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Rising Spimes - Charlie's Diary
"The idea of a magic paper writing book, wherein you write your first draft using a pen and paper, and it magically appears in a word processor afterwards, is a marvel to behold. Almost as much of a marvel as the speech recognition software I am using to draft this blog entry."
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october 2012 by warrenellis
What am I missing? - Charlie's Diary
if spimes are artefacts which are the physical instantiation of an entity with a trackable history on the internet, what happens when spimes acquire enough on-board processing power to act as the container for their own virtual existence?
august 2011 by warrenellis
The NutriSmart system would put RFIDs into your food for enhanced information
"Mr. Harms, who is currently a design engineering student at the Royal College of Art in London, has designed the NutriSmart system. The system is based on edible RFID tags that will tell you more about your food then you ever wanted to know."
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may 2011 by warrenellis

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