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Letters to Qui-Gon Jinn
When Jedi Master Tahl is murdered, Qui-Gon Jinn leaves the Order, and his Padawan.
Obi-Wan Kenobi isn't about to let him go that easily.
author:flamethrower  pairing:Obi-Wan.Kenobi/Qui-Gon.Jinn  AU  fanfic  on.A03  series:Letters...  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:Star.Wars.The.Phantom.Menace 
may 2018 by willowanne
Waking Up Dead
Obi-wan thought he was supposed to stay alive, watch over Luke, survive until the day the force called him home. Instead, he falls through the ice on Illum and finds himself emerging thirty years in the past.
author:Chibiobiwan  pairing:Obi-Wan.Kenobi/Qui-Gon.Jinn  AU:timetravel  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:Star.Wars.The.Phantom.Menace 
march 2018 by willowanne
One Last Time
"I feel like the moment I’ll see you again, my heart will jump out of its cage screaming: “Love, it’s you! I’ve found you!” and you’ll put a bullet right through it. I won’t mind. If anyone deserves to do it – it’s you. You’d be doing a service. Nothing more than putting down an old, cold, dog that should have been dead long ago."
Waking up in the twenty-first century wasn’t the worst part about surviving the war. Learning that history was rewritten, half his family and friends are dead, and being forced to finally live a “normal” life without Stella was. He’s not “Captain America” and he never will be -- that was her… but no one cared to remember who Stella Barnes was. He’s angry, and has to cope with this growing darkness and hatred within in. He has to come to terms with the fact that Stella’s name has been ignored and destroyed by history. And finally, he has to face a ghost… the same ghost he thought only existed in his head… A Pale Lady that’s been haunting him since she fell off a train in Switzerland.
author:RedMela  fandom:MCU.Avengers  pairing:Steve.Rogers/Bucky.Barnes  AU:always.a.girl  girl:Steve.Rogers  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
october 2017 by willowanne
This Is My Father's World
n a desperate cry for help during the Graveyard scene, Harry receives help from his father. Only it isn't James Potter who answers! What if Harry not only had a Norse deity for a father, but was also a descendant of a Greek god as well?
author:GenkaiFan  crossover  fandom:Harry.Potter  fandom:Percy.Jackson  gen  fanfic  on.fanfiction.net  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
august 2017 by willowanne
There's No Such Thing as Daniel Jackson
Six months after a devastating attack against Earth, Sheppard gets a promotion and a reassignment to Russia, where he encounters evil aliens, Rodney McKay, SG-1, a possible plot against him -- and a series of unexplained visions.
author:eleveninches  pairing:John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  AU:apocalypse  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:Stargate:Atlantis 
august 2017 by willowanne
King of Camelot
Alright, so we have made it to season 4. (How long have I been working on this story???? Does that word counter really say over 200k??? anyway...) We'll start with my version of The Wicked Day and move on from there. Mithian returns and is better than Arthur at hunting. They handle Caerleon and Annis with more aplomb. The Lamia is still creepy. Agravaine is going to come to visit and be a complete disaster of a human being. Gwaine is still madly in love with Merlin, bless his heart. Still trying to keep Morgana from becoming a complete disaster of a human being over there with Agravaine and Morgause. Hopefully, it's working.
author:LaBelleetlaloup  fandom:Merlin(BBC)  pairing:Merlin.Emrys/Arthur.Pendragon  pairing:Lancelot.du.Lac/Gwen  pairing:Balinor/Hunith  AU:always.a.girl  girl:Merlin.Emrys  fanfic  on.A03  series:The.Once.and.Future.King  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
july 2017 by willowanne
Another Road Taken
This story explores an alternate universe where a young Daniel is taken in by Jack's parents, and how their lives intertwined and still end up at the Stargate
author:Belladonna  pairing:Jack.O'Neill/Daniel.Jackson  AU  fanfic  on.Area.52  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:Stargate:SG-1 
july 2017 by willowanne
Earning the Title
"For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't understand, no explanation is possible." – USMC
A murdered radio shock-jock and Navy lieutenant. White bread upper middles buying bombs. Weird case, weirder attitudes in the bullpen. Tony has suspicions, but up until yesterday, until Tony slid into the backseat of the agency sedan with his teammates, until they dropped their little bombshell and sent shrapnel gouging deep trenches in Tony's worldview, he'd called McGee and Ziva partners. Gibbs was another story entirely.
author:Marzipan77  fandom:NCIS  gen  fanfic  episode:Dead.Air  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
may 2017 by willowanne
Mischief Revived
An unintended find unearths evidence of treachery and deceit that leaves Hermione shattered. Using an ancient and forgotten spell of vengeance, she's instead offered a second chance. The far reaching consequences of her choice could change the entire magical world.
author:Dreaming_of_a_Bright_Sky  fandom:Harry.Potter  pairing:Fred.Weasley/Hermione.Granger  pairing:Harry.Potter/Draco.Malfoy  AU:timetravel  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
march 2017 by willowanne
Chuck Hansen lost his mother at an early age. His uncle is a persona non grata. He has no other family than his father.
Chuck has lost fellow pilots to the Kaijus.
He has seen death.
It doesn't prepare him for the moment when his father is seriously injured in a senseless accident in the Jaeger bay. It doesn't prepare him for the emotional tidal wave breaking through. It tears down his walls, leaves him vulnerable, biting at everyone who tries to help.
author:Macx  crossover  fandom:Pacific.Rim  pairing:Raleigh/Chuck  fanfic  on.A03  series:Synergy  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
november 2016 by willowanne
Can't Be Seen Alone
Derek needs a date for his company Christmas party to prove to his ex-alpha, Kate, that he is over her. With the help of Issac, Boyd, and Erica (mainly Erica) they find Stiles, the company psychologist and unassuming Alpha. Fake loves turns real when chemistry abounds but will their budding romance survive Kate's psychotic tendencies?
author:skinsharpenedteeth  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Boyd/Erica  AU:omegaverse  alpha:Stiles.Stilinski  omega:Derek.Hale  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
october 2016 by willowanne
Who needs a shining armor?
Finn had never expected to leave the Knights of Ren, let alone live to tell the tale. Finn had never expected for an orphaned blacksmith to become his best friend.
But Finn had never, ever expected he would ever live in the Royal Castle to serve as a bodyguard to Duke Dameron.
author:GreenQueenofClubs  pairing:Poe.Dameron/Finn  AU:historical  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:Star.Wars.The.Force.Awakens 
september 2016 by willowanne
New Roads
Their roads split along time ago. Now Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner have a chance to be heading in the same direction again. Will they take it?
author:DarkJediQueen  fandom:Criminal.Minds  pairing:Hotch/Reid  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
september 2016 by willowanne
Future's Past
Her godfather is dead. So is Tom Riddle, which appears to be the only thing anyone else cares about. Oh, and getting ahold of her, her money, and her titles. Fuck that noise. Ianthe learned how to Maraud from the best, and she doesn't intend to take this lying down.

She intends to change a single moment in time - and change the life of her godfather, herself, and the whole of Magical Britain. That the price for that change is all that she is, including her life? There's always a price.

Merlin showing up and telling her that the price of her actions isn't her death? Not part of her calculations. Changing the past is surprisingly easy. Living it might just be harder. Especially when the lives she changed to save the future collide with the one she now lives, thirty years in the past.
author:darkseraphina  fandom:Harry.Potter  pairing:Harry.Potter/Orion.Black  AU:timetravel  AU:always.a.girl  girl:Harry.Potter  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
september 2016 by willowanne
well it goes like this
Somehow Derek and Stiles have ended up close enough that Laura is able to stand between them and clap a hand each of their shoulders.
“Look happy, boys. Don’t you know you’re in love?” Laura teases.
Stiles rips himself away and is out of the room before Derek can even wrap his head around any of this.
Or: the one where Derek is a prince and Stiles is the one night stand who he has to pretend to date.
author:maybehonestly  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Sheriff.Stilinski/Melissa.McCall  pairing:Scott/Allison  AU:royalty  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
june 2016 by willowanne
Conversion Complications
The change to John Sheppard after Ellia bit him was more complex than Dr. Beckett thought, and much more contagious. The complications of this little medical snafu are going to be widespread and long term, for John, ART-1, and all of Atlantis.
author:Triskellion  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  fandom:Stargate:Atlantis 
june 2016 by willowanne
They'd given John a choice: Antarctica or resignation. He had chosen to resign, but during a simple journey ferrying executives for his father's company, John becomes the latest victim of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. With time running out, all of John's hopes for survival now depend on the self-proclaimed genius of an arrogant astrophysicist that he'd known for one glorious night—Rodney McKay.
author:Tarlan  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  fandom:Stargate:Atlantis 
june 2016 by willowanne
Four Military Men
Blair, Tony, Daniel and Rodney all meet in high school and become good friends. When their twenty-year high school reunion comes around, Tony decides to get them all to attend--with their significant others.
author:LadyRa  crossover  fandom:NCIS  fandom:Sentinel  pairing:Jethro.Gibbs/Anthony.DiNozzo  pairing:John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  pairing:Jack.O'Neill/Daniel.Jackson  pairing:Jim.Ellison/Blair.Sandburg  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:Stargate:SG-1  fandom:Stargate:Atlantis 
june 2016 by willowanne
Cross Jurisdiction
When a marine turns up dead, you call NCIS. When a marine turns up dead, with Iratus bug DNA... well then you need SGA-1.
author:casus17  crossover  fandom:NCIS  gen  fanfic  on.fanfiction.net  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:Stargate:Atlantis 
june 2016 by willowanne
Walking Away
Danny Williams hasn't seen his favorite nephew in years, not since right after his sister died, but he never forgot how much he loved the kid. When the nephew gets put in the hospital by a bully, Danny gets a call he never expected.
author:saddle_tramp  crossover  fandom:H50  fandom:Glee  pairing:Steve.McGarrett/Danny.Williams  pairing:Kono.Kalakaua/Mary.Ann.McGarret  fanfic  on.A03  series:Walking.Away  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
may 2016 by willowanne
I Know You're a Mistake I Won't Regret
"I don’t know how your omega at home lives with you,” Danny says, half serious, half mocking.
It’s a throw away comment. Not meant for further thought but Steve stiffens considerably, hackles rising with the urge to attack and defend. Mostly because there is no omega waiting for him at home.
And there’s no alpha Lieutenant Commander, Steve McGarrett, either.
author:LunaCanisLupus_22  fandom:H50  AU:omegaverse  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Steve.McGarrett/Danny.Williams  alpha:Danny.Williams  omega:Steve.McGarrett 
april 2016 by willowanne
Hit And... Can't Run
Steve meets Danny in a very unusual way... he runs him over. Despite how rude Danny is being, Steve just can't seem to be able to let him go.
author:OnlyHim  fandom:H50  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Steve.McGarrett/Danny.Williams 
april 2016 by willowanne
Fear and Family (Or, the One Where Kíli Is the Sensible One)
After the Battle of Five Armies, Bilbo isn't sure of his welcome in the mountain and thus returns to the Shire as soon as he can. Somewhat to his surprise, Ori goes with him -- but it turns out Ori has his own reasons for leaving Erebor behind. Well, Bilbo's quite used to being the talk of the Shire.
The line of Durin might suffer from thick skulls, but fortunately, Kíli is less stubborn than his uncle and brother and decides to fix things, even if that means taking his newlywed wife for a ride all the way to the Shire and beyond. Of course, he doesn't yet know what he'll see there -- but he does know how to fix things. Even if it means giving up his claim to the throne.
(Let's not kid ourselves -- that's his favorite part.)
author:Lumelle  fandom:Hobbit  pairing:Fíli/Ori  pairing:Kíli/Tauriel  subject:mpreg  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield 
march 2016 by willowanne
Don't Tell Cougar
Jensen's got love letters to Cougar in his bag but knows he'll never let anyone else see them. It's not that he wants to keep it a secret, he just knows that it might be best that way what with DADT, Cougar's Catholic values and the risk of getting a bullet between his eyes. Writing letters in secret is one of the few outlets Jensen has.
But it's really just a matter of time before the truth comes out...
author:Amethystina  fandom:Losers  pairing:Cougar/Jake  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
december 2015 by willowanne
Kintsugi-Mend me with Gold
**The Japanese art of Kintsugi is where repairs are made to broken pottery by filling in the seams with gold, therefor making it more beautiful than before it was broken. It’s a long hard process but in the end the piece is treasured because it’s uplifting and hopeful. A reminder that even broken pieces can be mended and still is beautiful.**
This is an AU where Danny's a BAMF, Steve is understanding, the girls kick ass and the boys do too and Grace is awesome. Cameo appearance of Sam Hanna
author:Danno_Fan  fandom:H50  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Steve.McGarrett/Danny.Williams 
november 2015 by willowanne
The Memory of Things We've Done
Bond is ordered to assassinate a known terrorist. When he looks through the scope at his intend victim he see the face of the man he had spent the night with. It's not like he hasn't killed his lovers before. But there is something about this enigmatic young man that makes James pause for a moment, before he pulls the trigger.
author:1MissMolly  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
october 2015 by willowanne
He had lost his co-pilot when Vesper Lynd drowned in a Kaiju battle, saving him in return. It pitched James Bond into his own, personal hell. It takes another personal loss for him to agree to pilot his old Jaeger again.
But Bond needs a new co-pilot; one he chooses.
He gets Q.
Together they are deployed to Hong Kong, one of the last five Jaegers, now under the command of Stacker Pentecost, and the protection detail for Striker Eureka’s mission to blow the Breach and seal it forever.
And maybe, just maybe, they will survive the apocalypse.
author:Macx  crossover  fandom:Pacific.Rim  pairing:Raleigh/Chuck  fanfic  on.A03  series:Synergy  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
october 2015 by willowanne
Ohana Till the End of the Line
Bucky is in Hawaii when he remembers everything. Unfortunately, it appears some remnant of HYDRA has found him, and wants him back. When Bucky calls the one person he can trust, Cap has no choice but to rely on Sam's connections in Hawaii to protect his friend until he can get there.
Will Five-0 step up to save Captain America's best friend?
author:jlstreck  crossover  fandom:H50  gen  fanfic  on.A03  series:The.Ohana-Verse  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:MCU.Avengers 
october 2015 by willowanne
A Gift Of Submission
Dom had always thought, especially after Lompoc that submitting made you weak and would never let that happen to him, but then he met Brian and he showed him that it didn't make you weak at all, it was brave and it showed how strong you were that you could trust somebody that much. Brian was the strongest person he knew and he loved him for it. He decided to return the favour and submit to Brian.
author:BustersJezebel  fandom:Fast.and.the.Furious  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Dom.Toretto/Brian.O'Conner 
october 2015 by willowanne
dig in your fingers
The lack of a silver suppository has set Eggsy upon a certain path. The way that Eggsy looks, dripping wet and half naked, sets Harry on another.
(Or: Total Canon Re-Write, aka The One Where Harry's Libido Saves His Life)
author:kirkaut  fandom:Kingsman  pairing:Harry/Eggsy  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
october 2015 by willowanne
What Need Means
Merlin has always given Arthur what he needs, which includes sometimes being there to warm his bed, and although she tells herself that it means nothing, she finds that she's fallen in love with the overgrown prat, complications ensue.
author:adriaticjellyfishsting  fandom:Merlin(BBC)  pairing:Merlin/Arthur  AU:always.a.girl  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  girl:Merlin.Emrys 
october 2015 by willowanne
Alley-Cat Quartermaster
After the death of M, everything is in shambles. MI6 is trying to stay afloat and not let its enemies scent blood in the water; the new Quartermaster is orchestrating a flurry of activity to keep his branch at pique efficiency and therefore his agents alive; 007, the agent hit hardest by the death of the old M, is going through the motions and throwing himself into his work.
Everyone is a little bit broken, and a lot exhausted.
So when Bond and Q end up together in unexpected circumstances, perhaps the outcome should not be so unexpected...
author:Only_1_Truth  crossover  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
september 2015 by willowanne
Sleep tight, love
It's finally too much, what's expected of him. Harry has to take some time away from England and unexpectedly asks Charlie for help.
author:KeikoHPfan  fandom:Harry.Potter  pairing:Harry/Charlie  fanfic  on.fanfiction.net  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
july 2015 by willowanne
Harry Potter of Baker Street
Sherlock Holmes discovers family he never knew he had, and John Watson finds a child living in the cupboard.
author:Dayja  crossover  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  fandom:Harry.Potter  gen  fanfic  on.A03  series:Sherlock.Holmes.meets.Harry.Potter  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
july 2015 by willowanne
Return the Conquering Hero
Bond and Trevelyan are sent in to rescue a mysterious hacker out of a corrupt prison. They don't know who sent them in or how to get the young man out. But the longer they stay in the prison, the more Bond becomes attracted to the young hacker.
author:1MissMolly  crossover  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
june 2015 by willowanne
Chain Reaction
"(Mon 12:20 pm)
Which is why you text the stranger instead of talk to coworkers.
 (Mon 12:20 pm)
(Mon 12:28 pm)
Is that weird?"
A dialogue-only AU in which Hotch texts what he thinks is Rossi's new number but is actually the slightly eccentric stranger whom Hotch knows only as "Spencer." What follows is something neither man could have ever quite expected.
author:EloquentDossier  fandom:Criminal.Minds  pairing:Hotch/Reid  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
june 2015 by willowanne
Your Highness
“The international community is in chaos this morning in the wake of the deaths of many world leaders. The death of the president of the United States has been confirmed, along with the majority of his cabinet. Great Britain can count itself lucky that the Queen has been found and finally returned to her throne, but her heirs are another story. It appears that both princes and their own heirs are among the casualties of what is being referred to as the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Sources close to--”
It just so happens that there is another direct heir to the British throne out there, but he's probably going to need a bit of polish.
author:Galahard  fandom:Kingsman  pairing:Harry/Eggsy  AU:royalty  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
june 2015 by willowanne
Under Pack Protection
The bass is near deafening, causing tremors to be felt in the bar top from it. Derek really wishes this club wasn’t the only place in a five-mile radius that stocked alcohol with wolfsbane. You’d think that it being supposedly the place for supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, they’d cater to the sensitive ears of werewolves and keep the volume at a level that didn’t threaten to send drinks toppling off tables. Derek finishes off his beer and moves to get up when he feels it.
author:breathingisdullanyway  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  AU:always.a.girl  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski  girl:Stiles.Stilinski 
june 2015 by willowanne
Snow in August
Harry Hart seems to have reached his wit's end as his children drive yet another nanny to resign.
Everything changes overnight as a new nanny, who calls himself Merlin, takes charge of the household.
Will this new nanny help Harry realize that he had everything he wanted, and needed, right under his nose, or will he be too late?
author:Nickygp  fandom:Kingsman  pairing:Harry/Eggsy  AU:movie.fusion  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
june 2015 by willowanne
The Stars and Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop
In which Harry is the best baker in Chicago, but still ends up starting a few fires along the way.
author:LuciaZephyr  fandom:Dresden.Files  pairing:Dresden/Marcone  AU:bakery  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
april 2015 by willowanne
After Skyfall, Bond moves into a new flat and falls in love with the music upstairs.
author:dhampir72  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
april 2015 by willowanne
Thorin wasn't entirely sure why there was a six-foot candid photograph of him hanging in this exhibition, but he was going to wring the neck of whoever had put it there.
In which Bilbo is a photographer, Thorin an accidental model, and Gandalf just likes to make trouble for everyone.
author:northerntrash  fandom:Hobbit  AU:modern  fanfic  on.A03  series:Grayhame.and.Stein  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield 
january 2015 by willowanne
Another Nine Months
Embarking upon a second pregnancy and a new career, Blair finds himself the target of extreme prejudice.
author:Natalie.L  fandom:Sentinel  pairing:Jim/Blair  subject:mpreg  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  series:Nine.Months  Downloaded 
january 2015 by willowanne
Of Dreamers and Journeys
The Labyrinth changed Sarah in more ways than one. Seven years later she finds herself the librarian at Hogwarts. And she is so much more than the Muggle they believe her to be.
author:Mystical_Magician  crossover  fandom:Labyrinth  pairing:Jareth/Sarah  pairing:Dumbledore/McGonagall  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
january 2015 by willowanne
How Will You Kiss
After casting off the haze of grief over his godfather’s demise, Harry Potter decides it’s time to take action. And he won’t be alone. Mad-Eye Moody, Emmeline Vance, Tonks and Bill Weasley will be there to help. Not to mention the entire DA.
author:Nia_River  fandom:Harry.Potter  pairing:Harry/Bill  pairing:Ron/Hermione  pairing:Lupin/Tonks  pairing:Neville/Lavender  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
january 2015 by willowanne
The More Loving One
He knows what it looks like, two men, living and working together, but they are doing absolutely fine as they are, thank you very much. However, there's no smoke without fire, as the boys are about to discover.
author:StacPolly  fandom:Harry.Potter  pairing:Harry/Draco  holiday:Christmas  fanfic  on.A03  series:Advent.is.for.Cheese  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
december 2014 by willowanne
In Wade We Trust (We Are So Screwed)
"Wade Wilson dropped by last night,” Clint explained, like it was any other Friday. “Brought pizza and beer.” There was a thoughtful silence through the phone and then:
“You had a pizza party with Deadpool.” Phil said and Clint slid down the couch onto his back. Yeah, that pretty much summed up the situation.
Or: the one where Clint does something nice for Wade, and Wade decides to never let him go.
author:dentalfloss  pairing:Clint/Phil  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:MCU.Avengers 
november 2014 by willowanne
The Courtship of Spock's Father
So, Jim and Spock are newly bonded and stupidly in love. Crew is happy and content, missions are going well and life is generally good even with the bumps. After picking up the Ambassador Sarek from the new Vulcan colony for a long trip to treaty talks, Spock notices Sarek is starting to come apart at the seams and, because of Amanda's death, Sarek is refusing to take another bondmate out of the fear that the next one would die as Amanda did. He feels he can not take that happening. So, Spock brings the problem to Jim.
Jim, on the other hand, has seen his perpetually grumpy and unhappy CMO eyeballing Sarek. Problem is that Bones refuses to admit that he's attracted to males.
So, Jim convinces Spock that hooking up Sarek and Bones is a good idea.
author:CMM  fandom:Star.Trek(AOS)  pairing:Sarek/Bones  fanfic  on.ksarchive  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Kirk/Spock 
july 2014 by willowanne
There Is No Road Map To Your Life
He will rise to greatness as you stand in his shadow. Yours will be the last face he sees.
Arthur has lived and died twenty-one times. Merlin has been there for all of his lives and deaths, he had been walking the earth since their first one. Arthur only remembers his current life. Merlin remembers everything.
This is the twenty-second life. Things are going a bit differently. Arthur is American for one, but that really is the least of this life's strangeness.
author:truelyesoteric  fandom:Merlin(BBC)  pairing:Merlin/Arthur  AU:reincarnation  AU:modern  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded 
june 2014 by willowanne
In Which Neither Coulson nor Sherlock are Dead (and John sort of joins the Avengers)
While Coulson's recovering from being stabbed in the chest by a magical spear, Fury is rapidly running out of Agents willing to play babysitter for the newly founded Avengers. So he calls in Captain John Watson, late of the British Royal Army, and blogger and best friend to the infamously antisocial (presumably deceased) Sherlock Holmes. In hindsight he's not sure if this was a good call or a very, very bad one.
author:DullYellowEye  crossover  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  pairing:Sherlock/Watson  pairing:Bruce/Betty  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Jane.Foster/Thor.Odinson  pairing:Tony.Stark/Pepper.Potts  fandom:MCU.Avengers 
june 2014 by willowanne
An Ode to Broken Things
“Thorin, I have a weak heart. It has trouble pumping enough blood through my body. That’s why I’m always so low on energy. And…” Bilbo swallowed, forcibly keeping his eyes on the flickering flames. Thorin wasn’t moving by his side. “And it’s failing. There are healers in Greenwood who have gifts for mending hearts, but there isn’t much chance it will work. I haven’t been very responsive to any other methods, and… Well… I don’t have very long.” Bilbo dropped his eyes to his hands. He’d ripped the four-leaf clover Bofur had given him. It seemed horribly symbolic of his life.
Headed to Greenwood to see the healer Thranduil, Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey hitch a ride with thirteen dwarves headed to Erebor.
Bilbo had hoped it would be like the adventures he read. That there would be orcs, sword fights, torture, revenge, trolls, chases, or escapes.
He had never expected miracles or true love.
author:Wizards_Pupil  fandom:Hobbit  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  series:Ode  Downloaded  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield 
june 2014 by willowanne
Thorin Oakenshield, King under the Mountain, is being buried beneath Erebor. King Fíli banishes Nori and Dwalin from Erebor for failing in their duty of protecting their King. At the Shire, Dwalin and Nori arrive at Bag End, but they are not alone; Gandalf is with them, carrying a wounded dwarf.
author:sra_danvers  fandom:Hobbit  pairing:Dwalin/Nori  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield 
may 2014 by willowanne
They're Calling Me Home
Middle Earth’s populace had always been divided by the status that drove their society, the elves and humans could and had interbred because their scents called to each other much in the same way that Hobbits and Dwarves did but Thorin had not seen such a pairing in many a year.
author:joidianne4eva  fandom:Hobbit  pairing:Kíli/Ori  AU:omegaverse  alpha:Kíli  omega:Bilbo.Baggins  omega:Ori  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  alpha:Thorin.Oakenshield  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield 
may 2014 by willowanne
I've Grown a Hedge Around My Heart
Thorin was the essence of so many Buckland oddities, distilled into one misfortunate young hobbit, much to his infinite embarrassment.
Built like a stork, his father had said once, in an example of Thrain Brandybuck’s usual tactless humour. All beak and legs."
Thorin Brandybuck, just recently come of age, still lives in his family’s smial in Buckland, with his parents and two younger siblings. Thorin is an odd duck amongst his relations and neighbours-- unsociable, grumpy, shy, and awkward. And beyond that, he looks rather strange even for a Bucklander, strongly favouring the thick, dark haired build of his Stoorish blood.
It defies all sense and reason why Bilbo Baggins, an exemplar of all the respectable traits Thorin lacked, would ever desire a friendship with him.
Bilbo, as Thorin discovers, is not always as sensible as he appears.
author:littleblackdog  fandom:Hobbit  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield 
may 2014 by willowanne
Surviving Butcher Bay
After his escape from the P7 Merc Station, Riddick finds himself in yet another slam.
The blonde with all the information catches his eye and a plan is formed.
Their business arrangement changes rapidly when Riddick’s Furyan nature leads to a bonding neither saw coming.
author:Miss_Psychotic  crossover  fandom:Chronicles.of.Riddick  fandom:Fast.and.the.Furious  pairing:Riddick/Brian  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  series:Coming.Home  Downloaded 
april 2014 by willowanne
The King In Waiting
When he is nineteen, Estel discovers his true destiny…But there is more to being king than a sword and a prophecy.
author:imaginary_golux  fandom:Hobbit  gen  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  series:Coats.and.Customs  Downloaded 
march 2014 by willowanne
And What Happened After
Ten years after the Battle of the Shire, Bilbo and Thorin are happy in Belegost. Then Bilbo goes to visit Moria...
author:imaginary_golux  fandom:Hobbit  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  series:Coats.and.Customs  Downloaded  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield 
march 2014 by willowanne
When the Tie to This World is Broken, the Soul Moves On
SG-1 has to go back to Annule early for several reasons, and as it turns out, the Kandash is the least of them. But Daniel does find out what it is, much to his dismay.
author:D.Kelley  pairing:Jack/Daniel  AU  fanfic  on.alphagate  length:40000-45000  series:The.Annule  Downloaded  fandom:Stargate:SG-1 
march 2014 by willowanne
Who wrote these orders?
Barton is being deployed on some very unusual missions with Coulson. When he's injured on six of the last ten, the latest one so severely that he's in a coma, Fury gets curious about exactly where the missions are coming from. Coulson maintains they're coming from Fury's office. With Barton injured as badly as he is, Fury calls the man who is the closest thing to a father Barton has; Horatio Caine. Horatio is going to find out who dared hurt his son so badly.
author:TiffanyF  crossover  fandom:CSI:Miami  pairing:Clint/Phil  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  series:CSI:SHIELD  Downloaded  fandom:MCU.Avengers 
march 2014 by willowanne
Things have been lost and things have been hidden. No secret can be buried forever.
author:kmoaton  fandom:Eureka  pairing:Jack/Nathan  subject:futurefic  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  series:Secrets  subject:amnesia 
february 2014 by willowanne
Of an Arcane Binding
An inexplicable magic ties Bilbo Baggins, hobbit of the Shire, to Thorin, dwarven prince of Erebor.
author:Salvia_G  fandom:Hobbit  AU:movie.fusion  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Bilbo.Baggins/Thorin.Oakenshield 
february 2014 by willowanne
Finding Home
S3 AU - I wanted to create my own little S3 universe and thus this fic was born.
author:Huntress69  fandom:H50  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Steve.McGarrett/Danny.Williams 
february 2014 by willowanne
Interpreting the Will of the Gods 1
Shown thus to me, this child of the First World, the broken one, the sword forged in death, skin boiled from bone, this then is he, flesh become fire. This is he, the survivor, the transfigured one, this is he who will hew free our living generations. This is he, the opener of the ways, the First One of the Fifth Race. This is he, our ruler, our champion, our judge, our beloved, our peacegiver.
part 1 of 2
author:pollybywater  crossover  pairing:Jack/Daniel  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  fandom:Stargate:SG-1  fandom:Stargate:Atlantis 
december 2013 by willowanne
Fated To Be
Some things are just meant to be, no matter where or in what time people are
author:Sistine  pairing:Jack/Daniel  AU:historical  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:Stargate:SG-1 
december 2013 by willowanne
Bleeding Daylight
Blair Sandburg accepted a long time ago that life with Jim Ellison meant accepting the dangers of police work. When one close call too many changes Jim’s perspective, they leave police work behind to start their own consulting company.The Watchmen Group soon builds a solid reputation, and allows Jim and Blair the flexibility they need to help other Sentinels and Guides.
Years later, Aaron Hotchner likes his life just the way it is, thank you very much, even though he's had problems with his senses for awhile. Fortunately for him, fate has other ideas. A story that teaches the benefits of making new friends and why it’s sometimes better to walk the path you least expected.
author:Xanateria  crossover  fandom:Sentinel  fandom:Criminal.Minds  pairing:Jim/Blair  pairing:Hotch/Reid  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  Guide:Spencer.Reid 
november 2013 by willowanne
A Silver Lining by the Light of the Moon
The Alphas capture Stiles along with Erica and Boyd which sets off a chain reaction that no-one could have forseen. Spells are lifted, family secrets are revealed and Stiles suddenly finds himself as one side of a Triad. Not only that, but the Alphas have stuck around and now have their sights firmly set on Stiles and his new lovers.
author:glitterfics  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Derek/Stiles/Erica  AU:sentinel  Sentinel:Derek  Sentinel:Erica  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  girl:Stiles.Stilinski 
november 2013 by willowanne
Without A Net Upon The Wire
Since he was abandoned by his brother and then the circus, Clint Barton has resigned himself to making his own way in the world. So when he ends up living on the streets of New York in the middle of winter, he’s not expecting to be taken in by injured army veteran, Phil Coulson, or accidentally involved in an escalating war against the Russian mafia.
author:torakowalski  pairing:Clint/Phil  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:MCU.Avengers 
october 2013 by willowanne
Scavenger Hunt
In order to help Steve Rogers adjust to the 21st century the SHIELD psychologists decide the best thing to do is to hand him a list of ten things to find and experience. When Tony Stark happens on the list, well, things are changed and a different kind of list emerges. Tony decides that Captain No Clue needs a little help in getting to know the 21st century and Tony decides he's the best candidate to help him.
A list, a playboy/billionaire, and a man from the 40s - what could possibly go wrong?
author:Winterstar  pairing:Steve/Tony  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  fandom:MCU.Avengers 
september 2013 by willowanne
Bonding for Beginners
Stiles’ parents had the happiest, gushiest, a-typical connection that you could hope to hear about. They had met in an interview and within that month they had bonded. Just like that, they had instantly known that they were going to love one another. A lot of people gave them flack for being too quick, but when you felt a connection, you felt a connection, or so they always told Stiles. And from that day on the Stilinskis were the happiest pair of bondmates you would ever hope to find in Beacon Hills, and when Sentinel Stilinski became Papa Stilinksi, and then only a few years after that Sheriff Stilinski, his bondmate was always there to guide him along his way. His loving wife and the beautiful mother to his son. And after her death he would never be the same again, the emotional wound too jagged to fit another Guide within his life, like a puzzle piece with only one other matching cut-out, now gone forever.
Was it too much that Stiles wanted the same?
Sentinel AU where Stiles is a Guide looking for real connection, and Derek is a Sentinel forced to get a Guide.
author:Ember  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Scott/Allison  pairing:Jackson/Lydia  pairing:Boyd/Erica  AU:sentinel  Sentinel:Derek  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  series:Sentinel  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski  Guide:Stiles.Stilinski 
september 2013 by willowanne
Gene Therapy
Smallville/Stargate Atlantis Crossover. An energy force hits a puddle jumper and Sheppard's team ends up someplace very unexpected.
author:LadyRa  fandom:Smallville  pairing:Clark/Lex  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  fandom:Stargate:Atlantis 
august 2013 by willowanne
The Second Coming (of Werewolf Jesus)
Stiles was enjoying his senior year until his crazy English teacher decided he made the best candidate to gestate Derek's kid. Now Stiles is a seventeen-year-old pregnant dude and he and Derek have to figure their shit out, because in nine months they are going to be tied together for the rest of their lives.
author:lupinus  author:uraneia  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  subject:mpreg  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
august 2013 by willowanne
swear them to the sky
This is a story about choices. About murder. About grief. About anger and fear and hope, and all the things we end up doing because of each.
This is a story about push and pull. About dancing around each other, quartermaster to agent, cross-continent and undercover.
But above all, this is a story about spies with dragons.
(Or to be more succinct: British nationals keep dying overseas, interesting bets are being made, and some dragons think things would be a lot simpler if a certain double-oh agent would just get together with his Quartermaster already.)
author:skylights  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
august 2013 by willowanne
Kiss Me, Arthur
It had always been Elizabeth Weir's dream to produce a revival of Camelot on Broadway. She finally had the chance to do so and had cast Rodney McKay – primarily an opera singer but also currently down on his luck – as Arthur. Two weeks before Opening Night, a serious accident takes out Broadway-favorite Daniel Jackson, who had been cast as Lancelot, and Elizabeth's now desperate for a replacement. Fate intervenes and John Sheppard, mega-star and lead of John Sheppard and Friends pop fame is available. But is there more than fate involved?
author:Goddess47  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  fandom:Stargate:Atlantis 
august 2013 by willowanne
Crossing Over
Tony DiNozzo’s world is about to change, literally: he’s swept away to a new life in a completely different galaxy. What's more, he gains the affections of the charming and dominating marine Alex Dupree. But back on Earth, Gibbs raises hell as he and the NCIS team tries to find out where Tony was transferred. Gibbs will stop at nothing to get him back.
author:hellesofbelles  author:pestshingowrite  crossover  fandom:NCIS  pairing:Gibbs/Tony  subject:BDSM  fanfic  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  fandom:Stargate:Atlantis 
august 2013 by willowanne
Steve's life is the same as usual. He goes to work, fights super villains, banters with other Avengers and goes home to an empty apartment. Until the son of an old friend shows up asking for help, well sex first, then help. Suddenly Steve is married, fighting super villains, worrying what Obadiah Stane and coming home to Tony most nights of the week.
author:greenteeth  pairing:Steve/Tony  AU:omegaverse  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  series:Adopt.Adapt.Improve  Downloaded  fandom:MCU.Avengers  alpha:Steve.Rogers  omega:Tony.Stark 
august 2013 by willowanne
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