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Compfight / A Flickr Search Tool
Compfight is an image search engine tailored to efficiently locate images for blogs, comps, inspiration, and research. We make good use of the flickr™ API, but aren't affiliated with flickr.
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july 2012 by will.brien
Living with HTTPS
In order to stop SSL stripping, we need to make HTTPS the only protocol. We can't do that for the whole Internet, but we can do it site-by-site with HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).

HSTS tells browsers to always make requests over HTTPS to HSTS sites. Sites become HSTS either by being built into the browser, or by advertising a header:

Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=8640000; includeSubDomains

The header is in force for the given number of seconds and may also apply to all subdomains. The header must be received over a clean HTTPS connection.

Once the browser knows that a site is HTTPS only, the user typing mail.google.com is safe: the initial request uses HTTPS and there's no hole for an attacker to exploit.
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july 2012 by will.brien
Huge Collection of Code Snippets: HTAccess, PHP, WordPress, jQuery, HTML, CSS
Please excuse this self-serving, miscellaneous post, but I’ve just got to purge all of these code snippets and scraps collected over the years. Whenever I update this site, I place any removed/unused code snippets into a giant note file for future reference, just in case. There’s all sorts of different types of code and snippets that just keep growing and growing and.. and finally it gets to a point where I just need to dump everything and start fresh. That is the purpose of this post.

So rather than delete some of these gems, I thought it would be useful to post them here at Perishable Press and share with anyone who finds them useful. But be warned, these code snippets and scraps are provided wholesale, with little or no explanation, and should be used only if you truly know what you are doing. And so with that said, here is approximately five years’ worth of miscellaneous snippets, scripts, and hacks. Enjoy!
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september 2011 by will.brien
PressWork is a free, open-source theme framework built for WordPress 3.2 using HTML5 and CSS3. It was created out of a need for a framework that catered to all types of users. As developers, we needed it to be powerful enough to allow for complete customization, which is why every element in PressWork can be hooked into. But we also didn’t want to scare away beginners and that’s why we came up with the PressWork front-end toolbox, which gives users the ability to change their site’s layout and design in a live preview environment while taking advantage of all the bells and whistles that WordPress already has to offer.
wordpress  html  design  opensource  blogs  templates  css 
july 2011 by will.brien
We want to make all the world's content more accessible, interoperable and valuable. Some call it Web 2.0, Web 3.0, the Semantic Web or the Giant Global Graph - we call our piece of it Calais.

Calais is a rapidly growing toolkit of capabilities that allow you to readily incorporate state-of-the-art semantic functionality within your blog, content management system, website or application.
semantics  blogs  wordpress  archives  reference  api  tags  meta 
april 2011 by will.brien
Yahoo! YSlow for Firebug
Yahoo! has released YSlow, their web performance tool, on YDN under an open source license. Steve Souders, Yahoo!'s Chief Performance Yahoo!, made the announcement during his session at OSCon.

YSlow measures web page performance based on the best practices evangelized by Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance team. Since many of these best practices focus on the frontend, YSlow is integrated with Joe Hewitt's Firebug, the web development tool of choice for frontend developers.

YSlow has three main views: Performance, Stats, and Components. Performance view scores the page against each performance rule, generates an overall YSlow grade for the page, and lists specific recommendations for making the page faster. Stats view summarizes the total page weight, cookie size, and HTTP request count. Components view lists each component (image, stylesheet, script, Flash object, etc.) in the page along with HTTP information relevant to page load times. It also contains several tools including JSLint. Try it out!
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march 2011 by will.brien
Better Robots.txt Rules for WordPress
Running WordPress, you want search engines to crawl and index your posts and pages, but not your core WP files and directories. You also want to make sure that feeds and trackbacks aren’t included in the search results. It’s also good practice to declare a sitemap. Here is a good starting point for your next WP-based robots.txt:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /feed/
Disallow: /trackback/
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-content/
Disallow: /wp-includes/
Disallow: /xmlrpc.php
Disallow: /wp-

Sitemap: http://example.com/sitemap.xml
wordpress  apache  security  sysadmin  faq 
february 2011 by will.brien
WordPress › Postalicious « WordPress Plugins
Postalicious is a WordPress plugin that automatically posts your delicious, Google Reader, Reddit, Yahoo Pipes, Jumptags, Pinboard, or Diigo bookmarks to your blog. The exact details of how your bookmarks are posted are very customizable and are designed to meet your specific needs. Postalicious uses the psuedo-cron functionality introduced in WordPress 2.1 to schedule automatic hourly updates. If you do not have WordPress 2.1 or later installed, you will still be able to use Postalicious, but you will have to perform the updates manually.
pinboard  delicious  wordpress  php  links  meta 
january 2011 by will.brien
The League of Moveable Type
No more bullshit. Join the revolution.

We're done with the tired old fontstacks of yesteryear. Enough with the limitations of the web, we won't have it. It's time to raise our standards. Here, you'll find only the most well-made, free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts.
fonts  design  wordpress  graphics  css 
july 2010 by will.brien
Da Button Factory
Create pretty buttons online, quickly!
generator  design  graphics  wordpress 
april 2010 by will.brien
Placehold.it - Quick and simple image placeholders
Welcome to placehold.it
A quick and simple image placeholder service.

How does it work? Just put your image size after our URL and you'll get a placeholder.
generator  graphics  css  design  html  utilities  wordpress 
march 2010 by will.brien
Codefusion Lab: 20 Kick-Ass Wordpress Theme Frameworks For Rapid Theme Development
So, before we start of reviewing some of the Wordpress Theme Frameworks available on the internet, let’s know what it is all about first. So to put it bluntly, a Wordpress Theme Framework is a reliably coded Wordpress theme which serves as a foundation for future themes. Some frameworks are extendable through the use of child themes, which hook into the parent theme and tap up its functions and template properties. For an overview of how Wordpress Themes Frameworks work, I recommend you reading Wordpress Theme Frameworks Explained. If you’ve just started out with coding your Wordpress theme from the scratch, you might be left scratching the back of your head wondering why you didn’t go for one of the already available framework listed here.
wordpress  templates  design  cms  css  blogs 
march 2010 by will.brien
Dynamic Dummy Image Generator
What is this? This is a simple tool for generating dummy/filler images on the fly at whatever size you want.

How do I use it? Simply add the width, an 'x', and the height (example) of the image you want and my script will spit out a gray box to the size you want with the image dimensions in black Arial text centered in the middle of the box.

Can I use a dummy image url as an image source? Yup, that was what it was designed for. Try this: <img src="http://dummyimage.com/325x123" alt="A Dummy Image">

How many images can I generate? As many as you want until my server collapses. If you would like to run this script on your own server, here are the PHP files and instructions for doing so. Update: Someone made a Ruby version of this script called fakeimage, Jess Tedder made an ASP.NET version, and if you need a random fake image try rndimg.com.
graphics  design  tools  generator  wordpress 
february 2010 by will.brien
Wordpress Template Designer CheatSheet
In this post we have put together a useful Wordpress Template Cheatsheet to save developers and designers time, energy, and headaches.
wordpress  reference  design  tutorials  blogs  css  html  php  templates 
december 2009 by will.brien
Royalty free stock photography search engine / Cyclo.ps / One eye. One source. Full view.
Tired of the cumbersome searches through stock photo sites? See better results with Cyclo.ps. Our monster machine brings the results of the most popular stock sites to one location. Search once. See it all. At Cyclo.ps.
photography  graphics  art  design  tools  search  wordpress 
december 2009 by will.brien
Premium Mod Competition 2009 – Starts Now | Premium Mod
The first ever WordPress theme mod (as in modification) competition – Premium Mod Competition 2009 has started. From now until 30 days later, you can submit your theme mod to us and stand a chance to win up to $2000 worth of cash and prizes.

How to Join?

1. Choose a 100% GPL WordPress Premium Theme.
– If you are not sure, choose from here.
– If you need a free premium theme to mod from, you may refer to this amazing selection of free premium themes (the author also happened to be one of our panel judges).

2. Mod it. Focus on adding values. If you never mod a theme before, checkout our tutorials.
wordpress  code  php  html  design  opensource 
december 2009 by will.brien
Stupid WordPress Tricks
This is very inspiring to me, so I have decided to create a similar post for all of the useful WordPress code snippets, tips and tricks that I have collected while working on Digging into WordPress, the new book by co-author Chris Coyier and myself that really “digs in” to all of the awesome ways to get the most out of WordPress. While writing the DiW book, I collected hundreds of incredibly useful WordPress tips and tricks. After packing the book with as many of these techniques as possible, I decided to share the “best of the rest” here at Perishable Press.
wordpress  tutorials  reference  documentation  apache  mysql  php 
december 2009 by will.brien
WordPress MU › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform
Let your imagination multiply

Ever dream of running hundreds of thousands of blogs with a single install of WordPress?

WordPress MU, or multi-user, is designed to do exactly that. It is most famously used for WordPress.com where it serves tens of millions of hits on millions of blogs each day.
software  wordpress  cms  blogs  php  html  code  opensource 
november 2009 by will.brien
Typefaces we can all share : Open Font Library
* Get Download Typefaces
* Share Upload Typefaces
* Remix Branch & Merge Typefaces
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november 2009 by will.brien
WordPress › Random Tagline « WordPress Plugins
Replaces the tagline on your blog with a random tagline selected from a taglines file you provide.
wordpress  plugins  php  code 
october 2009 by will.brien
Display Different Sidebar for Each Post and Page for WordPress
Now when you are writing a post or a page, and you want to display a custom sidebar all you need to do is add the custom field “Sidebar” and include the name of the sidebar file. For example if you insert “wpbpage”, it will display wpbpage.php as your sidebar.
wordpress  plugins  php  code 
october 2009 by will.brien
TAC - Theme Authenticity Checker WordPress Plugin | builtBackwards
Scan all of your theme files for potentially malicious or unwanted code. Be aware of advertisements or dangerous JavaScript inserted into legitimate themes by third party theme download sites.
wordpress  plugins  php  code  security 
september 2009 by will.brien
FeedWordPress | simple and flexible Atom/RSS syndication for WordPress
FeedWordPress is an open-source Atom/RSS aggregator for the WordPress weblog software. It syndicates content from feeds that you choose into your WordPress weblog; if you syndicate several feeds you can use WordPress's posts database and templating engine as the back-end of an aggregator ("planet") website. It was originally developed because I needed a more flexible replacement for Planet to use at Feminist Blogs.
wordpress  plugins  php  code  rss 
september 2009 by will.brien
Using WordPress to generate flat files
Some readers have emailed asking me for more specifics about how to run WordPress offline, like I suggested in my last post. So I spent a couple of hours struggling with it last night to get a sense of what it would take.

This is an almost useless and jargon-packed summary, but my hope is that some intrepid WP user may try following these steps and use them as a starting point for a proper HOWTO.
wordpress  diy  tutorials  security  sysadmin  cli  linux  apache 
september 2009 by will.brien
WordPress › Page Links To « WordPress Plugins
Page Links To is a plugin that allows you to make a WordPress page or post link to a URL of your choosing, instead of its WordPress page or post URL. It also will redirect people who go to the old (or "normal") URL to the new one, using a redirect style of your choosing (301 Moved Permanently is standard, but you can enable 302 Moved Temporarily redirects if you wish.)

This is useful for setting up navigational links to non-WordPress sections of your site or to off-site resources.
wordpress  plugins  links 
july 2009 by will.brien
WordPress › Page Menu Editor « WordPress Plugins
This plugin gives you two additional inputs when Writing or Modifying a Static Page. One is for the page's menu label (anchor text), the other is for the title attribute within the link. By default, the content in the title box on the Write Page 'supplies' the page title, page header, menu label and title attribute. This plugin gives you more flexibility and will help to improve accessibility/usability.
wordpress  plugins  links 
july 2009 by will.brien
WordPress › Exclude Pages « WordPress Plugins
This plugin adds a checkbox, “include this page in menus”, which is checked by default. If you uncheck it, the page will not appear in any listings of pages (which includes, and is usually limited to, your page navigation menus).

Pages which are children of excluded pages also do not show up in menu listings. (An alert in the editing screen, underneath the "include" checkbox allows you to track down which ancestor page is affecting child pages in this way.)
wordpress  plugins  links 
july 2009 by will.brien
Melody: Community Powered Publishing
Melody is an open source content management system for bloggers and publishers where its community of users and contributors is its most important feature. We believe that a vibrant community is the foundation on which all successful products and services are built today.
software  blogs  wordpress  publishing  movabletype  cms 
june 2009 by will.brien
How to use Delicious to Automate Wordpress Blog Posts each day Using Your Daily Bookmarked Links
Over the weekend I stumbled upon a great article that explained how to post to your blog each day automatically from your delicious account. the original post is here, However, it is several years old, and is in need of an update, even the layout of the delicious site has changed dramatically since it was published back in 2006. I searched around Google for a bit to find several other articles, equally or more-so outdated, explaining the process and linking to wordpress plugins that were outdated to the point of not working. Which is why I decided to write this quick tutorial, since it seemed as though I wandered far off the beaten trail to get the desired result, when it should have been explained a little better.
wordpress  blogs  links  lists  delicious  yahoo  scripts  xml 
june 2009 by will.brien
Perishable Press
Perishable Press is the virtual playground of Jeff Starr — visionary, founder and lead developer of Monzilla Media, a small web and graphic design company in the lush desert oasis of Moses Lake, Washington. Perishable Press features articles and tutorials on many aspects of digital design.
technology  blogs  firefox  wordpress  apache  mysql  tutorials  education 
january 2009 by will.brien
Piwik - Web analytics - Open source
piwik is an open source (GPL license) web analytics software. It gives interesting reports on your website visitors, your popular pages, the search engines keywords they used, the language they speak… and so much more.
software  blogs  code  wordpress  utilities  html  marketing  google  apache  php  mysql  programming  sysadmin 
april 2008 by will.brien
Three tips to protect your WordPress installation
#2. Make an empty wp-content/plugins/index.html file. Otherwise you leak information on which plug-ins you run.
wordpress  security  php  plugins  htaccess 
january 2008 by will.brien
WordPress Plugin: Contact Coldform
Welcome to the homepage for Contact Coldform, a free contact-form plugin for WordPress. Contact Coldform is designed with a sharp focus on clean code, solid performance, and ease of use. No frills, no gimmicks, only pure contact-form satisfaction.
wordpress  plugins  email  apache  php 
january 2008 by will.brien
Removing &raquo from WordPress post title
It’s a very nice looking symbol - &raquo (in HTML it’s ‘&raquo‘ ). But if you’re trying to get good search engine ranking for your blog, you want the post title to appear first in your page title. Unfortunately, in WordPress, by default...
wordpress  reference  design  html  php 
january 2008 by will.brien
Optimize WordPress: Pure Code Alternatives to 7 Unnecessary Plugins
In this article, my goal is to help you optimize WordPress by replacing a few common plugins with their correspondingly effective code equivalents.
wordpress  plugins  php  tutorials  reference 
january 2008 by will.brien
Enforce www. Preference
This plugin will help preserve your permalinks by enforcing your no-www or yes-www preference (http://example.com/ vs. http://www.example.com/) and will strip off index.php from the ends of URIs.
wordpress  plugins  apache  php 
january 2008 by will.brien
Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress
This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Ask.com, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.
wordpress  plugins  blogs  xml  generator  search  google  yahoo 
january 2008 by will.brien
BackUpWordPress is a Backup & Recovery Suite for your WordPress website. This Plugin allows you to backup database tables as well as files and comes with a rich set of options.
wordpress  plugins  mysql  backup  utilities 
january 2008 by will.brien
WordPress Upgrade Script
If you have shell access to your webserver, upgrading to the latest WordPress build can be a matter of painless seconds. As usual there is more than one way to do it, and here is one of these ways -- the script I am using.
wordpress  scripts  utilities  linux 
january 2008 by will.brien
WordPress SSL Plugin Secure-Admin patched and working!
It also goes a long way to handle translation of http:// to https:// for certain page anchors avoiding security warnings from the browser about mixed (secure and nonsecure) content.
wordpress  plugins  sysadmin  apache 
march 2007 by will.brien
WuCoco Theme for WordPress
WuCoco is a simple, meditative theme for WordPress 2.x, available with one-column, two-column, or three-column layouts. The one-column variant is currently in use on this site.
march 2007 by will.brien
Installing Wordpress Locally Using MAMP
My goal with this tutorial is to help you download MAMP and Wordpress and have them up and running in 15 minutes. Let’s get started…
tutorials  macintosh  apache  php  mysql  wordpress 
december 2006 by will.brien
Wordpress Theme Development Workflow for OSX
Having spit out several Wordpress custom sites in the last few days, I thought I’d detail my current workflow on my Macintosh OSX platform for posterity.
reference  wordpress  macintosh  design  css  code  php  publishing  templates 
december 2006 by will.brien
The abbreviation MAMP stands for: Macintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP. With just a few mouse-clicks, you can install Apache, PHP and MySQL for Mac OS X!
macintosh  apache  mysql  php  phpmyadmin  software  sysadmin  wordpress 
december 2006 by will.brien
WP-Cache 2.0
WP-Cache is an extremely efficient WordPress page caching system to make your site much faster and responsive. It works by caching Worpress pages and storing them in a static file for serving future requests...
wordpress  sysadmin  utilities 
december 2006 by will.brien
ecto is a feature-rich desktop blogging client for MacOSX and Windows, supporting a wide range of weblog systems, such as Blogger, Blojsom, Drupal, MovableType, Nucleus, TypePad, WordPress, and more.
macintosh  windows  wordpress  movabletype  software  utilities 
november 2006 by will.brien
ProBlogger Blog Tips
A couple of months ago I asked readers to share which blogging tools they use the most in some of the following areas. The suggestions were a nice start but I’d like to see the list expand as I’m certain there are more blog tools and services out ther
blogs  links  utilities  wordpress 
may 2006 by will.brien
WordPress Widgets
Widgets are things you can put in your WordPress blog's sidebar without knowing how to edit a web page.
wordpress  utilities  software  html  blogs  widgets 
april 2006 by will.brien
Hardening WordPress
We will go through some common things you can do to keep your WordPress installation secure.
reference  wordpress  security 
february 2006 by will.brien
skippy dot net » Plugins
Here’s a list of my WordPress plugins.
wordpress  utilities  blogs 
october 2005 by will.brien
Wordpress plugin: referral tracker
The BDP Referral Tracker is my most popular plugin. It allows you to display statistics in your sidebar...
wordpress  code 
september 2005 by will.brien
DonkieQuote - WordPress Plugin Repository - Trac
DonkieQuote is a plugin that manages quotes that you can display on your blog. It also comes with a template tag that you can use to display a random quote. DonkieQuote was originally created for Beer-Roll.
wordpress  utilities 
july 2005 by will.brien
Category Templates (WordPress Codex)
This document explains the relationship between your Theme's Template files and how your site is displayed when a viewer looks at one of your site's Categories.
wordpress  tutorials  faq 
july 2005 by will.brien
Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL ... (WordPress Support)
This is a solution to the fairly common problem: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.
wordpress  faq  tutorials 
july 2005 by will.brien
Blog Torrent - Simplified bittorrent by Downhill Battle
Blog Torrent is free, open-source software from Downhill Battle that provides an easy way to share large files on your website without large storage or bandwidth costs.
bittorrent  blogs  code  html  software  utilities  wordpress 
july 2005 by will.brien
eris : design
Eris' Template Generator: providing standards-compliant templates to the blogging community since October 2003
movabletype  wordpress  utilities  rss  css  code 
may 2005 by will.brien
Neil's Weblog Templates
Here, you can download some of the templates I've used on my own weblog in a format that you can use on your own Movable Type, Blogger or Wordpress blog.
movabletype  wordpress  html  blogs  code 
may 2005 by will.brien
Plugins/Posts Miscellaneous: WordPress Codex
Plugins/Posts Miscellaneous: WordPress Codex
wordpress  code 
april 2005 by will.brien
WordPress Customization Notes
These are my notes on customizing WordPress.
wordpress  code 
april 2005 by will.brien
Infovore : Multiple loops on the same page in Wordpress 1.5
So, without further ado: how to display multiple loops in Wordpress 1.5.
wordpress  code  reference 
april 2005 by will.brien
ImageHeadlines - WordPress Plugin Repository - Trac
The Image Headlines plugin allows you to have images created automatically for your entry titles. In this way you can utilize non-standard fonts and get smoother rendering than would be possible with simple text headlines.
wordpress  code 
april 2005 by will.brien
WordPress Wiki - Howto/Import Bookmarks
How to import your bookmarks/favorites from your browser into Word Press' Link Manager
wordpress  documentation  faq 
april 2005 by will.brien
Links do not work in archives/categories « WordPress Support
I just set up another WP blog and I am finding that any links I post in an article appear on the main page fine, but if I click a category and read the article from there, the link is no longer active.
wordpress  faq 
april 2005 by will.brien
PluginDirectory - WordPress Plugin Repository
You can see all plugins hosted here in the source code browser. Those listed below have extra documentation in this wiki.
software  wordpress  utilities 
april 2005 by will.brien
Open Source Web Design
Open Source Web Design is a community of designers and site owners sharing free web design templates as well as web design information. Helping to make the internet a prettier place!
wordpress  code  css  html  opensource 
april 2005 by will.brien
WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. What a mouthful. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.
blogs  software  html  wordpress 
february 2005 by will.brien

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