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Christoph Adami: Finding life we can't imagine | Video on TED.com
"How do we search for alien life if it's nothing like the life that we know? At TEDxUIUC Christoph Adami shows how he uses his research into artificial life -- self-replicating computer programs -- to find a signature, a 'biomarker,' that is free of our preconceptions of what life is."
january 2012 by warrenellis
Five-eyed intelligence « Ultraphyte
"Is our binocular vision the reason we tend to divide the world into two parts, yes or no, on or off, right or wrong? Would a (five-eyed) alien life form, like an intelligent Opabinid, see the world as pentameral?  What would it be like for us to attempt communication with a pentameral being?"
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january 2012 by warrenellis

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