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Walking With Cthulhu - Mythogeography
Walking With Cthulhu:   
H. P. Lovecraft as psychogeographer , New York City  1924-26  
David Haden   (self-published) )

"Here is a strange beast. What might at first appear to be a piece of literary scholarship is many things: an insight into the embodied work of writing, a map of the ugly overlaying of racial anxieties and aesthetic terror, and a handbook for exploratory walking drawn from the notebook of a genius of dread."   
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The Junkie Genius - James Parker - The Atlantic
"Call Me Burroughs records a quasi-magical revenge attack on a Boulder deli from which two of his opiated friends had recently been thrown out. First, Burroughs arranged for a surreptitious tape recording to be made inside the deli—ambient noise, kitchen clatter, waitress-customer banter—and then, days later, with equal surreptitiousness, he played it back from a cassette recorder inside his coat as he sat at one of the tables. As Miles writes: “Over the next hour he increased the volume so that you could just about hear it, but no one appeared to notice.” Yet subliminal damage was being inflicted: discontinuous time streams, information feedback. “After forty-five minutes … one of the waiters threw down his apron and stalked out, followed by the owner, arguing loudly. The owner returned and began to scream at the serving staff, sending two of the women running to the ladies’ room in tears.” Burroughs, psychic vandal, was 63 years old at the time of this incident."
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