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Mapping Antislavery Women’s Correspondence
Stephanie Richmond's work on Maria Weston Chapman
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september 2015 by wcaleb
Foreshadowing feminism
Petitioning against a congressional gag rule on slavery before the Civil War spurred generations of activists | Organizing and canvassing for anti-slavery petitions by women from 1833 to 1845 was a transformational training ground for suffragettes and other social activists following the Civil War.
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december 2014 by wcaleb
Slavery & Abolition in the US
Selected primary documents from the 1850s
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january 2012 by wcaleb
New-York Historical Society
RT @NYHistory: Manuscript Collections at New-York Historical Society Relating to Slavery Now Available Online #history
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april 2011 by wcaleb
William Lloyd Garrison by Nathaniel Jocelyn
Portrait of Garrison just before he set sail for Britain the first time
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july 2010 by wcaleb
Article in The Abolitionist - Google Book Search
Discusses Owen Brown's role in founding of Western Reserve Anti-Slavery Society
johnbrown  abolitionism 
march 2009 by wcaleb
The Garrison Family
Includes family tree of William Lloyd Garrison, as well as photographs and information about several generations of descendants.
garrison  abolitionism  history  genealogy 
september 2007 by wcaleb
Harriet Martineau Letters
Part of the Victorian Women Writers Letters Project
martineau  history  primaries  letters  women  19c  abolitionism 
september 2007 by wcaleb
An Address to the Three Thousand Colored Citizens of New-York
Address by James McCune Smith et al. regarding Gerrit Smith's grants of land in Upstate New York. From Electronic Bookshelf at Lehigh University Digital Library.
primaries  history  johnbrown  northelba  abolitionism  gerritsmith 
august 2007 by wcaleb
A Group of Philadelphia Abolitionists
Famous photograph, with Lucretia Mott and Robert Purvis in the front row, and Mary Grew, Edward Davis, Abby Kimber, James Miller McKim and Sarah Pugh in the back.
abolitionism  images  mott 
april 2007 by wcaleb
"A Convenant with Death and an Agreement with Hell"
by Donald Yacovone. Discusses the 1854 Fourth of July picnic at which abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison publicly burned a copy of the Constitution.
abolitionism  garrison  history 
april 2007 by wcaleb
David Ruggles, The "Extinguisher" Extinguished (1834)
Pamphlet by black abolitionist and New Vigilance Committee Member David Ruggles
abolitionism  primaries  history  slavery  race  19c  ruggles 
march 2007 by wcaleb
Martin Delany Home Page
Resources on black abolitionist and emigrationist Martin Delany.
abolitionism  history  delany  slavery  race 
march 2007 by wcaleb
Classics on American Slavery
Digitized editions of early twentieth-century scholarship on slavery and antislavery.
slavery  antislavery  abolitionism  historiography 
march 2007 by wcaleb
Against All Odds
Adam Hochschild's abbreviated history of British abolitionism, in Mother Jones
abolitionism  history  hochschild  slavery  clarkson 
march 2007 by wcaleb
BBC NEWS: The birth of modern campaigning
Article on how abolitionists pioneered modern social movement techniques.
abolitionism  activistsabroad  reform  clarkson 
march 2007 by wcaleb
The Crisis of the Union
An Electronic Archive of (Full Image) Documents about the Causes, Conduct, and Consequences of the US Civil War, from the SCETI at University of Pennsylvania.
history  civilwar  primaries  abolitionism  hist2520  ahum1216  af-am  race  slavery  19c 
march 2007 by wcaleb
The voice of Kansas: let the South respond (1856)
"Appeal by the Law and Order Party of Kansas Territory to their Friends in the South." Pamphlet published that mentions the Pottawatomie Massacre and offers a racialized defense of slavery.
kansas  history  civilwar  slavery  abolitionism  johnbrown  proslavery  primaries 
march 2007 by wcaleb
"Speech of Wendell Phillips"
Phillips speech arguing that slavery cannot be compared to oppression of European laborers by despots and aristocrats.
phillips  abolitionism  manuscript  dissertation  reform  primaries  transatlantic 
march 2007 by wcaleb
A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln
An online exhibit sponsored by the Chicago Historical Society, with text by Eric Foner and numerous images from Civil War era.
history  civilwar  slavery  images  exhibits  lincoln  johnbrown  abolitionism 
march 2007 by wcaleb
Frederick Douglass writings
Transcripts from the Blassingame papers provided by the GLC, including many of Douglass's speeches and letters during his first trip to Britain.
primaries  douglass  abolitionism  transatlantic  slavery  history  transnational  activistsabroad 
march 2007 by wcaleb
From Abolition to Equal Rights
Part of "John Bull and Uncle Sam: Four Centuries of British-American Relations," an exhibit at the Library of Congress.
transatlantic  transnational  anglo-american  history  activistsabroad  abolitionism  suffragists  reform  hist2520 
march 2007 by wcaleb
Freedom's Journal
Digitized images (PDF) of all 103 issues of Freedom's Journal, the first African American newspaper in the United States, published between 1827 and 1829 in New York City. Provided by Wisconsin Historical Society.
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march 2007 by wcaleb
Abolitionist Movement
Jim Stewart's entry in the "Reader's Companion to American History," published by Houghton Mifflin
abolitionism  reference  history 
march 2007 by wcaleb
Ophelia and Topsy
Illustration from Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1853 edition
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march 2007 by wcaleb
“The Liberator” Files
An index to articles in The Liberator, compiled by a NPS ranger and organized chronologically and thematically. Includes some snippets from articles.
garrison  liberator  abolitionism  primaries  slavery  history 
march 2007 by wcaleb
Timeline of Abolition
At Steven Mintz's Digital History website
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march 2007 by wcaleb
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