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Google Developers Blog: Text Embedding Models Contain Bias. Here's Why That Matters.
Human data encodes human biases by default. Being aware of this is a good start, and the conversation around how to handle it is ongoing. At Google, we are actively researching unintended bias analysis and mitigation strategies because we are committed to making products that work well for everyone. In this post, we'll examine a few text embedding models, suggest some tools for evaluating certain forms of bias, and discuss how these issues matter when building applications.</blockquo...
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14 days ago by whimsley
An Ethical Framework for Responsible AI and Robotics
For AI to deliver on its promise predictability and trust is required. Here Accenture discussed the need for an ethical framework and responsible implementation.
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september 2018 by whimsley
Sizing the potential value of AI and advanced analytics | McKinsey & Company
An analysis of more than 400 use cases across 19 industries and nine business functions highlights the broad use and significant economic potential of advanced AI techniques.
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august 2018 by whimsley
Rachael Tatman @rctatman 15h
I am deeply uncomfortable with this study. One of the metrics used is "ambiguous pronoun usage", and using "they" to refer to a named human referent is specifically marked as an error: "Resolving they to refer to Joe would mean the incorrect pronoun is used."
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may 2018 by whimsley
Why Self-Taught Artificial Intelligence Has Trouble With the Real World | Quanta Magazine
The latest artificial intelligence systems start from zero knowledge of a game and grow to world-beating in a matter of hours. But researchers are struggling to
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february 2018 by whimsley
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