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Fic: Magic Soaking My Spine
Steve Harrington survived the apocalypse. Twice. Now he has to survive community service with Billy Hargrove, which is honestly ten thousand times worse.
author:youngamerican  fandom:stranger-things  pairing:steve/billy  length:30001-40000  trope:hate-to-love  rating:nc-17  genre:angst  genre:h/c 
march 2018 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Cicatrice, Or: The Ornaments of Forgetting
In order to survive, to protect; to save his mind from the distraction, to spare his heart the ache, Sherlock deletes John Watson.

Sherlock deletes John Watson.

And then he comes back home.
author:hitlikehammers  pairing:sherlock/john  fandom:sherlock  length:10001-20000  rating:nc-17  status:complete  relationship:first-time  genre:angst  trope:amnesia  *** 
october 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: The Truths I Questioned
Like all children, I grew up knowing that at some point I'd had a mother. My craving for normalcy came from the simple fact that I couldn't remember mine.
pairing:dean/alwaysagirl!sam  ***  fandom:supernatural  length:10001-20000  author:keep_waking_up  genre:angst  status:complete  relationship:first-time  trope:genderbending  rating:r 
july 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Underground Wires
It’s hard enough being a teenage girl even without all the extra crap: they move around all the time, her family is as far removed from normal as it’s possible to get, and she’s in love with her older brother. Sam has no control on any of it, she’s just trying to stay afloat.
author:eggnogged  relationship:first-time  fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/alwaysagirl!sam  length:10001-20000  ***  genre:angst  warning:underage  status:complete  rating:nc-17  trope:genderbending 
july 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: I See the Moon
Sam had known how Dean felt about him when he'd left for Stanford. His own feelings weren't so clear. He'd needed time away from it all, hunting, his father, and especially Dean. It took him five years and a degree he hadn't planned on to realize there was only one person he wanted to share his life with. He'd never considered the possibility that Dean would move on without him...or that something could happen that would erase him from his brother's life completely.
pairing:dean/sam  trope:kid!fic  status:complete  ***  genre:h/c  length:75001-100000  genre:au  author:kaylennz  trope:amnesia  genre:romance  trope:protective!sam  relationship:first-time  fandom:supernatural  genre:angst  au:canon 
july 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Ravish Me
Sherlock is experimenting with patterns of wear on lipstick in daily encounters. John is going to go insane.
genre:humor  trope:gender-binary  author:amalnahurriyeh  relationship:first-time  kink:crossdressing  status:complete  genre:ust  genre:angst  rating:nc-17  length:10001-20000  *** 
may 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Magpie
Spock met Jim when he was 7 and Jim was 6. It has since been generally agreed that this was a mistake (or: the one where they grow up together and things are simultaneously better and worse for it).
author:waldorph  pairing:kirk/spock  fandom:stxi  length:50001-75000  relationship:first-time  status:complete  rating:nc-17  warning:underage  genre:au  au:meet-as-kids  au:canon  trope:tarsus  trope:kid!fic  genre:angst  trope:bond  *** 
may 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Stay With Me
One day John comes home and announces he's moving in with his girlfriend. The night before the big move, Sherlock and John spend the whole night cuddled up together, not talking, thinking how much they're going to miss each other. It's at this moment that Sherlock realises he is completely and helplessly in love.
***  author:kim47  pairing:sherlock/john  fandom:sherlock  relationship:first-time  length:10001-20000  status:complete  rating:pg-13  unread  genre:schmoop  genre:angst  kink:cuddling 
may 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: A Shipless Ocean
Ten years after the fall, Sherlock goes back to London to find that John no longer lives there. Instead he resides in a seaside town, a widower, and the father of a seven year old son. Now, Sherlock must struggle with the fact that there may no longer be a place for him in this new world.
***  author:myswordfishmind  pairing:sherlock/john  relationship:first-time  status:complete  length:20001-30000  rating:r  fandom:sherlock  trope:kid!fic  genre:angst  genre:romance 
may 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: The Thing Is
The problem with living with Sherlock, John thought, was that you never, never, ever knew the significance of anything. Like your flatmate's nose buried in your hair. Whilst you're in bed.
trope:possessive  author:tsylvestris  status:complete  genre:case!fic  length:50001-100000  trope:jealousy  fandom:sherlock  ***  pairing:sherlock/john  genre:drama  relationship:first-time  genre:angst  rating:nc-17  kink:cuddling 
april 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: An Exercise in Insanity
Somewhere along the line, Jared went crazy and fell in love with Jensen, which is pretty much the stupidest thing to do, considering Jensen is Jared's stepfather.
fandom:cw-rpf  author:kerfuffling  pairing:jensen/jared  genre:romance  status:complete  relationship:first-time  genre:angst  rating:nc-17  ***  warning:major-age-difference  length:10001-20000 
april 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Act Break
It’s been 10 years since Jared Padalecki graduated from Madison-Berkner Academy and left his life as a have-not behind. Now, he’s an A-List actor in hot demand, celebrated for his talents, good looks, and aw-shucks good manners. So when Jared is invited back to Madison-Berkner for his 10 year high school reunion, Jared reluctantly attends to see the boy who broke his heart: Jensen Ackles.
genre:angst  unread  trope:reunion  au:future  genre:au  fandom:cw-rpf  relationship:first-time  status:complete  pairing:jensen/jared  author:house_of_lantis  length:20001-30000 
january 2013 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: A Life Most Ordinary
Sam and Dean Winchester are two ordinary brothers living ordinary small-town lives. Okay, so having a mother who was brutally murdered by one of America’s most notorious serial killers and a father who was forever mentally scarred by the event is not that ordinary, but the rest of their problems: marriage breakdowns and relationship failures, job disappointments and sexuality crisis, and Dean’s two kids, 9 year-old Jonah with his disturbing passion for the music of Lady Gaga and 6-year old Simon with his severe hearing loss, well they’re all completely ordinary. The only thing extraordinary about Sam and Dean is how they fell in love.
status:complete  genre:ust  genre:romance  genre:angst  trope:breakup  relationship:first-time  fandom:supernatural  trope:curtain  genre:domestic  au:non-hunter  length:50001-100000  rating:r  trope:kid!fic  au:modern  genre:au  pairing:dean/sam  author:sonofabiscuit77 
december 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Buying Curtains for the Casa Erotica
Two years after defeating Yellow Eyes at the Gate, after their dad’s death, the boys are happily grounded at a motel of their own. But one wrong romantic gesture from Sam and Dean is well and truly spooked. Shocker.
genre:angst  genre:humor  genre:fluff  genre:romance  genre:domestic  trope:curtain  rating:nc-17  relationship:established  pairing:dean/sam  fandom:supernatural  length:5001-10000  status:complete  author:catchclaw 
december 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Ready Whenever You Are
John is away on a hunt, leaving the boys alone for a week and Sam thinks it's a good time for them to have their first time together. Except, Dean's not so sure Sam's as ready as he thinks he is.
trope:bottom!sam  status:complete  genre:drama  relationship:established  rating:nc-17  length:10001-20000  genre:angst  season:pre-series  warning:underage  fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/sam  author:soulfulsam 
december 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: The Devil Really Does Wear Prada
What if Sam were a little more…fabulous? Jess never died, John goes missing much later, and Dean. Well. He's in for quite a surprise.
au:model  genre:schmoop  genre:angst  genre:case!fic  genre:adventure  fandom:supernatural  status:complete  rating:nc-17  length:20001-50000  pairing:dean/sam  au:movie  author:balefully  genre:au 
december 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Go To Ground
Sam and Dean were raised to be in the military by their father. As adults they've become part of an elite unit. Their father isn't happy about their relationship.
***  rating:nc-17  trope:hurt!dean  genre:schmoop  trope:evil!john  genre:angst  au:military  genre:au  status:complete  length:20001-50000  pairing:dean/sam  fandom:supernatural  author:justawriter 
december 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: It's Gonna be a Long Walk Home
Dean has always gravitated toward Sam, but neither one of them has ever particularly believed in destiny. Now a demon is after them, their world is falling apart, and the voices in Dean's head might just drive him insane. One thing the boys are sure of: they can't afford to lose each other.
status:complete  trope:angel!dean  genre:angst  genre:au  au:canon  rating:nc-17  length:10001-20000  pairing:dean/sam  fandom:supernatural  author:dreamlittleyo 
december 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Lost and Found
Jensen Ackles is a shy, overweight songwriter whose body issues have prevented him from forming any real personal connections, and at thirty, he’s still unsure of his sexuality, and still a virgin. But when he signs up for an experimental obesity research program, he meets Jared Padalecki, a stunningly sexy fitness guru who slowly but surely changes Jensen’s life.
***  au:trainer  genre:au  genre:angst  status:complete  rating:nc-17  length:20001-50000  trope:bottom!jensen  trope:chubby!jensen  fandom:cw-rpf  pairing:jensen/jared  author:mediaville 
december 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: You Were Romeo
Jensen has known who and what he wanted for a long time, but with a ruthless father and warring families willing to do anything to keep them apart, his happily ever could just slip away.
trope:mpreg  ***  trope:rivals  au:meet-as-kids  genre:au  genre:angst  kink:rimming  rating:nc-17  fandom:cw-rpf  relationship:first-time  length:5001-10000  status:complete  pairing:jensen/jared  author:fatebegins 
november 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Modern Love
In 2005, art intern, Jared Padalecki, fell in love with his boss, ambitious and promiscuous Jensen Ackles. Five years later, reeling from a tragedy that killed three of their friends, they left Texas to build a new life in New York. It’s now 2012, and Jared’s no longer the idealistic intern, he’s got everything he thought he wanted, except nothing seems to be going right: Jensen's business is faltering, their sex life is non-existent and the past won't leave them alone. Still, Jared’s got no intention of giving up on Jensen; he just hopes Jensen feels the same way.
rating:nc-17  genre:schmoop  genre:angst  warning:hate  pairing:jensen/jared  fandom:cw-rpf  length:20001-50000  status:complete  genre:au  au:office  author:sonofabiscuit77 
november 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Underground Wires
It’s hard enough being a teenage girl even without all the extra crap: they move around all the time, her family is as far removed from normal as it’s possible to get, and she’s in love with her older brother. Sam has no control on any of it, she’s just trying to stay afloat.
author:eggnogged  genre:romance  status:complete  relationship:first-time  fandom:supernatural  trope:genderbending  genre:angst  warning:underage  pairing:dean/alwaysagirl!sam  rating:nc-17  ***  length:10001-20000 
november 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Ain't Nothin' But a Number
It's 1997 and Jared's a sophomore in high school, just an ordinary kid with his share of homework, angst and secrets he'd rather ignore. But when his older brother Jeff brings a friend home for Christmas, Jared's world turns upside-down.
***  au:college  au:high-school  genre:au  genre:angst  fandom:cw-rpf  relationship:first-time  status:complete  length:10001-20000  warning:underage  trope:bottom!jensen  pairing:jensen/jared  author:pianoforeplay 
november 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Lengths
Esca and Marcus are both on the GB Olympics swim team. It’s Marcus' last shot at Gold after coming back from a devastating injury and switching teams from the USA to GB. It's Esca's first Olympics. Esca hates Marcus. That is until he...erm...doesn’t.
genre:angst  trope:pining!marcus  genre:au  au:sports  trope:love-to-hate  relationship:first-time  rating:nc-17  length:5001-10000  status:complete  fandom:ninth-eagle  pairing:marcus/esca  author:pouxin 
november 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: If At First You Don't Succeed, Suck Seed
Jared gets dragged to the Moonlite BunnyRanch, where he meets Jensen. After an initial misunderstanding, things won't ever be the same for either of them.
***  trope:pining  genre:angst  genre:schmoop  genre:humor  relationship:first-time  length:10001-20000  status:complete  trope:hooker!jensen  au:prostitute  genre:au  pairing:jensen/jared  author:balefully 
september 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Take the Hit
Jared sees himself as broken. He's aimless, tired of defining himself by his past but unclear about how to change it. Jensen is his best friend; Jared would do anything for him. Eventually Jared understands that everyone has some kind of baggage, it's just a matter of how you learn to let it go.
au:lawyer  author:madame_meretrix  length:20001-50000  status:complete  ***  genre:au  fandom:cw-rpf  pairing:jensen/jared  genre:humor  trope:recovery  relationship:first-time  affliction:addiction  genre:angst  rating:nc-17  au:writer  trope:pining 
september 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Open Heart Surgery
When closeted army dentist Jensen Ackles returns home to fill in for his sick father, he has a bad start due to his lacking bedside manner and overall misanthropic attitude. Sexy new patient Jared Padalecki looks like a wet dream come true to Jensen – until he finds out Jared’s a whiny assed crybaby. (Or, as hippie nurse!Misha calls it: a patient suffering from extreme dental anxiety). Their mutual sexual attraction is strong but will they manage to get over their differences?
warning:homophobia  genre:angst  trope:jealousy  trope:pining  trope:grouchy!jensen  genre:humor  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  fandom:cw-rpf  relationship:first-time  length:20001-50000  status:complete  pairing:jensen/jared  author:kasmodia 
september 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Shadows in His Eyes
For K-9 Officer Jared Padalecki, transferring from the San Antonio police department to the elite L.A.P.D. was a dream come true. He nearly forgets he’s in Hollywood until he responds to a 911 call that brings him to the home of actor Jensen Ackles. It appeared that Jensen had it all – a career that was on fire and a loving, long-term relationship with his partner, Mark. But then Jared uncovers the truth that Jensen had been trying to hide, and the illusion comes crashing down. Can Jared help Jensen break free of a life he’s convinced he deserves before it’s too late, and in the process help them both find love?
trope:protective!jared  au:actor  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  genre:angst  warning:abuse  au:cop  genre:au  rating:nc-17  relationship:first-time  fandom:cw-rpf  length:20001-50000  status:complete  pairing:jensen/jared  author:agt_spooky 
september 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: It's Always More Than Once (Before It Takes)
The first time it happens, it's because of boredom. Or, at least that's what Dean tells himself to justify it. Boredom and Dean Winchester are a dangerous combination, especially when you factor in beer, a raging libido, and laziness.
***  trope:pining!dean  genre:angst  genre:schmoop  genre:romance  au:college  genre:au  relationship:first-time  fandom:supernatural  status:complete  length:5001-10000  pairing:dean/cas  author:squeemonster 
september 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: By Your Side
Jim’s lost a lot of things in his life – but there’s one thing he can’t seem to lose even when he tries. Until a certain Vulcan enters his life.
trope:hurt!kirk  genre:h/c  relationship:first-time  genre:angst  genre:adventure  fandom:stxi  pairing:kirk/spock  rating:nc-17  length:20001-50000  status:complete  author:awarrington 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: You're a Real Fucking Page-Turner
Jared's days pretty much all run together, one big muddy mess of emotional turmoil and confusion and shitty friends and shittier classes. Not to mention that his best friend is equal parts awesome and a complete jerk, his little sister is also kind of a jerk, and he thinks privately that someday his books are going to be the only thing to stand by him in the end. Luckily, life has a way of turning things around on him.
rating:pg-13  status:complete  genre:schmoop  genre:domestic  genre:angst  au:high-school  genre:au  fandom:cw-rpf  trope:pining!jared  trope:oblivious!jensen  ***  length:10001-20000  author:grace_fully 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: As This Sunset Turns To Morning
Jensen spends his life hiding who he is from the family that would never accept him if they knew. When he’s uprooted in the middle of his senior year and suddenly becomes the new kid, his carefully placed mask begins to slip. Especially when he meets Jared – a loud, outspoken spectacle of a boy that fights for everything Jensen was taught to stand against. Jared has no problem going after what he wants, and now it’s just a matter of Jensen letting himself do the same.
fandom:cw-rpf  trope:hurt!jensen  status:complete  rating:nc-17  trope:bottom!jensen  genre:angst  ***  length:50001-100000  au:high-school  genre:au  pairing:jensen/jared  warning:homophobia  warning:hate  genre:domestic  genre:schmoop  relationship:first-time  author:_mournthewicked 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: I Think I Know Where You Belong
Castiel wishes he wasn't this excited, but it's the best part of his night when Dean Winchester gets home from baseball practice.
***  relationship:first-time  rating:pg-13  length:5001-10000  status:complete  fandom:supernatural  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:schmoop  pairing:dean/cas  au:high-school  genre:au  author:twentysomething 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: There's a Hole in Me, Just About The Size of You
It's been four years since Jared and Jensen last laid eyes on each other, when their twelve year relationship came to a sudden and grinding halt. Now, in the middle of crowded ER in Boston, they're thrust back into each others' lives and it's clear that neither of them are the same person they were in Texas. Jensen's closed himself off to any kind of romantic involvement, and Jared's using his relationship with Sandy as an inventive form of self-harm. But when secrets from four years ago are revealed and proven to be nothing more than the manipulations of a career driven woman, things take a turn for the worse. Can Jensen remember the person he was when he was with Jared? And can Jared learn to forgive himself for something that wasn't his fault in the first place?
relationship:established  status:complete  fandom:cw-rpf  trope:sick!jared  trope:breakup  genre:h/c  warning:homophobia  rating:nc-17  au:doctor  genre:au  warning:attempted-suicide  trope:hurt!jared  warning:hate  genre:angst  pairing:jensen/jared  length:50001-100000  author:sweet_lyri 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Life in a Cubicle: A Guide to Dating a Co-Worker
There are ten rules about interoffice dating and Jared Padalecki pretty much fails at all of them. It happens like this: Jared works in a cubicle. Jensen is the oblivious engineer. Jared meets Jensen. Jared falls in love with Jensen. Jensen… needs a little coaxing. Also starring Chad the Maintenance Guy, Danneel in Payroll, Tom as the mildly disgruntled Mail Room Guy and Mike in HR. And Misha the Receptionist? Still ruining lives. Mostly Tom’s. And Jared’s. But mostly Tom’s (who deals with it like any rational person would: mail bombs and spiked coffee).
trope:oblivious!jensen  trope:pining!jared  genre:schmoop  trope:pining!jensen  genre:angst  fandom:cw-rpf  relationship:first-time  rating:pg-13  length:20001-50000  au:office  genre:au  pairing:jensen/jared  author:dandyline_wine 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Beggars Would Ride
He tells himself that the line he's crossing can be redrawn, slightly over the edge into fucked up, and isn't that where they've been living anyway since Mom died?
warning:het  ***  warning:underage  genre:au  season:one  season:pre-series  genre:angst  genre:domestic  genre:schmoop  pairing:dean/alwaysagirl!sam  fandom:supernatural  relationship:first-time  rating:nc-17  author:musesfool  length:20001-50000 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: The Self-Importance of Being Jensen
In the summer hiatus before season five of Supernatural, Jensen has a lot on his plate. It's hotter than hell outside. There's an extremely impatient girlfriend waiting for him in LA. Jared's under the weather and leaving a trail of life-sucking germs throughout the house. Plus, not to mention, the all-encompassing inner battle to 'do the right thing'. Whatever the hell that is.
***  trope:sick!jared  rating:nc-17  relationship:established  character:danneel  fandom:cw-rpf  length:10001-20000  trope:hurt!jared  genre:angst  genre:fluff  genre:h/c  genre:schmoop  author:vicious_trade 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Swing
After getting kicked out of the MLB as the youngest rookie to ever win their first game, Jared moves to a small town to try and escape all the press. After three years, he's still not doing anything with his life--that is, until Chad convinces him to join the local baseball league. There he meets Jensen, the surly and definitely not-fun pitcher. Things... get interesting.
fandom:cw-rpf  trope:bottom!jensen  length:20001-50000  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:au  au:sports  status:complete  trope:mean!jensen  relationship:first-time  author:callaw0lf 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Say It's Possible
Sam thought screwing around with Dean would be easy - he was finally getting what he wanted, and if Dean didn't feel the same way? Well, that didn't matter. He'd play his part and everything would be fine. Except Dean seems dead set on messing with his head, and Sam isn't so sure this was worth all the trouble, after all.
trope:oblivious!sam  series:dumb-sam  ***  trope:bottom!sam  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:angst  relationship:first-time  fandom:supernatural  status:complete  pairing:dean/sam  length:10001-20000  author:vicious_trade 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: To Kiss the Sweet Rose
Jensen’s been in love with Jared almost as long as they’ve been friends, but he’s given up all hope that Jared will ever feel the same. So when someone Jared could fall in love with approaches him for advice on how to win Jared over, Jensen finds himself in over his head.
trope:pining!jared  trope:pining!jensen  ***  genre:angst  rating:pg-13  length:20001-50000  status:complete  genre:schmoop  genre:h/c  genre:domestic  pairing:jensen/jared  fandom:cw-rpf  au:college  genre:au  author:infatuated_ink 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Missing Jared
Jensen is trying to get his life back on track. The last few years have been traumatic. Now he’s finally off to college, he’s made a new friend and has a crush on his professor. But there are things in his past that are unresolved and Jensen isn’t as strong as he’d hoped then everything comes crashing down. Now he’s learning to live without his first love and trying to sort out what he wants to do with his life. He’s had to accept that he’ll probably never stop missing Jared, but six years is a long time to keep hoping. So maybe it’s time to move on. Perhaps there’s even the chance of a new romance. It’s all very confusing.
status:complete  relationship:first-time  warning:psychological-trauma  genre:h/c  genre:fluff  warning:missing  au:meet-as-kids  genre:au  genre:angst  warning:underage  warning:attempted-suicide  length:20001-50000  fandom:cw-rpf  rating:nc-17  pairing:jensen/jeff  pairing:jensen/jared  author:rankwriter 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Plausible Deniability
Dean gets a little freaked out about his relationship with Sam, and a whole lot freaked out when calling it off gets Sam interested in some other guy.
genre:pwp  genre:pr0n  genre:angst  kink:d/s  warning:underage  relationship:established  length:0-5000  status:complete  kink:rough  pairing:dean/sam  fandom:supernatural  author:bewaretheides15  trope:bottom!sam  trope:possessive!dean  trope:jealousy 
august 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Man in the Water
Jared has taken to waking up really early in the morning so that he can get a prime spot - every morning he spies on Jensen who swims/baths in the lake in forest. Jared thinks that Jensen is beautiful, but he, Jared, is too shy to talk to him. Jared has taken to leaving little tokens for Jensen to find - a carving, flowers, a fluffy towel - anything he can think of to get Jensen to smile.
***  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  genre:angst  trope:pining!jared  fandom:cw-rpf  status:complete  length:10001-20000  trope:shy!jared  rating:nc-17  genre:au  pairing:jensen/jared  relationship:first-time  author:morrezela 
july 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Crushing Grip
The building blocks for Sam and Dean’s insane, twisted, and erotic codependency are two people very much in love and the lengths they would go to for each other. Their atoms are made up by the road, by shiny bright diners and smoky bars, by holding their breath when they pass by cemeteries in an attempt not to breathe in an evil spirit, unaware that they already have demons hiding in the recesses of their souls, planted there before they were even born.
relationship:first-time  season:five  season:four  season:three  season:two  season:one  trope:wee!chesters  genre:fluff  genre:schmoop  genre:angst  genre:h/c  ***  fandom:supernatural  status:complete  rating:r  pairing:dean/sam  length:20001-50000  author:teaboytoaliens 
july 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Beggars Would Ride
He tells himself that the line he's crossing can be redrawn, slightly over the edge into fucked up, and isn't that where they've been living anyway since Mom died?
rating:nc-17  genre:schmoop  genre:angst  ***  au:canon  genre:au  relationship:first-time  warning:underage  length:50001-100000  status:complete  trope:genderbending  pairing:dean/alwaysagirl!sam  fandom:supernatural  author:musesfool 
july 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Good Girls Don't, But I Do...
After being set up for a crime they did not commit; Jensen Ackles, Christian Kane, and Michael Rosenbaum are kicked out of their fraternity and have to prove their innocence. Luckily Mike has a plan, a good plan, a really awesome great plan that involves cunning, courage, and...cross-dressing? Based on the movie Sorority Boys.
au:college  trope:pining!jensen  au:fraternity  relationship:first-time  status:complete  fandom:cw-rpf  genre:humor  genre:angst  ***  length:20001-50000  rating:r  kink:crossdressing  au:movie  genre:au  pairing:jensen/jared  author:dollydolittle 
july 2012 by waywardtrekkie
The Frightened Inch Between Our Skins
So, now that Dean knows what Sam’s been up to, they’re fucking like bunnies. They play footsie under the Formica table in the diner while Dean eats waffles, they make out in the backseat when they’re tired of driving, and Dean wants to know if they can have deep-fried Twinkies at the reception when they get gay married in Massachusetts. Or, well. That's how Sam had imagined it. Sequel to The Air Moves to Fill the Spaces Where My Body's Been
genre:ust  rating:nc-17  ***  fandom:supernatural  length:5001-10000  pairing:dean/sam  status:complete  genre:schmoop  genre:romance  genre:domestic  genre:angst  relationship:first-time  author:britomart_is 
july 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Choosing Happiness
Jared worked through his years as an awkward gay teen by always having a sketchbook with him, turning his love of drawing and story telling into a successful career as a graphic novelist. His love/hate relationship with Jensen Ackles, his brother's best friend, insinuates itself into every area of his life, even after years of not seeing each other. When Jared is asked to guest judge during San Antonio's Food and Wine festival, an event Jensen is hosting, their tumultuous relationship comes to a head. Between great food and wine, they are thrust out of the frying pan and into the fire, with emotions and feelings coming to a rolling boil. Question is, will either of them make it through to enjoy dessert?
length:20001-50000  au:writer  au:chef  fandom:cw-rpf  relationship:first-time  warning:minor-character-death  trope:jealousy  trope:bottom!jared  genre:h/c  genre:au  genre:angst  author:rocketbalm  status:complete  rating:nc-17  pairing:jensen/jared 
july 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: My Social Skills Would Fit Good In Prison
From what Jared understands, his college rooming situation is kind of like The Odd Couple, except for the way Jensen is a homophobic douchebag.
genre:domestic  trope:jealousy  fandom:cw-rpf  rating:r  genre:humor  ***  au:college  genre:au  genre:angst  relationship:first-time  length:5001-10000  status:complete  pairing:jensen/jared  author:longsufferingly 
june 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: In It for Love
After a drunken dare, award-winning writer Jensen agreed to on a reality television show to vie for the attention of megastar Jared Padalecki who he's had a crush on for years. Only Jensen doesn't know how he's going to be able to tolerate all the other contestants and their widely varying personalities and he's pretty sure that you're not supposed to be able to get used to somebody filming you 24/7.
trope:bottom!jensen  genre:schmoop  genre:romance  fandom:cw-rpf  length:100001-150000  trope:reality-show  rating:nc-17  genre:au  status:complete  pairing:jensen/jared  genre:humor  genre:angst  relationship:first-time  author:dragonspell 
june 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: It Never Gets Easier
Jared's not so happily married. He married Jensen young, and had kids before he was ready. Before Jared knows it his life isn't his own. Pushing down his own feelings, Jared makes a mistake that will change his life forever- maybe for the better.
trope:mpreg  fandom:cw-rpf  length:50001-100000  genre:fluff  genre:romance  ***  rating:nc-17  status:complete  relationship:established  genre:angst  genre:au  warning:infidelity  pairing:jensen/jared  author:fatebegins 
june 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Best Served Cold
Ten years ago Jared was humiliated by Jensen. When they meet up unexpectedly and Jensen doesn't recognize him, Jared thinks this is his perfect opportunity to get revenge.
au:meet-as-kids  fandom:cw-rpf  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:angst  relationship:first-time  status:complete  genre:au  length:10001-20000  pairing:jensen/jared  author:fatebegins  *** 
june 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: I'll Be
Jared's always been the quiet overlooked nerd, but then his boyfriend transfers to his school and suddenly he's anything but overlooked. The target of nasty bullies and vicious rumors, Jared has suddenly become public enemy number one for Chase and the popular kids as no one believes he's good enough for Jensen Ackles, star quarterback. Then Jared's life is sent into a tailspin by kept secrets and unforeseen discoveries and he finds himself slipping further and further away from the world and the one person that matters.
fandom:cw-rpf  au:high-school  author:fatebegins  warning:underage  status:complete  rating:nc-17  length:10001-20000  relationship:established  genre:au  genre:angst  pairing:jensen/jared  *** 
june 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Dreaming of The World As It Should Be
Jensen and Jared are having trouble starting a family, concerned Jensen gets himself tested only to find out that he's sterile. When Jared comes to him later on and says that he's pregnant everything unravels.
trope:mpreg  length:20001-50000  fandom:cw-rpf  status:complete  rating:nc-17  author:fatebegins  trope:mean!jensen  pairing:jensen/jared  relationship:established  genre:au  genre:angst  *** 
june 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
At sixteen Jared had to make the hardest decision of his life, he gave up his baby for adoption. Now years later Jared has the opportunity to be in his son's life-as a nanny. Desperate to have a connection with the child he always wanted, Jared takes the job but what he doesn't count on is falling for his son's gorgeous father, Jensen Ackles.
trope:mpreg  au:nanny  length:20001-50000  fandom:cw-rpf  genre:fluff  genre:domestic  status:complete  genre:angst  genre:romance  author:fatebegins  genre:au  relationship:first-time  pairing:jensen/jared  rating:nc-17  trope:kid!fic  *** 
june 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Can You Help Me Remember How to Smile
Jared's been raising his sister's four year old twin boys, taking care of his Mama,his sister and trying to make ends meet at just 23 years of age. When he gets life changing news he has to make the decision to bring the boy to the father they never knew, a man he once loved with all his heart.
fandom:cw-rpf  ***  warning:illness  relationship:first-time  genre:angst  trope:mean!jensen  genre:au  trope:kid!fic  status:complete  pairing:jensen/jared  rating:nc-17  length:multichapter  author:fatebegins  trope:pining!jared 
june 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Unequivocal Sex Invite
“Daddy?” Jensen shouts as he pushes open the front door of their palatial mansion, tossing his bookbag onto the white leather couch and toeing off his brown loafers. “Have you seen my black Prada boots?”
genre:crack  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:schmoop  au:movie  genre:au  relationship:first-time  fandom:cw-rpf  trope:diva!jensen  length:10001-20000  status:complete  pairing:jensen/jared  author:miss_begonia  *** 
may 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Something Borrowed, Something Blue
When Jared desperately needs a date for his brother's wedding, he hires an escort. Jensen's the perfect fake boyfriend, except pretty soon things get a little too real.
length:20001-50000  trope:pretend-couple  fandom:cw-rpf  au:escort  ***  genre:angst  character:chad  genre:humor  genre:romance  genre:au  rating:nc-17  pairing:jensen/jared  status:complete  author:belyste 
may 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Coda
Laying your heart on the line while drunk off your ass is never a good idea, and nobody knows that better than Jensen, editor-in-chief of Coda Online. But a fifth of whiskey and one incredibly wasted blog post does give him the chance to rebuild his friendship with Jared, who he hasn't spoken to in two years. Now all he has to do is convince Jared that he's not the same guy he was in college, which may prove difficult since Jared's not, either.
length:20001-50000  au:writer  trope:breakup  pairing:jensen/jared  relationship:established  genre:h/c  genre:angst  ***  status:complete  rating:nc-17  genre:au  author:tastetherainbow 
may 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Can't Point the Way to Your Heart
Jensen's an unofficial advice guru, and Jared's his latest project. Except while Jensen's supposed to be helping Jared end up with the woman of his dreams, he falls for him instead.
au:trainer  length:20001-50000  fandom:cw-rpf  genre:humor  relationship:first-time  ***  genre:angst  genre:h/c  trope:pining!jensen  rating:nc-17  genre:au  status:complete  fandom:supernatural  author:belyste 
may 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Spin the Light to Gold
It's Jared's first summer as a junior counselor at an idyllic summer camp, and he's looking forward to as much sun and fun as he can handle. But things don't turn out exactly as he plans, and his summer takes an interesting turn when he finds himself falling for a hot older counselor.
length:50001-100000  au:camp  fandom:cw-rpf  rating:nc-17  genre:h/c  genre:humor  trope:bottom!jensen  genre:angst  ***  relationship:first-time  genre:au  status:complete  pairing:jensen/jared  author:belyste 
may 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Business and Pleasure
Jared's a philandering CEO and Jensen's his overworked assistant - that is, until Jared decides to improve his image by having a serious relationship and chooses Jensen to be his fake boyfriend. But Jensen's a little in love with Jared and Jared has ideas of his own, and pretty soon no one's sure what's fake and what's real. Featuring dancing, denial, a lot of inappropriate work behavior, and an infamous office holiday party.
length:20001-50000  trope:pretend-couple  fandom:cw-rpf  au:office  rating:nc-17  genre:angst  pairing:jensen/jared  genre:fluff  trope:pining!jensen  relationship:first-time  genre:au  status:complete  ***  author:belyste 
may 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Raise the Stakes
As a professor, there are certain things that Jensen is not supposed to do. Jared, the kid in the back of his vampire sociology class, is one of them.
fandom:cw-rpf  length:20001-50000  character:chad  character:danneel  character:misha  genre:humor  genre:supernatural  genre:au  genre:angst  trope:professor/student  trope:vampire  pairing:jensen/jared  fandom:supernatural  rating:nc-17  status:complete  author:tastetherainbow 
may 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Dream Boy
Spock is a cadet on his way to becoming a professor, Jim is a troublesome teen sent to live with Captain Christopher Pike for the summer, this is the story of how they meet and fall for each other. Prequel to The Perfect Man.
trope:miscommunication  genre:angst  au:academy  rating:nc-17  warning:underage  au:canon  genre:au  relationship:first-time  status:complete  length:5001-10000  pairing:kirk/spock  fandom:stxi  author:zoetrope13 
april 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Imbroglio
Jon is the perfect boyfriend Zach has been looking for all his life, and he'll be damned if he lets Chris screw it up. Jon is everything Chris isn't and everything Zach should want. But sometimes the heart doesn't want perfection, and Chris Pine is like an itch Zach can't scratch away; when he tries, it only gets worse.
***  warning:infidelity  rating:r  trope:jealousy  relationship:first-time  genre:h/c  genre:angst  pairing:chris/dominique  pairing:zach/jon  pairing:zach/chris  length:10001-20000  status:complete  author:littlebirdtold 
april 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Mutually Beneficial Transaction
In his sophomore year at Columbia University, Erik, feeling slowly strangled by his mounting college debt, places an add on a sugar daddies website. He doesn't know exactly what to expect from it, but when he's contacted by a man named Charles who seems less creepy than the other people who have responded to his profile, he decides to give it a shot. Charles is nothing like what he expected, and Erik finds himself slowly falling in love with his sugar daddy while trying to find out exactly what caused this amazing guy to buy his emotional and sexual intimacy when he clearly deserves so much more than that.
au:modern  length:20001-50000  au:college  trope:sugar-daddy  pairing:charles/erik  genre:angst  genre:fluff  ***  genre:au  relationship:first-time  rating:nc-17  status:complete  fandom:xmen-firstclass  author:pookaseraph 
april 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Hide Your Love Away
After a tragic car accident, Marcus cannot remember any of the last five years, which includes his relationship with Esca. Five years ago, he was deeply closeted and ashamed of his homosexuality. Esca has to deal with the aftermath.
au:modern  genre:au  rating:nc-17  genre:fluff  genre:angst  trope:amnesia  relationship:established  status:complete  pairing:marcus/esca  fandom:ninth-eagle  author:tracy7307  length:10001-20000 
march 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: Triangles
It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that a single man sucking dick is more gay than a man getting his dick sucked. This is why Charles Xavier's knees are scuffing against cheap hotel carpet, why his palms are pressed against thin hotel wallpaper. It isn't the first time he's been in this position, and it isn't even his first time with Erik. It's never been the other way around, but here's the thing about Charles: he's willing to take one for the team.
length:0-5000  au:historical  genre:au  status:complete  rating:nc-17  relationship:first-time  warning:homophobia  genre:angst  fandom:xmen-firstclass  pairing:charles/erik  author:zombieboyband 
march 2012 by waywardtrekkie
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season:pre-series  season:three  season:two  series:beyond-dreaming  series:captain-spanky  series:disco-stick  series:dumb-sam  series:just-a-little-crush  series:spoiled-rotten  series:turning-point  status:complete  trope:abused!kirk  trope:academy  trope:accidental-bonding  trope:amnesia  trope:amtdi  trope:angel!dean  trope:bond  trope:bottom!chris  trope:bottom!jared  trope:bottom!jensen  trope:bottom!kirk  trope:bottom!sam  trope:bottom!spock  trope:bottom!zach  trope:breakup  trope:chubby!jensen  trope:cursed  trope:curtain  trope:deaged  trope:diva!jared  trope:diva!jensen  trope:dom!jensen  trope:evil!john  trope:fake-death  trope:feral!spock  trope:gender-binary  trope:genderbending  trope:girl!sam  trope:girl!spock  trope:grouchy!jensen  trope:hate-to-love  trope:hooker!jensen  trope:hurt!chris  trope:hurt!dean  trope:hurt!jared  trope:hurt!jensen  trope:hurt!kirk  trope:insecure!kirk  trope:jealousy  trope:kid!fic  trope:knotting  trope:love-to-hate  trope:loyalty  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