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march 2012
Git Blame: Anticipating Git 1.7.10
According to the Git Calendar, we still have a few more weeks until the feature freeze for the next release Git 1.7.10, in which there will be one backward-incompatible improvement that potentially can bite people who used the git merge command in their scripts.
git  blame  bbcrd 
february 2012
Fluent – Making the future of email
Fluent's inbox is a workflow-oriented stream. See email threads & replies at a glance, preview attachments, and make the decision to reply, archive or add to your to-do list with one click.
email  service  twitter  gmail  bbcrd 
february 2012
Extendmac — EMKeychain
EMKeychain is a Cocoa wrapper class for Keychain, which has unfortunately been frozen in carbonite. It's much cleaner than interfacing with keychain yourself, is actively used in commercial-grade products, and is completely documented.
cocoa  code  keychain  mac  osx  bbcrd 
february 2012
Parse is transforming the way mobile applications store, sync, and push data.
android  api  cloud  development  ios  bbcrd 
february 2012
ismasan/hash_mapper - GitHub
Maps values from hashes with different structures and/or key names. Ideal for normalizing arbitrary data to be consumed by your applications, or to prepare your data for different display formats (ie. json).
ruby  hash  bbcrd  openstruct 
february 2012
How to shrink/purge ibdata1 file in MySQL - Stack Overflow
All the years I've used MySQL and I didn't innodb data always increases!
mysql  sql  sysadmin  bbcrd 
january 2012
A blogging framework for hackers.
bbcrd  blog  git  ruby 
january 2012
Practicing Ruby - Issue 1.26: Structural Design Patterns
Looking at the classical design patterns laid out by the Gang of Four and exploring their relevance to modern day Ruby programming.
bbcrd  ruby  patterns 
december 2011
With Duolingo you learn a language for free,
and simultaneously translate the Web.
december 2011
Just what we've all been waiting for
gant  agile  bbcrd 
december 2011
Data | CommonCrawl
Common Crawl produces and maintains a repository of web crawl data that is openly accessible to everyone.
data  dataset  dev  free  web  bbcrd 
december 2011
Moxy (or moxy) is a programmable mock proxy. It is an HTTP proxy exposing web hooks that you can use in order to tell it what to do, and when to do it.
gem  ruby  bbcrd  mock  testing 
december 2011
asciifi | all the images
Imagine an ASCII art converter for a more civilized age.
art  ascii  converter  bbcrd 
november 2011
Occupy Flash
The Movement to Rid the World of the Flash Player Plugin
november 2011
APIdock is a web app that provides a rich and usable interface for searching, perusing and improving the documentation of projects that are included in the app.
api  documentation  rails  reference  ruby  bbcrd 
november 2011
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