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Vertical Backup: a fast and low-cost network and cloud backup tool for VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESXi
Backup virtual machines - $10/year personal and $99/year business. Interoperable with Duplicacy. - 2018-04-24
wasabi  backup  Software  virtual  vmware 
april 2018 by wellsa
XenApp - Understanding How Session Virtualization Works - Citrix
Application virtualization and session virtualization, which uses application streaming

In both application virtualization and session virtualization, user interaction with the application is seamless. Printers, drives, peripherals, and even the clipboard work in the exact same manner as if the application were installed. As a result, XenApp reduces the cost of application management and related costs by up to 50 percent and enables a better-than-installed experience for users when compared to traditional application deployment models.

XenApp determines if their device is compatible and capable of running the application in question. The minimum requirements of a target device are a compatible Windows® operating system and appropriate Citrix client software. If the user device meets minimum requirements, then XenApp initiates application virtualization via application streaming directly into an isolated environment on the user’s device. In the event that the user device is not capable of running a particular application, XenApp initiates session virtualization.
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november 2017 by wellsa
Free Backup tools for Virtual Environments - Provirtualzone - Virtual Infraestructures
Reviews of the features in the free versions of virtual machine backup applications - 2017-06-06
virtual  backup  review  free  5star 
june 2017 by wellsa
[SOLVED] Win10 Virtualization Licensing and Software Development - Spiceworks
Using multiple Windows 10 VMs (virtual machines) - licensing - 2017-05-31
virtual  windows10  legal 
may 2017 by wellsa
MyCloudIT: The Future of Cloud Workspace Solutions
$8/mo/user for control panel / dashboard for Azure services - 2017-05-20
azure  cloud  desktop  server  msp  virtual 
may 2017 by wellsa
Ferrobackup - Network Backup Software Solution for Enterprises
Great pricing. Deep feature set. Backs up Outlook PST files using its own system, not VSS. $25/PC. $80/server. $250/VM host computer - 2017-05-19
backup  software  virtual  server  Outlook  5star 
may 2017 by wellsa
NAKIVO: VM Backup | VMware Backup | Hyper-V backup | EC2 Backup
Back up 2 VMs for free. Competes with Veeam - 2017-05-06
backup  virtual  free 
may 2017 by wellsa
BackupAssist Pricing
$279 license for server plus $249 for Hyper-V addon. Control panel subscription - stymd
DRaaS  virtual  backup  Software  5star  pricing 
may 2017 by wellsa
CloudBacko - What VM disaster recovery options you have if VMware Site Recovery Manager is over your budget
VMWare and HyperV and server and PC backup to anywhere. Low-cost perpetual licensing - 2017-05-02
virtual  recovery  backup 
may 2017 by wellsa
Unitrends Free FAQ
Free for the virtualization community, up to 1 TB of protected data on virtual servers or physical servers. Unitrends Free is a virtual appliance that stores backups on attached virtual disks, not on space within the Unitrends appliance. Optionally, backups may be copied to backup copy targets on AWS or Google Cloud or ? - 2016-08-08
virtual  vmware  backup  freeware 
august 2016 by wellsa
Microsoft Azure - Pricing - Site Recovery
Azure, Vmware $54/mo. per instance or $16/mo. per own data center - 2016-06-20
backup:online  Microsoft  virtual 
june 2016 by wellsa
Creating a Reproducible and Portable Development Environment - Developer.com
Physical to virtual simply done using Vagrant, VirtualBox and AWS EC2
Amazon AMI - 2016-04-16
virtual  ec2  converter  5star 
april 2016 by wellsa
Physical to Virtual (P2V) Disaster Recovery to Amazon EC2
Disaster recovery in the cloud - Amazon EC2 - 2016-04-13
Cloudberry  backup  virtual  help 
april 2016 by wellsa
XSIbackup. Free VMWare Backup software solution for VMWare ESXi 5.1, 5.5 & 6.0
Copies the VMs. Scheduler with cleanup features. See the blog posts for tutorial on how to restore. - 2016-04-09
backup  vmware  software  virtual  freeware 
april 2016 by wellsa
Veeam Free vs Paid backup software for VMWare
Comparison of Veeam Free vs Paid backup software for VMWare and Microsoft virtual machines - 2016-03-07 - 2018-08-17
backup  software  vmware  virtual  free 
march 2016 by wellsa
First VM set up - Spiceworks
Discussion of VMWare, VirtualBox, Citrix Xenserver 6.5 - 2015-04-14
virtual  software 
april 2015 by wellsa
Thinstuff License Management - My Account
Low priced alternative to Terminal Services / RDP 2014-10-22
remoteaccess  virtual  computer 
october 2014 by wellsa
Soonr - file hosting, backup, sharing
1 TB $30/mo 3 users or 5TB $200/mo 10 users, $200/mo/added TB 2014-09-18
virtual  storage  msp 
september 2014 by wellsa
HowTo: EC2 for Poets
Amazon EC2 server - how to set up
virtual  hosting  amazon 
july 2013 by wellsa
Pertino: A New Way to WAN | Simple & Secure Cloud Networking | VPN | DISCONTINUED
Use local storage space - Free for 3 users, 3 devices each. $29/mo. for 10 devices... - has admin Dashboard - 2014-08-15
vpn  virtual  server  sync  discontinued 
april 2013 by wellsa
ESXi - VMware KB: Minimum system requirements for installing ESX/ESXi
ESXi minimum requirements: Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron processor, 2GB RAM, Gigabit or 10Gb controller, RAID controller: Dell PERC or Adaptec RAID or LSI Mega RAID, HP Smart Array RAID,
virtual  vmware 
may 2012 by wellsa
VirtualBox - Oracle
Free VM software - virtual machine - supported by ShadowProtect
virtual  server  free  opensource 
april 2012 by wellsa
RingCentral - VOIP phone system
VOIP - Virtual PBX - Virtual Phone System - 800 Numbers - Toll Free Numbers
virtual  phone 
august 2011 by wellsa
OnlinePC Pro
Hosted servers and workstations
cloud  virtual  server 
november 2010 by wellsa
Hosted desktop - Hosted business solutions & applications - onthenetOffice.com
Dedicated hardware, managed, hosted, supported - $95 per month per user. $99 setup per user
virtual  server  desktop 
november 2010 by wellsa

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