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CSV file editor, for Windows
Freeware to convert .csv to .txt tab delimited and to edit .csv files updated in 2017 - 2018-09-04
conversion  spreadsheet  Software  freeware 
6 weeks ago by wellsa
[SOLVED] Protecting Backups from Ransomware - Spiceworks
Discussion of how to protect local backups from ransomware - 2018-07-27
ransomware  backup  Software 
9 weeks ago by wellsa
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Premium
Server backup $599, full-featured, agentless protection of Hyper-V guest machines
backup  Software  server  ransomware 
10 weeks ago by wellsa
Paragon Protect-and-Restore-full-features.pdf
Free version for home use, $89 for 3 workstations, $999 server, backup to unmapped partition - 2018-08-07
backup  Software  ransomware 
10 weeks ago by wellsa
Paragon - factsheet-short-workstation-free.pdf
Paragon Protect and Restore - Windows server, free version - 2018-08-07
backup  Software 
10 weeks ago by wellsa
Argentum Corporation. Backup Software. Cataloging Software. Database Software.
File and folder backup for all versions of Windows - $39. No support for open files. Destinations must be local or external Windows drives. Last updated 2015. Incremental updating of a single saved backup or enable Stacking to create multiple full backups. - 2018-08-06
software  backup 
10 weeks ago by wellsa
Kakasoft: USB Security, Copy protection, File/Folder Locking Software
Copy protection / DRM for USB drives allows viewing but not copying, etc. $49.95 unlimited
usb  security  Software 
12 weeks ago by wellsa
Free Burning Software and DVD Copying Software - BurnAware
Free software for burning DVD, CD, Blu-Ray and M-Disc - 2018-07-23
dvd  disk  Software  freeware 
12 weeks ago by wellsa
Archive, Backup, Save Outlook Email Messages in file folders
Solves the problem of .msg files having the Date Saved, not the Date Received, as the file date - $79.95 per license - 2018-07-07
email  utilities  Software  Outlook 
july 2018 by wellsa
[Windows] sync amazon S3 with DragonDisk Command line sync tool. http://www.dragondisk.com/download-amazon-s3-client-google-cloud-storage-client.html · GitHub
INACTIVE - No updates from DragonDisk since July 2017. Command line sync files from local drive to S3 storage clouds - 2018-06-30
s3  sync  Software  freeware 
june 2018 by wellsa
Duplicati Review by Cloudwards - Updated 2018
Drawbacks (per comment 2018-03-26
– robustness of the tool if the local database (of backup’d files) and the backup content on the cloud fall out of sync.
– transparency of files backup’d, the ability to re-create a list of files in the backup from scratch
– ability to continue backup (identify corrupt or missing files and handle appropriately)
– ability to restore at least the remaining content
backup  s3  Software  free  opensource 
june 2018 by wellsa
About Duplicati Security - Support - Duplicati
You can also set up the remote destination to refuse delete and overwrite. Duplicati needs the advanced option --no-auto-compact --keep-versions=0 to disable any deletes (overwrites are never done).
backup  Software  help 
june 2018 by wellsa
Backup Software for Windows 10/8/7: IvyBackup
$54 for 5 computers - disk image or file backup - portable backups - clean software interface - backs up to pCloud, Gdrive, DropBox - Penjani Mkandawire - FinanceOnline review - 2018-06-02
backup  Software  image 
june 2018 by wellsa
System Scheduler - replaces Windows Task Scheduler - Splinterware
Freeware - free for commercial use- simple task scheduler - 2018-05-04
utilities  software  freeware 
may 2018 by wellsa
Vertical Backup: a fast and low-cost network and cloud backup tool for VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESXi
Backup virtual machines - $10/year personal and $99/year business. Interoperable with Duplicacy. - 2018-04-24
wasabi  backup  Software  virtual  vmware 
april 2018 by wellsa
Automate the pruning of BorgBackup files according to a retention schedule - 2018-04-02
backup  software  opensource  wasabi 
april 2018 by wellsa
Cloud to Cloud Backup Functionality in CloudBerry Backup
Back up from one cloud to another. Program downloads and uploads files, except for AWS EC2 and Azure, which back up directly. $29.99 - 2017-11-27
backup  Software  cloud  s3 
november 2017 by wellsa
Automatic backup software - secure data with Second Copy
Sync and backup open files, retain versions and deleted files, send to FTP destination - $29.95 and less - 2017-11-16
sync  backup  Software 
november 2017 by wellsa
Intelligent Editing - proofreading
Checks documents for consistency in usage of terms - $99
utilities  Software  writing 
november 2017 by wellsa
Duplicacy - GitHub - gilbertchen/benchmarking: A performance comparison of Duplicacy, restic, Attic, and duplicity
Duplicacy vs. Duplicity backup software. Duplicacy is fastest. Duplicity creates smallest incremental backups.
backup  software  free  opensource  comparison 
september 2017 by wellsa
Best password manager for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac | Enpass
Free password manager. Pay only for Smartphone apps $12. Zero knowledge. No team features.
password  Software  freeware 
september 2017 by wellsa
Screenpresso User Manual
Screen capture and video capture and help manual authoring software
editor  manual  help  multimedia  software 
september 2017 by wellsa
Z-DBackup Free Backup Software for Windows
Free for personal use. 32E for cmptr, 77E for server. Drive image option. Add-on for SFTP.
backup  software  free  image 
september 2017 by wellsa
Vertical Backup: a fast and low-cost network and cloud backup tool for VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESXi
Back up ESXi free or paid. $90 per year per server. Command line. Continuous incremental. Fast and efficient.
backup  software  backup:online  vmware 
august 2017 by wellsa
Buddy Backup - peer to peer freeware
Looks a bit buggy from the forum posts. Peer-to-peer encrypted backup across the Internet
backup  software  free 
august 2017 by wellsa
Cyberduck FTP 6.0 offers Cryptomator cloud encryption
Encrypt and decrypt before upload and after download
ftp  s3  encryption  free  Software 
august 2017 by wellsa
Leo Backup: Features
Free version does not run as a service. $39.95
backup  Software  free  s3  ftp  encryption 
august 2017 by wellsa
Sync and encrypt to cloud services. Under development 2017-08-22
sync  Software  encryption  opensource  freeware 
august 2017 by wellsa
KLS SOFT - Professional Software Solutions
Very affordable backup software. Well implemented. Backup to S3 and Azure $79.95 for Windows Server and all other Windows. - 2016-06-19
s3  backup  Software  azure 
june 2017 by wellsa
$29.95 - no VSS - backup to S3 and others - shaky? - 2017-06-16
s3  software  backup 
june 2017 by wellsa
Cloud Storage client for Amazon S3 - FAQ -DragonDisk
Manual sync utility and file manager. Not for use in a commercial service. No scheduling. Versioning, but not block level deduplication. 2017-06-18
s3  freeware  backup  software  sync 
june 2017 by wellsa
RollBack Rx Time Machine | PC Time Machine Windows System Restore Software
Free version for PCs, up to 7 snapshots. Licensed for business use. $165 per server. $59/PC for 5 or more PC. Liked by Spiceworks posters - 2017-06-15
drive  image  backup  software  freeware 
june 2017 by wellsa
TMetric - Features
Good free version for timekeeping and time tracking. $5 to $7 per month for more features - 2017-06-06
timekeeping  free  app  Software 
june 2017 by wellsa
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