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Adolf Wölfli
(Bern, February 29, 1864 - Waldau, November 6, 1930)
was a Swiss artist who was one of the first artists to be associated with the Art Brut or outsider art label. Wölfli was abused both physically and sexually as a child, and was orphaned at the age of 10. Institutionalized in 1895 at Waldau psychiatric asylum near Bern (Switzerland) where he spent the rest of his adult life. He suffered from psychosis, which led to intense hallucinations. Wölfli started drawing in 1899, but no work prior to 1904 has been preserved. In 1908, Wölfli started developing what would become a potentially endless narrative stretched across 25,000 pages interrupted only by Wölfli's death in 1930. His images also incorporated an idiosyncratic musical notation. This notation seemed to start as a purely decorative affair but later developed into real composition which Wölfli would play on a paper trumpet. After his death the Adolf Wölfli Foundation was formed to preserve his art for future generations. Today its collection is on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bern and can be seen in many museums in the world.
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june 2019 by warrenellis
ReFuture Clinic, Kiev, Ukraine - The Cool Hunter - The Cool Hunter
-- ((I don't think they meant this to be terrifying, but I feel like I know several people who could have invented it))
architecture  future  weird 
march 2019 by warrenellis
Is a Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young Men Across the U.S.?
"one of about 100 victims of the Smiley-Face Killers, an alleged organized gang of serial killers that communicates on the dark web, with cells in dozens of cities across the United States. "
crime  weird 
january 2019 by warrenellis
Facebook announces that it has invented a new unit of time
- (launches a thousand hot takes about this most impressive power move - Facebook Branded Time)
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january 2018 by warrenellis
Eugenics Is Not a Fringe Issue – It Influences UK Immigration Policy | Novara Media
'“However shit your schedule looks today,” Marina Hyde tweeted, “cherish yourself a little for the fact that you will never create the calendar event Secret Eugenics Conference.”'
pol  weird 
january 2018 by warrenellis
The Extraordinary Exorcism of Mexico
"A few weeks ago Mexico, the second largest Catholic country, was exorcised of its demons in an unprecedented rite of Exorcismo Magno performed in secret in the city of San Luis Potosi. On May 20, the renowned Spanish exorcist José Antonio Fortea, author of the book "El Exorcismo Magno," joined Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara, and a cadre of trained exorcists to perform the maximum type of Catholic exorcism, reserved for nations and dioceses, on the Mexican Republic itself. In an interview with the Catholic press, the famed exorcist, Father Fortea, explained that the Exorcismo Magno is "useful in situations in which great violence has been unleashed in a country.""
cult  mexico  weird 
february 2016 by warrenellis
These Trees Are Friends | Ultraphyte
"Can it be that even trees are old friends? And perhaps mourn their departed? A German forest ranger thinks so. The appropriately named Peter Wohlleben (“live well” or “farewell”) describes how pairs of ancient trees grow with their limbs apart to share the light, while their roots entwine to share nutrients. Even for years after one tree is cut down, its neighbor may continue shunting nutrients to the stump. For what biological purpose?"
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february 2016 by warrenellis
Dropa stones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dropa stones, otherwise known as the Dzopa stones, Dropas stones or Drop-ka stones, are said by some ufologists and pseudoarchaeologists to be a series of at least 716 circular stone discs, dating back 12,000 years, on which tiny hieroglyph-like markings may be found
february 2016 by warrenellis
HUMAI - Human Resurrection Through Artificial Intelligence
Humai is an AI company with a mission to reinvent the afterlife. We want to bring you back to life after you die.

We’re using artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to store data of conversational styles, behavioral patterns, thought processes and information about how your body functions from the inside-out.

This data will be coded into multiple sensor technologies, which will be built into an artificial body with the brain of a deceased human. Using cloning technology, we will restore the brain as it matures.
mad  hoax  weird  web  ai 
november 2015 by warrenellis
Meteorites in Cult & Religion 1
"The tribes of the Clackamas in Oregon claim that they once worshiped the giant Willamette meteorite, one of the largest irons known, weighing about 15 tons. Prior to hunting, the Clackamas dipped the heads of their arrows and lances into the water that had gathered in the large cavities of the iron - they were convinced that this ritual would harden their weapons and grant them success in their hunt."
history  cult  weird 
september 2015 by warrenellis
The Doves Type Revival | The Casual Optimist
"Between August 1916 and January 1917 Cobden-Sanderson, a printer and bookbinder, dropped more than a tonne of metal printing type from the west side of the bridge. He made around 170 trips in all from his bindery beside the pub, a distance of about half a mile, and always after dusk. At the start he hurled whole pages of type into the river; later he threw it like bird seed from his pockets. Then he found a small wooden box with a sliding lid, for which he made a handle out of tape—perfect for sprinkling the pieces into the water, and not too suspicious to bystanders."
printing  history  crime  weird 
january 2015 by warrenellis
Mozambique links contaminated beer deaths to crocodile bile | World news | theguardian.com
"When a crocodile is killed, its gallbladder must be immediately removed and buried in front of witnesses to stopped the bile being used as a poison, according to some African traditions."
weird  crime 
january 2015 by warrenellis
Amazon.com : Survival Seed Vault - Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds - Plant a Full Acre Crisis Victory Garden - 20 Easy-to-grow Varieties : Vegetable Plants : Patio, Lawn & Garden
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Manufacturer Has Signed Safe Seed Pledge
Waterproof Emergency Seed Supply
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january 2015 by warrenellis
Islamic State Terrorists Appear to Have a New Deadly Weapon | TheBlaze.com
"It’s a 10-foot-long sniper rifle that shoots bullets three times the size of ordinary rifle bullets. The weapon is so big, it requires two tripods to support it, instead of just the shooter’s arm."
weapons  weird 
december 2014 by warrenellis
Secret Alien Base on Mars: US Marine 'spent 17 years on Red Planet protecting human colonies from Martians' - Mirror Online
"The retired officer, known only as Captain Kaye, also claims to have served in a secret 'space fleet' run by a multinational organisation called the Earth Defense Force"
weird  mad  parapolitics 
december 2014 by warrenellis
BBC News - Why the French state has a team of UFO hunters
"The team is called Geipan. That's a French acronym for Study Group and Information on Non-Identified Aerospace Phenomenon."
weird  gov  ufo 
november 2014 by warrenellis
BBC News - Pablo Escobar’s hippos: A growing problem
"A herd of hippopotamuses once owned by the late Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar has been taking over the countryside near his former ranch - and no-one quite knows what to do with them."
weird  crime 
october 2014 by warrenellis
Is our universe a conscious hologram?
"Yes, and I have solved it" - good god, Dr. Jack Sarfatti is still alive
mad  sci  weird 
september 2014 by warrenellis
Paranthropology Vol. 5 No. 2
"Profane Illuminations: Machines, Indian Ghosts, and Boundless Flights through Nature at Contemporary Paranormal Gatherings in America"
weird  parapolitics  history  magazine  shamanism 
august 2014 by warrenellis
BBC - Future - Hypnosis: The day my mind was 'possessed'
"Scientists are using hypnosis to understand why some people believe they’re inhabited by paranormal beings."
hypno  neuro  cult  weird 
july 2014 by warrenellis
Timothy Ray Murray Isn't A Robot - Business Insider
"Rep. Frank Lucas, and a few other Oklahoma and other States’ Congressional Members were depicted as being executed by The World Court on or about Jan. 11, 2011 in Southern Ukraine. On television they were depicted as being executed by the hanging about the neck until death on a white stage and in front of witnesses," Murray wrote. "Other now current Members of Congress have shared those facts on television also. We know that it is possible to use look alike artificial or man-made replacements, however Rep. Lucas was not eligible to serve as a Congressional Member after that time."
weird  mad 
june 2014 by warrenellis
Jeff Bezos Is Incredibly Creepy at Breakfast
"You're the octopus that I'm having for breakfast," Rutledge remembers Bezos saying. "When I look at the menu, you're the thing I don't understand, the thing I've never had. I must have the breakfast octopus."
epic  weird  EPIC+WEIRD 
june 2014 by warrenellis
Tzadikim Nistarim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"As a mystical concept, the number 36 is even more intriguing. It is said that at all times there are 36 special people in the world, and that were it not for them, all of them, if even one of them was missing, the world would come to an end."
magic  occult  weird 
june 2014 by warrenellis
In His Image: Cloning of a Man
"In 1978, J.B. Lippincott Company published as fact a story previously told only as science fiction: the tale of an eccentric, wealthy businessman longing for a son -- but not exactly a son. Instead, the California millionaire in his twilight years is looking for more than an heir: he is looking for a clone of himself."
sci  weird  bullshit? 
april 2014 by warrenellis
The Junkie Genius - James Parker - The Atlantic
"Call Me Burroughs records a quasi-magical revenge attack on a Boulder deli from which two of his opiated friends had recently been thrown out. First, Burroughs arranged for a surreptitious tape recording to be made inside the deli—ambient noise, kitchen clatter, waitress-customer banter—and then, days later, with equal surreptitiousness, he played it back from a cassette recorder inside his coat as he sat at one of the tables. As Miles writes: “Over the next hour he increased the volume so that you could just about hear it, but no one appeared to notice.” Yet subliminal damage was being inflicted: discontinuous time streams, information feedback. “After forty-five minutes … one of the waiters threw down his apron and stalked out, followed by the owner, arguing loudly. The owner returned and began to scream at the serving staff, sending two of the women running to the ladies’ room in tears.” Burroughs, psychic vandal, was 63 years old at the time of this incident."
writers  weird  psychogeo 
march 2014 by warrenellis
Prehistoric forest arises in Cardigan Bay after storms strip away sand | UK news | The Guardian
"A prehistoric forest, an eerie landscape including the trunks of hundreds of oaks that died more than 4,500 years ago, has been revealed by the ferocious storms which stripped thousands of tons of sand from beaches in Cardigan Bay."
history  weird 
february 2014 by warrenellis
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