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Scunthorpe problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Scunthorpe problem occurs when a spam filter or search engine blocks e-mails or search results because their text contains a string of letters that are shared with an obscene word. While computers can easily identify strings of text within a document, broad blocking rules may result in false positives, causing innocent phrases to be blocked.
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november 2012 by will.brien
Rick752's EasyList Filters for Adblock Plus
Install Adblock Plus
from Mozilla's Add-on site

1. Add Easylist
"the main adblocking subscription"

2. Add EasyPrivacy
"the optional subscription for web bugs, stats & analysis blocking"

Install the ABP Element Hiding Helper
from Mozilla's Add-on site. This is an add-on to ABP for easily removing page elements.
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july 2009 by will.brien
Robotcop - robots.txt: It's the Law
Robotcop is an open source module for webservers which helps webmasters prevent spiders from accessing parts of their sites they have marked off limits.
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february 2008 by will.brien
The Hidden Power of Sender and Recipient Filtering
...using these options can help ease the load off your server and possibly your anti-virus and anti-spam packages if used wisely because the Sender and Recipient Filtering options can drop connections for Exchange 2003.
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september 2007 by will.brien

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