present last year from the Minister of Finance, a balding little ass-kisser with horrible taste. He must have sent someone else to pick out the tunic; it's a little boring, but not too bad. And it's barely been worn."
s2b2  original!fic  originalcharacters 
february 2016
Short Street to Kicklebury - notbecauseofvictories - Discworld - Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
There was an Understanding.
The Understanding was: Her Grace, Lady Sybil Deidre Olgivanna Ramkin, had, on the twelfth of May, married Captain Samantha Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork Watch. It was a very lovely ceremony. There had been cake.
terrypratchett  discworld  sybilramkin  samvimes  sam/sybil  female!samvimes  rule63 
february 2016
win me, win me, an ye will - Fahye - Sorcerer to the Crown - Zen Cho, Miss Marjoribanks - Margaret Oliphant [Archive of Our Own]
"I am forced to admit," said Lucilla Marjoribanks, holding the magical sword firmly with both hands, "that this is somewhat removed from my sphere of expertise."
The Lady stood regally before the lounging, twittering, glittering glory of her court. Her own sword emerged from one draping sleeve like a deadly extension of her arm.
"Your life is not yet forfeit," she said grandly. "Acknowledge your defeat, leave at once, and withdraw your influence from these lands and that village."
sorcerertothecrown  zencho  missmarjoribanks  margaretoliphant  lucillamarjoribanks  yuletide 
february 2016
The Heirs of Bolvangar - Poetry - His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman [Archive of Our Own]
Letters from one Margaret Cavendish to her friend Elisa, concerning her expedition to the North as research assistant to the renowned Scholar Lyra Belacqua.
hisdarkmaterials  lyrabelacqua  gen 
september 2015
Changes of Perspective - Sixthlight - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
In 1945, the prison camp of Ettersberg is bombed from altitude. In 2009, Peter Grant graduates university with a bachelor’s degree in architecture.
It’s a magical new world.

This is really great. I like the way the canon shifts.
riversoflondon  benaaronovitch  petergrant  thomasnightengale  beverleybrook  lesleymay  jagetkumar  abigailkamara  sahraguleed  petergrant/thomasnightengale  au 
september 2015
How Rue Became the Mockingjay, a hunger games fanfic | aimmyarrowshigh | FanFiction
She's teamed up with the little girl instead of the boy who loves her. Katniss Everdeen and the girl from Eleven are ruining their best-laid plans. So, "Caesar," they say, "Announce the change."
This is an alternate chronology for The Hunger Games.
thehungergames  suzannecollins  katnisseverdeen  peetamellark  rue  thresh  gen 
april 2015
Cargo: Tropfest Australia 2013 finalist
A zombie-bitten father tries to save his infant daughter in this bittersweet short film
So you’ve been bitten by a zombie. So long, conscious brain activity, hello craving for human meat. But the protagonist of the short film Cargo has bigger problems than his impending demise: he has to find a way to save his infant daughter, even if he has to die first to do it.
Directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke, Cargo was a finalist in Tropfest Australia 2013. It’s also a rather clever take on zombie genre tropes, with a story that isn’t about the survival of self, but the survival of another.
zombies  shortfilm  gen  horror 
april 2015
Secrets and Lies - Philomytha - Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
By likes knowing things other people don't.

"By Vorrutyer rolled over into the shrubbery and lay staring at the flyer lights arcing over the Vorbarr Sultana sky. He thought of trying to get up, but his legs still felt heavier than lead and when he moved the points of light in the sky blurred and swirled. The Emperor might have been suffering from some nebulous illness since he got back from Komarr, only appearing a few times at essential public events to prove he wasn't at death's door, but the cycle of entertainments at the Imperial Residence continued, and the absence of the Emperor and his heavy security only made them livelier.
Little sparks of memory lit in his mind. There had been Max Vorbohn, trying to coax people to go on with him to a new club he'd found and was convinced would be the new sensation, that public nuisance Trotters making up increasingly poorly rhyming dirty limericks with Pavlo, and André Vortienne bragging about knowing the best secret in town, and then swearing he could drink any man in the place under the table. He'd been wrong about that, By thought with a certain degree of satisfaction, slightly tempered by the fact that he'd only got halfway up the hill from the pavilion before his legs had given out."
vorkosigan  loismcmasterbujold  byerlyvorrutyer  alysvorpatril  donnavorrutyer  gen 
april 2015
Queen of Shadow and Starlight - Fialleril - Norse Religion & Lore [Archive of Our Own]
The underworld is vast and silent and full of the sleeping dead when Hel arrives. But she will change that.
A coming of age story for the Queen of the Underworld.

Notes: ...I've combined a couple of myths here, such that Hel is the child born after Loki eats the woman's heart, so Hel's name for Loki is "Mama."

"When Hel is nine winters old, the Aesir come for her as they came for her brothers.
Fenrir her wolf-brother and cunning Jormungand they have taken already, to be raised in Asgard, as they said, though her brothers are not in Asgard now. Hel is the youngest, born after her mother’s death, and when they come for her, they do not pretend at invitation. Hel knows as well as they that there is no place in shining Asgard for the half-dead daughter of a Jotun witch. And, though no one mentions Loki, Hel reads in their eyes that they are afraid of all her mama’s children.
She is nine winters old, which is more than old enough to know what will come. She is not surprised by her sentence of exile. She is surprised by the rule of nine worlds below the worlds, given over to her, but when she sees the worlds of the dead beneath the lowest root of Yggdrasil, she will understand that this, too, was not meant as an honor."

Came across this poem at about the same time, and now it is associated in my mind:
norsemythology  hel  loki  gen 
april 2015
Brush Contact - Wild Iris (Wild_Iris) - Chrestomanci - Jones [Archive of Our Own]
Estelle Green is an agent, without orders, waiting for a sign.

"Spare blankets were folded at the back of the airing cupboard. The emergency candle was on the shelf above the door, from which it could be reached by standing on Theresa's trunk. The fire hose, in the corridor outside, might be long enough for climbing out of the window. She hadn't been able to test it. Once you got through the window, the quickest way out of the school grounds was across the football field and through the laurel hedge. Then north into town. It wasn't that far.
Estelle ran through it again in her head, while she brushed her teeth, whispered goodnight to her friends and got between the sheets. It was her bedtime routine. When she was still very young, her mum and the other operatives had taught her always to know the nearest escape route and the whereabouts of important things. You needed them when someone came tapping at the glass, half frozen, in the middle of the night. Of course, the house that they had lived in back then was gone; the operatives were gone. The cell had been broken up. This was school, and everything was different. But you never knew, Mum had said, when someone would come to the window and cry to be let in. So you had to be ready, however silly it seemed."
dianawynnejones  witchweek  chrestomanci  estellegreen  nirupamsingh  yuletide  gen 
march 2015
Let The Punishment Fit The Crime - foobar137 - Calvin & Hobbes [Archive of Our Own]
10 years after she moved away, Susie Derkins starts college in the city where Calvin lives. A couple chance encounters later, and Calvin helps her out of a tough spot...maybe now she can do a favor for him.

Inspired by "Worked okay so far?" - lalaietha - Hobbes and Bacon [Archive of Our Own] [] in which "Sometimes Susie worries about whether her daughter's fantasy life is actually fantasy." which is also great!
calvin&hobbes  calvin  hobbes  susiederkins  mrbun  calvin/susiederkins 
february 2015
she who strives - lalaietha - Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"I once had a wife, princess. Sarah was her name."
Or to put it another way, a woman named Sarah once had a husband.

This work is backstory for sunrise on white trees;, which is also awesome.
snowwhite  snowwhiteandthehuntsman  sarah  thehuntsman  finn 
february 2015
An Abundance Of Captains - fadeaccompli - Temeraire - Naomi Novik, Unusual Dragon Hoards - iguanamouth [Archive of Our Own]
Laurence was puzzled as to why anyone should send him and Temeraire to collect a stray dragonet, until he discovered how it had chosen its captain.
temeraire  naominovik  williamlaurence  unusualdragonhoards  iguanamouth  yuletide  gen  crossover 
january 2015
The One Great Choice - Beatrice_Otter - Star Trek: Dwellers in the Crucible - Margaret Wander Bonnano [Archive of Our Own]
They are not healed yet, but they will be.

"T'Shael's decision to accompany Cleante back to Earth was easily made but not, in the end, easily accomplished. Or, at least, quickly attained.
"He did what?" Cleante said, appalled. "T'Shael, that's outrageous! The invasion of your privacy—" She shook her head. For a human, it would have been bad. To give out an adult's confidential medical information? To a virtual stranger, however related? She could not imagine how it must be affecting T'Shael, to know that the clan Eldest Mother she had only spoken to a handful of times in her life knew the intimate details of T'Shael's breakdown.
"Cleante, Vulcan privacy taboos do not often align with those of Humans," T'Shael pointed out. "This is one such case. Spock was right, to tell her of my condition and status, both physical and mental. She is my Eldest Mother; she has a right to know. Indeed, she must know in order to make informed decisions. And he has an obligation to my family to ensure my well-being, now that I have been recovered, for I was injured in his place.""
startreknovels  startrek  dwellersinthecrucible  margaretwanderbonnano  yuletide  gen 
january 2015
I Would Rather Marry a Wolf, a fables fanfic | FanFiction | By: Orrunan
Which came first, the story or the hero? How are Fables born? Frau Totenkinder knows and if you ask her very politely she might tell you.
frautotenkinder  snowwhite  gen 
january 2015
Mrs Pollifax Does Lunch - genarti - Mrs. Pollifax - Dorothy Gilman [Archive of Our Own]
A wintry day in New Brunswick, New Jersey is brightened considerably by an unexpected visitor.
mrspollifax  dorothygilman  johnfarrell  emily  pollifax  yuletide  gen 
january 2015
A Strange Adventure with Mrs. Nakamura the Safety Consultant - shiplizard - Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi | Spirited Away [Archive of Our Own]
Haruki is a young administrative assistant at a large power management company. He's just been assigned to spy on (in his capacity of personal aide) the strange Nakamura Chihiro-- a sensibly dressed Safety Inspector with a sensible husband tucked somewhere in the country, and a sensible approach to her work...
...and a closer relationship with the Spirit World than she puts on her resume.
spiritedaway  oginochihiro  gen 
january 2015
The Piper - Stultiloquentia - Tam Lin - Pamela Dean [Archive of Our Own]
Seven years after Janet and Thomas' ordeal, Lily and Andrew Carter are both students at Blackstock. The ol' impregnation-and-running-tackle trick isn't going to cut it this time.

Best resolution of the 7 years sacrifice of the court of faerie I've ever seen :D
tamlin  pameladeam  janetcarter  lilycarter  andrew  carter  thomaslane  robinarmin  janetcarter/thomaslane  yuletide 
january 2015
Little Heart - evelyn_b - Emily of New Moon - L. M. Montgomery [Archive of Our Own]
By the time Juliet was born, Elizabeth had never been a girl. Elizabeth and Juliet have a conversation.

"By the time Juliet was born, Elizabeth had never been a girl. She had been alive for twenty-four years, and each of them as sensible and featureless as the last, as far as anyone outside New Moon could figure.
“I think you were born grown up,” Juliet's mother said to her once, smiling her nervous, lazy smile, one of those evenings she sat tatting lace by candlelight while Elizabeth knitted and Laura read. Two years younger than Elizabeth, a year older than Laura, the little second cousin who was to be their stepmother had arrived at the farm without preamble, almost without explanation: a nervous stranger-sister forgotten until this moment, pasted imperfectly into their midst like the Queen in a trick photograph. Elizabeth could not take her seriously as a mother, or even as anyone's wife, but she let her pretend to be their friend, and she gave her the benefit of her long maturity."

Pre-canon character sketch of Elizabeth Murray.
yuletide  lmmontgomery  emilyofnewmoon  elizabethmurray  julietmurray  gen 
december 2014
Communion of Saints - rthstewart - Chalion Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Saints can find communion but may have to crawl over rough ground to get there.

Notes: For Parhelion.
The summary is gleaned from Parhelion's own lovely prompt, which states preferences for the gods and protagonists "trying to do well by doing good" and happy endings even if it takes "crawling across rough ground to get there."
yuletide  loismcmasterbujold  chalionsaga  gen 
december 2014
蒸汽 - Damkianna - Imperial Steamworks Series - James Ng [Archive of Our Own]
Qinxian cannot ascend to the throne. Backstory for the Immortal Empress. [Warnings: description of chronic illness and painful body modifications/surgery, mentions of suicide.]

"This ... may not be quite what you asked for, Mardy, but I hope you enjoy it anyway? I did focus on the Immortal Empress! But I ended up interpreting your prompt, um, sort of loosely. /o\
The title, if I have done this right, may be translated as "steam"; the second character is pronounced the same way as a related word for "air" and/or "breath" (though I am not confident enough to have made an actual pun out of it). I am by no means fluent in Mandarin; I did my best with the (traditional) characters in the title and text, and the references to traditional Chinese medical practices, but my best does not preclude massive mistakes, so please do feel free to alert me to errors!"

Fandom of the steampunk art of James Ng: Immortal Empress:
steampunk  jamesng  imperialsteamworks  immortalempress 
december 2014
Strange Geometry - ancarett - Holmes on Homes RPF, Cthulhu Mythos - H. P. Lovecraft [Archive of Our Own]
There's something seriously wrong with the old Atwood house. Just how do you close a portal to a plane of eldritch power? Mike knows how to make it right!
holmesonhomes  cthulu  lovecraft  crossover  gen 
december 2014
The Gracious Whim Of Fate - bemusedlybespectacled (ardentintoxication) - Maleficent (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
With King Stefan's death, Aurora, the only heir to the throne, must find three people to complete her sedoretu. Who better than those she already loves?
maleficent  diaval  princephillip  aurora  maleficent/diaval/princephillip/aurora  sedoretu  polyamory  sleepingbeauty  fairytale 
november 2014
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair - tigriswolf - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The man who was once a weapon (and is trying to become a man again) finds a child wheezing one night. It awakens something inside him.
[or, the ex-Winter Soldier imprints on a child and lets her become his conscience]
[mostly fluff]
wintersoldier  buckybarnes  jamesbuchananbarnes  steverogers  kid!fic 
october 2014
“Prudence and the Dragon” by Zen Cho
"There was a dragon in town.
Statues all over the city climbed off their pedestals and went walking about. The Winston Churchill from Parliament Square gave an interview to the BBC, still squinting as if the wind were blowing into its eyes. The statue was appropriately witty, but did not seem to remember anything about World War II. It did, however, have a lot to say about pigeons.
Silver griffins bowled down the streets of the City, tripping up lawyers and outraging bankers, and Winged Victory on the Arch finished her yawn and dropped her arms.
The pigeons grew human bodies, all of which wore suits from Austin Reed. They marched in their thousands into architects’ firms, university admissions offices, food consultancy businesses, struggling non-profits; they stole colleagues’ lunches and strewed cubicles with green-grey feathers. Despite these minor eccentricities they made excellent workers: they had a firm grasp of commercial realities, and never went on Facebook."

Also on youtube as a trio of 'Mark reads...' videos.
original!fic  zencho 
september 2014
In Which Bilbo Sends Thorin the Most Hobbity of Gifts (and Thorin isn't sure if he should be thankful) - ladygray99 - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo is concerned about the overall longevity of Erebor and has taken steps to assure at the very least it is well fed.

And there is a in depth discussion on Erebor farming in LectorEl's comment thread!

This is delightful!
thehobbit  lordoftherings  thorinoakenshield  bilbobaggins  hobbit!OCs  farming  gen 
august 2014
Cheer Up, Little Bunny - Neferit - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
If he should be sincere, Bilbo would have said he felt very sorry about himself.
Like, it was nice to finally be accepted to the Company by Thorin, but while everyone seemed not to hold him at such distance as before, he still was mostly just laughing-stock for them.
At least it felt like that to him.

Bears and brass buttons!
thehobbit  lordoftherings  beorn  bilbobaggins  gen 
august 2014
-And The Child Grows Up Believing They're Half-Lizard - Icka M Chif (mischif) - How to Train Your Dragon (Movies), Maleficent (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Manners. Manners and respect went a long way with dragons.
And magic users too, from the looks of it.

because of the tumblr post:
"In medieval culture, an event like a royal christening is not a private party; it’s the public social event of the year. To not invite any person of rank to such an event is a deadly insult.
Maleficent is certainly someone you wouldn’t want at a party, but she’s also someone powerful enough that only a fool would ever dare treat her with such blatant disrespect. The only way the King and Queen could possibly have gotten away with not inviting Maleficent was to not invite any of the fairies at all; inviting the other fairies and excluding her is explicitly taking sides in the conflict between the fairy factions.
Which means they made themselves her sworn enemies, and she responded by treating them as such from then on. If you actually get into analyzing the social dynamics of the scene, it’s very clear that Maleficent was willing to show mercy at first by giving the King and Queen a chance to apologize for their disrespect to her. She doesn’t curse Aurora until after she gives them that chance and they throw it back in her face with further disrespect.
And yeah, if the King and Queen had done the properly respectful thing and invited her, Maleficent would have given Aurora a scary awesome present. Moreover so would the other fairies, because at that point both sides would be using it as an opportunity to show off and one-up each other. What they gave her before Maleficent showed up was basically just trivial party favors by fairy standards.
How do you know so much about the social dynamics of medieval fairies
How don’t you"
httyd  howtotrainyourdragon  maleficent  hiccup  astrid  gen 
august 2014
On Omelettes - icarus_chained - The Hobbit (Jackson movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo interrupts an argument between Bombur and Dwalin to explain the hobbit approach to ancestral weaponry, and the insanity of more or less the entire Took line.

Or: why frying pans are a hobbit's weapon of choice.
thehobbit  lordoftherings  bilbobaggins  gen 
august 2014
That's What You Get (For Waking Up in Vegas) - The Feels Whale (miscellea) - The Hobbit (2012), The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
On the day after his thirty-third birthday Bilbo Baggins wakes up hung over, covered in glitter, and alone in a hotel room in the casino-riddled city of Bree. Seventeen years later a group of dwarrow insurgents break into his kitchen and kidnap him.
It’s not readily apparent, but these two events are not entirely unrelated.
thehobbit  lordoftherings  bilbobaggins  thorinoakenshield  bilbo/thorin  modern!au 
august 2014
too late for you and your white horse - waldorph - The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit (Jackson movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo has been many things, but something to be kept has never been one of them.

"Her neighbors want the story from her, and Bilbo wants to be left alone. They compromise. She writes the story and publishes it in installments in the paper, and ignores everyone with a question.
She does try to be fair. She tells of her foolishness, her qualms. She describes the adventures as clearly as she can--editing, of course, those things which might be unfortunate, should someone not of Hobbiton read them.
She doesn't know who might, but she's learned to be cautious.
She tries to be as truthful as possible, because, of course, being truthful is the best way to conceal a lie."
thehobbit  bilbobaggins  thorinoakenshield  bilbo/thorin  female!bilbo 
august 2014
Natural Selection - Aishuu - Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi | Spirited Away [Archive of Our Own]
After marrying Chihiro, it's Haku's turn to explore a new world. Haku must navigate human life as he struggles to find his place as a god in a faithless, electronic age.

"Like many fairy tales, theirs was a happily - while not ever after - for most of the after.
It's not worth taking the time to retell how Chihiro and Kohaku found each other again, and came to admit they were in love. That story isn't terribly interesting, except to note that it had been ninety percent Chihiro's hard work, nine percent Haku's, and one percent sheer dumb luck. Suffice it to say, they came to be married and living together in suburb of Tokyo, not far from the place where Haku's river had once flowed.
Chihiro had initially thought they would have the hardest time adjusting to the dragon parts. In actuality, though, the dragon parts simply meant that having a large bath in the house was a must. Other than that, as well as a few small details (and with the addition of a nice lawn with a large wooden fence, and seafood five times a week), life with a dragon husband was pretty much the same as life with any husband.
No, really, it was the human parts that troubled them most."
sentochihironokamikakushi  spiritedaway  oginochihiro  nigihayamikohakunushi  chihiro/haku  library 
august 2014
The City of Carcayona - Gehayi - Robinson Crusoe -- Daniel Defoe [Archive of Our Own]
"It's only a story, Xury," said Téo gently.
"I know it is a story, " Xury replied with wounded dignity. "I am fifteen, not five. But do you see why she is so important to us? She never quit. No matter what was flung at her, she kept on. And eventually she won. There are worse stories, Téo. Like the story that sings loudly, 'You are alone, enslaved, helpless and without hope, and thus it shall be forever.' That is a terrible story to believe in."

I was fighting mad when I read that scene where Crusoe happily hands fellow-escapee Xury over to be a slave and thinks it's okay just because Xury isn't white and Christian. So. Anything at all about Xury that fixes this, or draws attention to the problematic nature of what's going on, would be amazing! Maybe Xury runs away and does something awesome, maybe Xury sticks out the ten years and converts or doesn't convert or pretends to convert, maybe all sorts of things! Gen, slash, and het are all fine. Please no explicit sex or awkward-misunderstandings-leading-to-possible-embarrassment.
Before he landed on his desert island, Robinson Crusoe—in canon—was captured and enslaved by a pirate from the Republic of Salé. After two years, he escaped…only to sell Xury, the Morisco boy who had escaped with him and who had saved his life multiple times on the journey, back into slavery. After that, Xury vanishes from Defoe's novel; we never hear of him again.
robinsoncrusoe  danieldefoe  xury  yuletide 
july 2014
Did you see an oliphaunt, with tusks instead of teeth? - rabbitinthewoods - The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit (Jackson movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Autumn turns the world burnished gold and rust red, and sometimes he dreams of bringing an adventure right to the heart of the Shire, just to shake things up. Would do all these stick-in-the-muds some much needed good.
He does not anticipate said adventure actually occurring.

This is a story about Bilbo learning to settle back into the Shire afterwards. Also hobbit Bounders!
thehobbit  bilbobaggins  gen 
july 2014
Colpo di fulmine - melonbutterfly - The Hobbit (Jackson movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Wherein Bella goes on a trip, her first one since her mother's death, and meets Thorin. Who upon seeing her decides that a) his people really need trading contacts with hobbits and b) that maybe he should earn some money by filling the conveniently unoccupied slot of blacksmith in Hobbiton. Where Bella just so happens to live.
Not that Bella is aware of that. All she knows is that she meets this really quite handsome dwarf who is looking for trading contacts for his people. Which, now that he mentions, Hobbiton really could use some new trade.
thehobbit  bilbo/thorin  female!bilbo  thorinoakenshield  bilbobaggins 
july 2014
The Affairs of Dwarves - sam_ptarmigan - The Hobbit (Jackson movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Dori certainly would not have set off on a quest with twelve hobs if he hadn't thought his bearing years were far behind him. His body, however, has other ideas, and he soon finds himself with one last chance to indulge in everything he's spent a lifetime putting off for the sake of his family.
Or, the one in which Bilbo learns that you ought not to meddle in the (love) affairs of dwarves, for they are subtle and involve group sex.

I really like the world building around the social customs in this ABO au, and also Balin is a sneaky GQMF.
thehobbit  bilbobaggins  thorinoakenshield  bilbo/thorin  dori  balin  dori/balin  ABO  au 
july 2014
Precedent - voksen - Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey, Tangled (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"Max has always been one to do things by the books.
Back in Valdemar, that led to constant twitting from Heralds and fellow Companions alike about his passion for history and protocol (and related tendency to show up at whatever Collegium classes were near the first-floor windows) - not to mention the not-quite-joking expectation that when he finally went out to Choose, he'd be bringing home the next Chronicler or Dean.
Here in Corona it's... well, it's harder. Not the being here: Max could cite you - if you asked him, which of course no one has - book, page, and line of a half-a-dozen exceptions that mean his presence OutKingdom is, if unusual, not extraordinary. (He'd recited them all to himself as he crossed the Border, then again when he crossed the next, and again every day after that.) It's the simple problem that he's so far from home that no one has heard of Heralds or Companions; and, while they seem to expect intelligent animals, that's all they expect. No one thinks to read a few shelves of histories or etiquette manuals to a horse, no matter how helpful he makes himself."

I really like this one.
tangled  valdemar  mercedeslackey  max  rapunzel  gen  yuletide 
july 2014
Vox et Praeterea Mysteria - JohnAmendAll - Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]
She's a teenage rebel with a taste for explosives. She's a voice with an Internet connection. Together, they fight terrorists!
doctorwho  oswin  oswinoswald  acemcshane  womenbeingawesome 
july 2014
Coats and Customs 'verse - imaginary_golux - The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
In a universe where Smaug never came to Erebor, Thorin son of Thrain marries Bilbo Baggins of the Shire for political alliance. Herein are the tales of their marriage, and what came of it.

This is a long series and has delightful world building and adorable couples.
thehobbit  hobbit  lordoftherings  lotr  bilbobaggins  thorinoakenshield  bilbo/thorin  dwalin  ori  dwalin/ori  dis  legolas  gimli  gimli/legolas  gilraen  gandalf  arwen  aragorn  aragorn/arwen  kili  bifur  bofur  frerin  nori  boromir  fem!boromir  faramir  finduilas  eomer  eowyn  boromir/eomer  eowyn/faramir  frodobaggins  rosecotton  samwisegamgee  frodo/rose/sam  thrain  au  epic 
july 2014
All The Leaves Are Brown (And the sky is gray) - AvocadoLove - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
The Winter Soldier's mission is nearly complete. Howard and Maria Stark are dead, leaving him to dispatch their four-year-old child. One quick twist of the neck is all it will take, but the Soldier finds he cannot do it.

So instead of killing Tony Stark, the Winter Soldier takes him away to raise as his own.
marvel  marvelcinematicuniverse  buckybarnes  jamesbuchananbarnes  tonystark  pepperpotts  steverogers  steve/bucky  pepperpotts/tonystark  kid!fic 
june 2014
Oasis - Sholio - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"There are bees on my roof. Bees, Pep."
"I think you mean my roof, as the building belongs to Stark Industries, of which I am CEO."
"The important word in that sentence was bees."
(Or: the one in which Pepper accidentally introduces Bucky to gardening therapy.)
marvel  marvelcinematicuniverse  pepperpotts  buckybarnes  jamesbuchananbarnes  gen 
june 2014
Close to the Sun - thebrotherswinchester - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Steve's known Bucky his whole life.

"He's nine years old, lying on threadbare couch cushions in the dark, when Steve realizes that Bucky is his best friend. Not just someone he sits next to in class, not just another schoolyard outcast he plays with because nobody else will play with either of them—a real, steadfast best friend. Like Shirley and Laura, who wear matching ribbons in their hair every Friday, or Denny and Ira, who don't share their marbles with anyone else. A package of two.
Steve and Bucky, he thinks to himself, testing the shape of it."
captainamerica  wintersoldier  steverogers  jamesbuchananbarnes  buckybarnes  steve/bucky  marvel 
june 2014
Beanstalk | E. Jade Lomax
Jack Farris doesn’t want to save the world, just every person he knows, encounters, or hears of.
It’s a bit of an issue.
S. Grey doesn’t want to save anyone but himself. He wants to know everything and majoring in sagework at the Academy is the best way to do that.
Laney Jones left her home to avoid the constraints there, only to find different barriers holding her back at the Academy. Eager to learn, to excel, to escape, she has far from given up.
Rupert Willington Jons Hammerfeld the Seventh would just like everything to be orderly, thank you very much, but it seems the only way to make monsters and myths (and malicious but mundane men) to stop rampaging through his world is to go out and do some hero-ing himself.
They are put together as an unwilling study group, but they become something more.

This is a lovely fantasy story/world, and available to download as a pdf free from this link. There is also a short story in this world here:
original!fic  fantasy 
june 2014
Long Range Reconnaissance - shell - Captain America (2011), Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012), The Avengers - All Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
"I know you're still you, Rogers," Bucky said. "You're just…" he trailed off, studying Steve closely.
"Just what?" Steve asked, flushing.
It was Bucky's turn to shrug. "Just more, I guess."

This is the description of the first fic in the series.
marvel  avengers  captainamerica  wintersoldier  ironman  jamesbuchananbarnes  buckybarnes  steve/bucky  steverogers  clintbarton  philcoulson  clintbarton/philcoulson  tonystark  pepperpotts  pepperpotts/tonystark  natasharomanov  brucebanner  thor 
may 2014
This Might Just Work - Odsbodkins - Iron Man (Movies), Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky Barnes is unwillingly dragged along when Nick Fury goes to talk to Tony Stark about the Avenger Initiative, as a little demonstration of the bigger universe Tony's just joined.

"“He’ll recognize me. But that’s the point, ain’t it?”
“Exactly the point.”
Bucky dropped the tablet back onto the table and looked at Fury. “I’m supposed to remind him of his dad? Annoy him into playing nice?”
“Just a little illustration of there being more things on heaven and earth than Tony Stark has dreamed of.”
“And he tells everyone I’m alive?”
“Everyone important knows the Winter Soldier works for us. We order Stark not to tell that Bucky Barnes is still alive, and we find out who he talks to when we tell him not to.”"
marvel  captainamerica  wintersoldier  ironman  steverogers  tonystark  jamesbuchananbarnes  buckybarnes  bucky/tony  bucky/tony/steve  polyamory  avengers  au 
may 2014
Our Lingering Frost (once upon a dream) - eyres - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When S.H.I.E.L.D. finally locates the plane Captain America drove into the ocean, Colonel James Barnes drops everything to go bring Steve's body home at long last. He finds more than he was expecting.
marvel  captainamerica  wintersoldier  jamesbuchananbarnes  buckybarnes  steverogers  au 
may 2014
Goodnight, Moon - Yahtzee - Joan of Arcadia [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the "Day After Tomorrow" challenge, in which the coming global instant-apocalypse was to strike every fandom imaginable.

"I was hanging out at the bookstore; they let me bring in an iced coffee, camp out at one of the tables, look at magazines when I wasn't studying. Nobody else was in there much -- the day was too bright and sunny for that -- but around midafternoon, somebody came in.
I noticed the crutches first; these were silver, and you held them in your hands instead of under your arms, and people have those when they're going to use them their whole lives. The woman using the crutches had on a purple dress, all loose and flowy, and a bunch of beads around her neck. She didn't dye the gray in her frizzy hair. Ex-hippie, definitely. The woman's feet weren't quite at the right angle to her body, and when she moved toward the NONFICTION/SCIENCE shelf, she kind of wobbled to one side. I moved one of the chairs so she'd have a clear path.
"Very good, Joan," God said. "Helping before you're asked. Anticipating needs. I like to see that.""
joanofarcadia  joangirardi  kevingirardi  helengirardi  willgirardi  lukegirardi  God(JoanofArcadia)  gen  yuletide  apoca!fic 
may 2014
the sirens and the thunder - legete - Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Hide that,” he says, forcing the words out past every instinct. “As well as you can, all right? Before morning.”
Steve stares at him blankly, like he needs a moment to work this out, then swallows once, sharply. "What's your name?" he asks at last—asks as he stands there with the pelt in his hands.
And oh, he thinks suddenly, what is his name? He can’t speak it, not with this mouth, he can’t sing it into the air like he can in the ocean. He just shakes his head; like his nakedness, it’s something he can't explain. Steve nods, just nods, his eye swelling shut and blood drying on his shirt collar, and says "we’ll figure it out."

(An AU where Bucky is a young selkie who is accidentally called to Steve and ends up staying around to help this poor, wretched kid not die.)
marvel  captainamerica  wintersoldier  steverogers  buckybarnes  jamesbuchananbarnes  steve/bucky  selkie 
may 2014
Clint Barton’s Home for Wayward Mind Wiped Assassins - roguewrld - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Where ever you were, whatever you did and whoever you did it for, it’s over. You need to pretend to be a person now, okay?”

"The guy sitting across his kitchen table with the flyer from the bodega was a killer, Clint knew that right away. He wasn’t exactly dirty but his hair was greasy and not pulled back and he was unshaven. He was the very picture of a man come home from something terrible and he wanted a place to stay.
His face was sort of familiar but Clint had gone out on loan a lot before Thor had landed in the desert. They might have shared a rooftop perch, or maybe Clint had seen him down a scope. With SHIELD gone and Natasha in hiding, there was no one to ask."
marvel  captainamerica  wintersoldier  clintbarton  buckybarnes  jamesbuchananbarnes  gen  clintisagoodbro 
may 2014
One Equal Temper of Heroic Hearts - Elizabeth Culmer (edenfalling) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis [Archive of Our Own]
In which the Pevensies' England and the Watchers' England are one and the same. Or in other words, welcome to a fusion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Chronicles of Narnia that thus far mostly revolves around Lucy Pevensie being awesome. *grin*

The new Council hires Lucy Pevensie to train novice Watchers. Dawn enrolls in her class.

Lucy kills her first vampire at thirteen. A Council representative turns up the next day.
narnia  btvs  lucypevensie  dawnsummers  gen 
may 2014
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14valentines adam/kris adamlambert addamsfamily alex/hank alexsummers alpha/omega alysvorpatril americanidol8 angelsalvadore anneofgreengables apoca!fic apollo apollo/midnighter arthur arthur/eames asexuality au aurora author:basingstoke avengers bandom beautyandthebeast belle bettyross bilbo/thorin bilbobaggins bleach bobbryar bros brucebanner btvs buckybarnes buriram byerlyvorrutyer calvin calvin&hobbes captainamerica chalionsaga charles/erik charlesxavier chinhokelly chohakkai chohakkai/shagojyo cinderella clarkesworldmagazine clarkkent clintbarton clintbarton/philcoulson comicverse!xmen crack!fic crossover d/s danny/steve dannywilliams darcylewis dcu deanwinchester death!fic discworld disney doctorwho dom/sub dorakeith dragon!adam dragons dresdenfiles duesouth eames eddings elizabethbear emmafrost eriklehnsherr esther!au fairytale famulan fantasy female!bilbo female!iruka feminist femslash fenrir ff7 ffvii finalfantasy7 fixit fixit!fic food!fic frederickrochester frederickrochester/walterjennings fusion gabriel gen genderfluid genderswap ginevraweasley goodomens greekandromanmythology greg/mycroft greglestrade h50 hades hankmccoy harry/severus harrydresden harrypotter harunosakura hatakekakashi hawaii50 hel hermione hermionegranger het highlander hisdarkmaterials hobbes illustrated inception ireneadler ironman iruka/kakashi jack/ianto jackharkness jamesbuchananbarnes jamesmoriarty janeandrews jarvis jeangrey jimmoriarty john/lestrade john/mycroft john/sherlock johnwatson jormungand kid!fic kisaragitseng kittypryde konokalakaua krisallen kurosakiichigo logan loismcmasterbujold loki lordoftherings lotr lovecraft lucypevensie lunalovegood lyrabelacqua mal maleficent malloreon margaretcarter margaretmahy mariahill marvel marvelcinematicuniverse mcr mercedeslackey merlin mermaids methos modern!au moiramactaggert mpreg mychem mycroftholmes mystique naominovik narnia naruto natasharomanov neville/remus nevillelongbottom nickfury norsemythology oginochihiro original!fic originalcharacters ororomunroe oswin oswinoswald peggycarter pepperpotts pepperpotts/tonystark persephone peterpan philcoulson platonic!love polyamory pussinboots rapunzel raven raykowalski remuslupin rufus/tseng rufusshinra s2b2 sad saiyuki sam/gabriel samvimes samwinchester scottsummers sedoretu selkie series severussnape sga shagojyo sherlock/john sherlock2009 sherlockbbc sherlockholmes sherlockholmesacd shortstory sif sleepingbeauty sleipnir snowwhite soorayaqadir soulbond!fic southernvampires spiritedaway startrekreboot startrekxi starwars steampunk steve/bucky stevemcgarrett steverogers steverogers/tonystark storm supernatural susanpevensie susiederkins tamorapierce tangled temeraire terrypratchett thayet theauthority thehobbit thesentinel thor thorinoakenshield tiana timetravel tomriddle tonystark torchwood tortall uchihasasuke uminoiruka unusualdragonhoards ursulaleguin uzumakinaruto valdemar victorcreed vorkosigan walterjennings wendydarling werewolf!fic wintersoldier wip womenbeingawesome xenophilliuslovegood xmen xmenfirstclass yuletide zencho zombies

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