Google Developers Blog: Text Embedding Models Contain Bias. Here's Why That Matters.
Human data encodes human biases by default. Being aware of this is a good start, and the conversation around how to handle it is ongoing. At Google, we are actively researching unintended bias analysis and mitigation strategies because we are committed to making products that work well for everyone. In this post, we'll examine a few text embedding models, suggest some tools for evaluating certain forms of bias, and discuss how these issues matter when building applications.</blockquo...
ai  ethics 
20 days ago
Opinion | It’s Not Technology That’s Disrupting Our Jobs - The New York Times
The insecure nature of work is a result of decisions by corporations and policymakers.
future  industrial-revolution 
20 days ago
Instacart changes how it pays shoppers, but many say they’re now making less | Ars Technica
"Exact dollar per batch—that's transparency," Instacart executive tells Ars.
4 weeks ago
New York City Raids Condo Building in Crackdown on Airbnb Rentals - WSJ
New York City law-enforcement officers swarmed a Manhattan condominium last month, issuing 27 notices of violations in one of the largest crackdowns on short-term rentals such as those listed on Airbnb.
airbnb-cities  newyork 
5 weeks ago
Why Ratings and Feedback Forms Don’t Work - The Atlantic
Companies and apps constantly ask for ratings, but all that data may just be noise in the system. An Object Lesson.
reputation-systems  rating-systems 
5 weeks ago
If A Pre-Trial Risk Assessment Tool Does Not Satisfy These Criteria, It Needs to Stay Out of the Courtroom | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Algorithms should not decide who spends time in a California jail. But that’s exactly what will happen under S.B. 10, a new law slated to take effect in October 2019. The law, which Governor Jerry Brown signed in September, requires the state’s criminal justice system to replace cash bail with an...
policing  algorithm  eff 
5 weeks ago
Planner: Prague centre population fell way before Airbnb | Radio Prague
In May this year, there were around 11,500 flats in Prague offered for short-term rent via Airbnb and other shared accommodation services.

“Most of the flats on offer are in the historical centre of Prague. Overall, only 1.4 percent of all flats provide accommodation to visitors. But in the central part of the city, it was around 10 percent and in the Old Town it amounted to 20 percent.”

With around 40 percent of Airbnb type properties concentrated in the city centre, apartments for long-ter...
airbnb-cities  prague 
5 weeks ago
Donald MacKenzie, Alice Bamford: Counterperformativity. New Left Review 113, September-October 2018.
If speech can—in the famous argument of J. L. Austin—not only be true or false, but also do things, what about economic models? And what about when models go wrong, or actually undermine their own assumptions? Black–Scholes, gamma traps and gaming—a typology of the perverse effects of some key financial tools.
algorithm  performativity 
5 weeks ago
Making algorithms accountable and explainable: the need for a legal framework | Research | University of Oxford
As more of our economic, social and civic interactions come to be carried out by algorithms – from credit markets and health insurance applications to recruitment and criminal justice systems – so too have concerns increased about the lack of transparency behind the technology.
7 weeks ago
A new course to teach people about fairness in machine learning
Google’s engineering education and ML fairness teams developed a 60-minute self-study training module on fairness, which is now available publicly as part of our popular Machine Learning Crash Course
ai-ethics  google 
7 weeks ago
IEEE-SA - The Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (ECPAIS)
Developing metrics and processes towards the implementation of a certification methodology addressing transparency, accountability and algorithmic bias
7 weeks ago
In Defense of Technology Ethics, Properly Understood | L.M. Sacasas
One of the more puzzling aspects of technology discourse that I encounter with some frequency is the tendency to oppose legal, political, and economic analysis of technology to ethical analysis. Maybe I'm the weird outlier on this matter, but I just don't see how it is helpful or even ultimately tenable to oppose these two…
7 weeks ago
The Toronto Declaration: Protecting the rights to equality and non-discrimination in machine learning systems - Access Now
Open declaration by Amnesty International and Access Now, endorsed by Human Rights Watch and Wikimedia Foundation at RightsCon Toronto 2018
ai-ethics  accessnow 
september 2018
ACM's Code of Ethics Offers Updated Guidelines for Computing Professionals | Linux.com | Top Tech Stories
ACM's Code of Ethics Offers Updated Guidelines for Computing Professionals | Linux.com The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) has launched an replace to its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct geared at computing pros. The replace was once accomplished "to address the significant advances in computing technology and the degree these technologies are integrated into our daily lives," defined ACM contributors Catherine Flick and Michael Kirkpatrick, writing in Reddit. This ma...
september 2018
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