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Shrubbery Networks, Inc. - RANCID
RANCID monitors a router's (or more generally a device's) configuration, including software and hardware (cards, serial numbers, etc) and uses CVS (Concurrent Version System) or Subversion to maintain history of changes.
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april 2012 by will.brien
Handle VoIP Traffic with the PIX Firewall  [Cisco PIX 500 Series Security Appliances] - Cisco Systems
In this sample configuration, a PIX Firewall is configured in order to allow the traversal of two different Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols—H.323, and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Due to the fact that VoIP protocols are made up of signaling and IP address/port combinations, there are a number of issues with VoIP and Network Address Translations (NAT). The PIX Firewall fixup protocol addresses these issues.
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january 2009 by will.brien
Cisco PIX: Advanced Features and Attack Guards (Print View)
With only a few exceptions, advanced protocol handling is accomplished via a mechanism called a fixup protocol. The fixup protocol command operates not as a true proxy but as an application aware agent. In most cases, the fixup protocol acts by monitoring the control channel of an application to prevent protocol violations and enable the PIX to respond dynamically to a protocol's legitimate need to open an inbound connection securely by making a temporary exception in the ASA. When the exception is no longer needed, the fixup protocol closes it.
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august 2008 by will.brien
Cisco VPN client downloads
Client downloads for the Cisco PIX... useful to have when you're sans CCO login.
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june 2008 by will.brien
FireGen for PIX Log Analyzer 2.0 is a firewall log analyzer developed by firewall administrators. Its purpose is to replicate the steps that a "real world" firewall administrator would take in analyzing firewall logs.
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september 2007 by will.brien
Debian Administration :: E-mail and Cisco PIX firewalls
The firewall was killing everything except '2's and '0's! After I realized what was happening and did a quick Google search. It turned up the following question from Exim's FAQ:

Q0053: Exim on my host responds to a connection with 220 *****... and won't understand EHLO commands.

A0053: This is the sign of a Cisco Pix Mailguard sitting in front of your MTA. Pix breaks ESMTP and only does SMTP. It is a nuisance when you have a secure MTA running on your box. Something like no fixup protocol smtp 25 in the Pix configuration is needed.
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august 2006 by will.brien
Cisco Blog: Basic PIX Configuration
Basic PIX Configuration

Everyone needs a good, basic PIX Firewall configuration on-hand from time to time. Here is one I set up for a client that does the following:

1. NAT overload from an inside network to an outside network
2. Accept incoming PPTP VPN connections from ouside clients
3. Turns on the web-based GUI on the PIX
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august 2006 by will.brien

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