Maizuma Games - Noteblocks: The Ultimate Detectors (5:27)
amazingly compact designs. cool concrete converter at 2:10
29 days ago
xisumavoid - Hermitcraft VI 752 The Instant Repairs Shop! (30:17)
3:04 - 1 stack of dried kelp blocks smelts 20 stacks of cactus to store exactly 256 XP
5 weeks ago
Atlassian’s LocalStack: How to develop AWS based application in the local environment Vol.2
I wrote an article How to develop AWS based application in the local environment before. I introduced some tools which can be used as mock of AWS services. But now, we are using Atlassian’s…
amazon  service  testing 
11 weeks ago
xisumavoid - Minecraft 1.13 Furnace XP Farm (11:04)
great data here, eg: how much XP is produced by each cookable/smeltable item
september 2018
Schematica mod
The mod allows you to display a hologram, loaded from a schematic file, for easier rebuilding.
september 2018
An Updated Look At Choosing Between OAuth2 and SAML
"Should I go with SAML or OAuth2? ... My default response is to go with OAuth2"
authentication  oauth  openid  standards 
august 2018
What the Heck is OAuth? | Okta Developer
really clear introduction to OAuth for the noob in your life
oauth  tutorial 
august 2018
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