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The Great Recession: American Movie Acting Today
To risk oversimplification, Method acting dramatized the way that, in the middle of the 20th century, Americans saw themselves: held down by repressive norms or psychological blocks, but ultimately glorious, full-flowering individuals with rich inner lives and wellsprings of powerful feeling. In contrast, the new film acting shows us the micro-responses of people engaged in unspectacular strategies of survival, trying to get their minimal needs met by any means necessary. At the heart of this distinction are two vastly different conceptions of trauma.
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september 2016 by whatifisaidno
Is Medicine’s Gender Bias Killing Young Women? - Pacific Standard
Feminist critiques of modern medicine have long noted that, particularly when the cause of an ailment is unknown, doctors default to a psychological explanation in women more than in men. There are certainly some factors that may heighten this tendency when it comes to heart attacks. After all, only 20 percent of people who come to the ER with chest pain are actually having a heart attack. There is also clear symptom overlap between a heart attack and an anxiety attack, and younger women are at relatively lower risk for the former and higher risk for the latter. This reality, the Yale researchers suggest, might contribute to “initial triage strategies to attribute symptoms to non-cardiac conditions” in young women. One cardiologist put it more bluntly: "In training, we were taught to be on the lookout for hysterical females who come to the emergency room.”
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march 2015 by whatifisaidno
On Irritability | The Book of Life
A last point. It may just be sleep or food: when a baby is irritable, we rarely feel the need to preach about self-control and a proper sense of proportion. It’s not simply that we fear the infant’s intellect might not quite be up to it, but because we have a much better explanation of what is going on. We know that they’re acting this way – and getting bothered by any little thing – because they are tired, hungry, too hot or having some challenging digestive episode.

The fact is, though, that the same physiological causes get to us all our lives. When we are tired, we get upset more easily; when we feel very hungry, it takes less to bother us. But it is immensely difficult to transfer the lesson in generosity (and accuracy) that we gain around to children and apply it to someone with a degree in business administration or a pilot’s license, or to whom we have been married for three-and-a-half years.

We should try to see irritability for what it actually is: a confused, inarticulate, often shameful attempt to get us to understand how much someone is suffering and how urgently they need our help. We should – when we can manage it – attempt to help them out.
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march 2015 by whatifisaidno
So, Are You a Pervert? | VICE | United States
The idea seems to be that it's all fun and games until you cross some arbitrarily drawn line in the sand, at which point you become a potentially dangerous pervert. The thing is, pretty much every type of sexual desire can cause distress or harm to others, regardless of the kinkiness involved. Why fixate on kink? How can you even determine what is normal or paraphilic in the first place?

Canadian researchers tried to answer this question in a study ​published at the end of October, titled "What Exactly Is an Unusual Sexual Fantasy?" His team got 1,500 adults to respond to an online questionnaire asking them to rank 55 sexual fantasies and describe their favorite. Yet few of the fantasies they looked at were rare in the population, and most were actually pretty common....

How is it possible that in the 21st century, we're still studying people who like spanking for signs of some dark deviance? We're all into a whole range of stuff sexually but our society remains fixated on categorizing as much of it as possible as "abnormal". Why can't we just admit that kink is normal and healthy? Are the people who are trying to express their sexuality really mentally ill, or is the real sickness in the repressed culture that's so terrified of them?
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november 2014 by whatifisaidno
Freud, sex and human nature
The confident assumption which is generally made by modern rationalist thinkers is that the propositions about human nature which are contained in such theories as Marxism, psychoanalysis, existentialism, functionalism, and structural anthropology, are of a quite different order to the propositions about human nature which are contained within the Judaeo-Christian theory which they effectively replace. Whatever judgement may be passed on particular theories, it is at least generally assumed that modern thinkers have succeeded in freeing themselves from the superstitious and theological modes of thought which dominated those intellectuals who belonged to an era of faith. It is, however, just this assumption which needs to be questioned. For although such secular theories as psychoanalysis and structural anthropology have evidently shed the theism of Christianity, it is not at all clear that they have repudiated the view of human nature which was once associated with creationist theology, and with Judaeo-Christian doctrines of sin and redemption. Modern theorists of human nature, indeed, trapped as they are within a culture which has systematically mystified its own strongest traditions, are rather in the position of the mariner who sets out to sea without a chart. When he lands at a different point on the same continent from which he originally set sail, there is always the danger that he may fail to recognise this, and announce instead that he has discovered a new world.

In the last hundred years such thinkers as Marx, Freud, Sartre and Lévi-Strauss have, I believe, repeatedly made just such a voyage. Setting out from a culture alienated from its traditional beliefs, disconsolately counting the small change of its new spiritual poverty, they have returned richly laden with belief and certainty in order to announce the discovery of the Brave New Worlds of dialectical materialism, of psychoanalysis, of existentialism and of structuralism. Many thinkers have greeted these discoveries with relief and enthusiasm. But because of their profound lack of familiarity with the orthodoxies of their own culture, they have often failed to recognise that the New Worlds in question are in reality but part of the old religious continent which was once their own, and that what they have embraced are not fresh theories of human nature but Judaeo-Christian orthodoxies which have been reconstructed in a secular form, safe from the attacks of science precisely because they are presented as science.
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october 2014 by whatifisaidno
Freud and false memory: psychoanalysis and the recovered memory movement
If that is so we might well ask how it was that a movement which had its origins in a feminist rebellion against Freud, in an attempt to draw the veil of silence from memories which had never been repressed, should eventually have come to rely more and more on the most sacred of all Freudian doctrines – that of repression.

...There is no evidence that any of the patients who came to Freud without memories of sexual abuse had ever suffered from such abuse. But, as a growing number of Freud scholars have recognised in recent years, and as I have argued in this book, there is a great deal of evidence, most of it in Freud’s own frank and astonishing words, that he went out of his way to persuade, encourage, cajole and sometimes bully his female patients to reproduce scenes of child sexual abuse which he himself had reconstructed from their symptoms or their associations. Freud’s manner of treating his early women patients was not essentially different from the manner he treated his later ones. For in both cases his theories denied women autonomy and declined to validate their own experiences and their own memories. Whereas his later theories led countless psychoanalysts to persuade women who had been abused to believe that they had not, Freud himself had, under the influence of his early theories, frequently tried to persuade women who had not been abused to believe that they had. In short, in his disregard for his female patients’ autonomy, and their right to psychological self-determination, Freud was just as much the nineteenth-century patriarch before he abandoned the seduction theory as he was afterwards.
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october 2014 by whatifisaidno
What is going on here? A view from a psychologist...
What is going on here? A view from a psychologist perspective.

John likes danger, yes, the excitement, the adrenaline rush but not just from the cases; he relishes the fact that Sherlock brings this to their relationship in their emotional dynamics. Even without a case, John cannot look away if Sherlock is in his presence, he is a moth to the flame and is very much party to the way Sherlock ‘plays’ with him. Sherlock brings it to John’s attention that he IS manipulating him, toying with him, he always lets John know that it is a GAME. John even anticipates that the ruse is in play, he states it, warns against reprisal. There is an understanding that when Sherlock brings out certain emotions that they may not be real or they may be disguising some other issue. But John understands this and wants this, he loves it, and notice the reproach never actually arrives.
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january 2014 by whatifisaidno
A Brief History of Slash
But it is also an oversimplification to pin the popularity of slash purely on internalized misogyny, or to criticize it for being an outlet of women’s – particularly young women’s – complex relationships with their own sexualities. I’ll quote Caitlin one final time: “For many women, particularly young women […] it’s a way of working out ideas about sexuality and romance without worrying about their own position as women.” I like, particularly, the use of the phrase “without worrying” here. No matter how women want to engage with sex and romance – and that may, indeed, be “not at all” – we all must engage in that complex dialogue with our bodies as sexual (or asexual) objects, and understand ourselves as sexual (or asexual) beings precisely because the prevailing cultural narrative around female sexuality is so dominated by men. It is difficult to be a woman with a body, no matter what kind of body you have, and it is difficult to be a woman with any kind of sexual or erotic identity that does not match up to the narrow – perhaps impossibly so – category the male-dominated culture has deemed suitable for us to inhabit.
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december 2013 by whatifisaidno
Abusive parents: What do grown children owe the mothers and fathers who made their childhood a living hell?
I know from my own inbox that many people are looking for someone, anyone, to tell them they should not feel guilty for declining to care for their abuser. I’m happy to do it.
#meta&cultural&literarycriticism  #forgiveness  #abuse  @emilyyoffe  #psychology&psychiatry  #parenting 
october 2013 by whatifisaidno
How a Doctor-Mandated Sex Surrogate Helped One Gay Man -- New York Magazine
At a time when gay-conversion therapy is losing its last shred of credibility, I’d like to share some fond memories of my sex surrogate—the woman who set me free.
#sexuality  #conversiontherapy  #sexwork  #meta&cultural&literarycriticism  #psychology&psychiatry  #abuse 
september 2013 by whatifisaidno
It's not the morphine, it's the size of the cage: Rat Park experiment upturns conventional wisdom about addiction - garry's subposthaven
A seemingly keystone argument in the war against drugs. Professor Avram Goldstein, the creator of that study, has said: "A rat addicted to heroin is not rebelling against society, is not a victim of socioeconomic circumstances, is not a product of a dysfunctional family, and is not a criminal. The rat's behavior is simply controlled by the action of heroin (actually morphine, to which heroin is converted in the body) on its brain." So, it's the drug, and its addictive control. Surely we must eradicate drugs as a result!

But there's another model out there by researcher Bruce Alexander of Simon Fraser University called Rat Park. From that wikipedia page:

Alexander's hypothesis was that drugs do not cause addiction, and that the apparent addiction to opiate drugs commonly observed in laboratory rats exposed to it is attributable to their living conditions, and not to any addictive property of the drug itself. He told the Canadian Senate in 2001 that prior experiments in which laboratory rats were kept isolated in cramped metal cages, tethered to a self-injection apparatus, show only that "severely distressed animals, like severely distressed people, will relieve their distress pharmacologically if they can." ...

"Nothing that we tried," Alexander wrote, "... produced anything that looked like addiction in rats that were housed in a reasonably normal environment." Control groups of rats isolated in small cages consumed much more morphine in this and several subsequent experiments.
#psychology&psychiatry  #addiction  #animals  #science 
september 2013 by whatifisaidno
It’s Not Just About Delaying Gratification | Geek Feminism Blog
But the assumption there is that waiting is the optimal, if most difficult, strategy. Because sure, waiting for an additional reward could show self-control and the ability to look ahead, when the children think they can trust their environment.
april 2013 by whatifisaidno
Los Angeles Review of Books - Louis C.K. And The Rise Of The 'Laptop Loners'
“You’re a great guy,” she says. “But my chemistry is telling me that you’re a loser.” Is this funny or just depressing?

One can imagine how this scene would play out on Curb. Larry, dismayed, would hold his date in his trademark, squint-eyed stare. He would be indignant to be so unfairly judged. In Curb, what often allows the audience to laugh is the reassuring knowledge that, despite Larry’s humiliations, he’s still Larry David: superior, smug, self-satisfied. Larry doesn’t feel shame, only annoyance and self-righteousness. He’ll laugh last while drinking champagne in his mansion.

Louie gives no such reassurance. One gets the sense that humiliations stay with him, that he carries them like blooming tumors in the pockets of his swollen belly. Both Louie and Larry are bourgeois white American men, but only Larry’s feel like first world problems. In part, this is because bodily despair transcends race and class. Louie’s misery seems inevitable, irreparable, real in the sense that it extends beyond the boundaries of the show’s fictional sphere and into C.K’s actual life. We surmise that it’s not just the character that’s overweight and out of breath, but also the actor who plays him.

The waning state of C.K.’s fleshly self is a major source for Louie’s particular amalgamation of humor and woe. Louie’s doctor tells him he has “the worst penis I’ve ever seen.” A young woman wants him to describe — mid-coitus — his body’s degeneration. Again, we’re privy to C.K.’s subjective reality, his glass half empty interpretations. It’s the nightmarish solipsism of he who thinks the world was built to hurt him, the literalization of a misanthrope’s imagination.

Excellent meta on Louis.
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february 2013 by whatifisaidno
Does talking with your friend/partner trained as a therapist suck? - Relationships communication therapists | Ask MetaFilter
My partner is a new psychotherapist and I think his training is getting in the way of how we communicate. Is there some way to make it clear that I'd like him to knock it off, or Is there some other way I ought to be thinking about this?
#humancommunication  #advice  #metafilter  #commentthreads  #psychology&psychiatry 
february 2013 by whatifisaidno
A world accidentally full of triggers | MetaFilter
My problem with trigger warnings is that they are sometimes/often used:

- with a poor understanding of how triggers work...
- to signify in-group status rather than to warn...
- to pathologize people's reactions to their own trauma...
- and by the less well-intentioned, trigger warnings can be used to shut down conversation, or to create a hierarchy of trauma where A, B and C count as worthy of trigger warnings but D and E do not
#meta&cultural&literarycriticism  #comments  #triggerwarnings  @catseye  #metafilter  #ptsd  #sj  #abuse  #rape  #psychology&psychiatry 
january 2013 by whatifisaidno
4 Bizarre Experiments That Should Never Be Repeated | Mental Floss
Discovering that a human could satisfy a dolphin’s sexual needs was the experiment’s biggest interspecies breakthrough. Dr. Lilly still believed that dolphins could learn to talk if given enough time, and he hoped to conduct a year-long study with Margaret and another dolphin. When the plans turned out to be too expensive, Lilly tried to get the dolphins to talk another way—by giving them LSD. And although Lilly reported that they all had “very good trips,” the scientist’s reputation in the academic community deteriorated. Before long, he’d lost federal funding for his research.

[I feel bad for #3 and his poor mouse friend.]
#science  #sciencefail  #animals  #solitaryconfinement  #interspeciescommunication  #miscellanyandephemera  #psychology&psychiatry 
january 2013 by whatifisaidno
Louis Theroux Documentary. America's Medicated Kids- Full Movie - YouTube
Documentary about kids diagnosed with adhd/add/odd/ocd/bipolar disorder, their families and medication.
#children  #medicine  @louistheroux  #psychology&psychiatry 
january 2013 by whatifisaidno
Louis Theroux - A Place for Pedophiles (FULL) - YouTube
British documentary film maker Louis Theroux has a unique style. Like no other he manages to strike the balance between getting involved with and close to his topics and making sure he keeps enough distance to guarantee his neutrality and independence. His open approach, integrity and diplomacy win people over, even those living in some of the world's most closed communities. Theroux's work method has resulted in quite a few memorable scenes and movies. In his own words and with the aid of video fragments he will shed a light on his style, technique and vision.

Louis has gained access to Coalinga Mental Hospital in California, which houses more than 500 of the most disturbed criminals in America, convicted paedophiles. Most have already served lengthy prison sentences, but have been deemed unsafe for release. Instead, they have been sent here for an indefinite time. Spending time with those undergoing treatment, Louis wrestles with whether he can ever allow himself to believe men whose whole history is defined by deception and deceit.
#pedophilia  #sexuality  #prisons  #film  @louistheroux  #usa  #abuse  !nsfw  #antisexuality  #journalism  #youtubelinks  #castration  #psychology&psychiatry 
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CABINET // The Behavioral Sink
How do you design a utopia? In 1972, John B. Calhoun detailed the specifications of his Mortality-Inhibiting Environment for Mice: a practical utopia built in the laboratory.
#overpopulation  #animals  #science  #meta&cultural&literarycriticism  #miscellanyandephemera  #psychology&psychiatry 
december 2012 by whatifisaidno
Stop childhood sexual abuse: How to treat pedophilia. - Slate Magazine
The two started B4U-ACT in 2002 with the goal of making mental health care available to people who “self-identify as minor-attracted and who are seeking assistance in dealing with issues in their lives that are challenging to them,” the group’s Web site says. B4U-ACT is intended to help non-offending pedophiles “before they act,” although some who associate with the group are former offenders like Melsheimer who are seeking support so they don’t reoffend.

“We’re just recognizing that people who are attracted to children are there,” Dick said. “They didn’t choose it. Jerry Sandusky was once a young teen growing up, trying to figure out his sexuality perhaps, and there was nobody there saying, ‘If this is a situation you’re dealing with, here are some resources to help you cope.’ ”

...It might feel emotionally gratifying to propose that people with these harmful urges essentially imprison themselves, or as many online commenters say, put a bullet in their heads. But putting aside any whiff of science or sympathy, advocating isolation or suicide as public policy is simply not very practical.
#sexuality  #pedophilia  #abuse  via:metafilter  #antisexuality  #psychology&psychiatry 
september 2012 by whatifisaidno
Colorblind Ideology is a Form of Racism | Psychology Today
Racism? Strong words, yes, but let's look the issue straight in its partially unseeing eye. In a colorblind society, White people, who are unlikely to experience disadvantages due to race, can effectively ignore racism in American life, justify the current social order, and feel more comfortable with their relatively privileged standing in society (Fryberg, 2010). Most minorities, however, who regularly encounter difficulties due to race, experience colorblind ideologies quite differently. Colorblindness creates a society that denies their negative racial experiences, rejects their cultural heritage, and invalidates their unique perspectives.
#race&racism  #psychology&psychiatry 
july 2012 by whatifisaidno
Misattribution of Arousal « You Are Not So Smart
Misattribution of arousal falls under the self-perception theory. This theory goes back as far as William James, one of the founders of psychology. It posits your attitudes are shaped by observing your own behavior and trying to make sense of it. For instance, James would say if you saw a cricket on your arm and then flailed about rubbing your body up and down while screaming incoherently, you would later assume you had experienced fear and might then believe you were afraid of crickets. Self-perception theory says you look back on a situation like this as if in an audience trying to understand your own motivations. Sometimes, you jump to conclusions without all the facts.
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BBC News - Cult of less: Living out of a hard drive
Kelly Chessen, a 36-year-old former suicide hotline counsellor with a soothing voice and reassuring personality, is Drive Savers official "data crisis counsellor".
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august 2010 by whatifisaidno
YouTube - RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
In which reward motivation doesn't work like people think it does. Really cool animator and talk.
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july 2010 by whatifisaidno
Skill to Do - Comes of Doing - I need to walk away from this trainwreck or I'm never sleeping tonight
One of the best professors I ever had, who taught "Statistics for Psychologists", a year long class, began his first lesson with "Welcome to the class all of you were hoping to avoid by signing up for a social science" and then proceeded to make us understand every inch of the mathematical theory behind the statistics we were learning. Including the mathematical proofs.
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