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Remote Uninstall of Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 with CleanWipe – Concentris Blog
Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 has got to be one of the worst anti-virus products ever produced. Not only is it a resource hog, but it also will fill your entire hard drive with virus definition updates. I recently switched a client from SEP 11 to Kaspersky, a much better product IMO, and needed to remotely uninstall SEP 11. I wrote a batch file to accomplish the removal of SEP. There are several things you need to make the batch file work:

pstools from Microsoft – psexec is what we’ll be using
Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools – we’ll be using robocopy
CleanWipe from Symantec – you’ll need to call Symantec support for this one

There may be other ways of getting CleanWipe, but I wouldn’t know about them.
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august 2012 by will.brien
Trinity Rescue Kit
Trinity Rescue Kit (also known as TRK) is a free command-line Live CD Linux distribution based on Mandriva Linux, aimed specifically at offline operations for Windows and Linux systems such as rescue, repair, password resets and disk cloning. Trinity Rescue Kit is bootable from a CD, USB media or a network using PXE. Documentation for TRK exists both on the website, as well as in the console by using the command "trkhelp -l -t". Trinity Rescue Kit omits the standard Linux manual command in order to conserve space. In addition, there are tools to migrate TRK from an ISO image to a bootable USB device and vice versa.

Trinity Rescue Kit has a graphical startup menu based on SYSLINUX and vesamenu32 which is used to select boot options, but the OS is otherwise command-line only.
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november 2010 by will.brien
How to Remove XP AntiSpyware
AntiSpyware XP was the problem that prompted my friend to call, and it was the most hostile, insidious, and difficult-to-kill malware I've ever seen. It looked completely authentic and felt impossible to stop. Masquerading as a spyware killer itself, in the system tray, its icon was an almost perfect replica of the Windows Security Center icon. When you tried to visit a web site in Internet Explorer or do much of anything, XP AntiSpyware launched, and its window looked just like Windows Security Center. Once launched, it would start scanning your PC automatically, and tell you, in alarming red pop-ups, that dozens of files were infected and that you should delete them. There was no quit, there was no uninstallation available in Add/Remove Programs, and all the program's options in its Settings area were grayed out/disabled.
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april 2010 by will.brien
AVG Antivirus and Security Software - AVG Rescue CD
The AVG Rescue CD is a powerful must-have toolkit for the rescue and repair of infected machines. It provides essential utilities for system administrators and other IT professionals and includes the following features:

* Comprehensive administration toolkit
* System recovery from virus and spyware infections
* Suitable for recovering MS Windows and Linux operating systems (FAT32 and NTFS file systems)
* Ability to perform a clean boot from CD or USB stick
* Free support and service for paid license holders of any AVG product
* FAQ and Free Forum self-help support for AVG Free users
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march 2010 by will.brien
A Tour of the Worm
On the evening of November 2, 1988, a self-replicating program was released upon the Internet (1) This program (a worm) invaded VAX and Sun-3 computers running versions of Berkeley UNIX, and used their resources to attack still more computers (2). Within the space of hours this program had spread across the U.S., infecting hundreds or thousands of computers and making many of them unusable due to the burden of its activity. This paper provides a chronology for the outbreak and presents a detailed description of the internals of the worm, based on a C version produced by decompiling.
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february 2010 by will.brien
Running Hiren’s BootCD 9.7 from Bootable USB Pen » Max Thrane’s Cyberspace
So, this video tutorial (yay!) will guide you in the very fast and easy process on how to get running Hiren's BootCD 9.7 from your Bootable USB pen!

What's needed?

* USB memory stick (at least 171Mb free space needed)
* Windows XP/Vista
* Hiren's BootCD 9.7
* USB Format Tool (Zip file, 147Kb)
* GRUB4DOS (Zip file, 33Kb)
* Some free time, geekness, passion and concentration

Got all that? Well, lets go =)
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december 2009 by will.brien
How to obtain the programs updates that are archived on Symantec LiveUpdate server
Some program updates for old versions of Norton products are archived on a different LiveUpdate server. Configure LiveUpdate to install these archived program updates.
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october 2007 by will.brien
PortableApps Suite
PortableApps Suite is a collection of portable apps including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, sudoku game, backup utility and integrated menu, all preconfigured to work portably.
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november 2006 by will.brien
A Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filter - Protecting over 5 billion e-mails every week, for many tens of millions of users
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august 2005 by will.brien
McAfee Security - SuperDAT Update
The SuperDAT utility allows you to upgrade your scanning engine and your virus signature (DAT) files. The regular DAT (X-DAT) utility only updates the DAT files. New engines are only created as needed, approximately every 3 to 6 months, so updating with t
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may 2005 by will.brien
Removing your Norton program using SymNRT
Symantec has a program that removes the programs listed at the beginning of this document from your computer when Windows Add/Remove programs does not work. This program is called SymNRT. SymNRT works with Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows
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may 2005 by will.brien

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