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Adam Ryder | Selections from the Joint Photographic Survey
"fabricated photos from a fictitious 1920s expedition to the Middle East"
odd  photography  art  hoax  fake 
june 2013 by warrenellis
With 4M users, Hipstamatic unveils Oggl, a standalone iOS social networking app for your best photos
"Available only for iPhones right now, Oggl offers two key features that separates itself from the other apps: capture and curation."
apps  photography  iphone 
may 2013 by warrenellis
The Pickers of Dandora - By Micah Albert | Foreign Policy
"East Africa's most populous city, Nairobi, is a booming metropolis, regional headquarters to major international corporations like Coca-Cola and Google, and filled with upwardly mobile urban dwellers. And all the trash they produce has to go somewhere. It ends up in Dandora, the city's only municiple dumpsite, where thousands of workers -- men, women, and children -- pick through refuse daily, looking for food and recyclable scraps to sell. It's a hard, toxic life -- but it's also the only job available..."
eco  photography  pol 
april 2012 by warrenellis
Yemen’s State Within a Failed State - Photos By Tom Finn | Foreign Policy
"The Arab uprisings, however, have shifted the dynamics of the struggle. With the regime's firepower focused on dissenters in the major cities, Saada quietly slid out of its control. A mini-state has sprung up, run almost entirely by the Houthis, who have taken on the responsibilities of government. They have appointed their own governor (a notorious arms dealer), police the streets, and rebuilt schools and houses destroyed in the war. Despite their efforts, Saada remains a destitute city, filled with sprawling graveyards, bullet-pocked mud-brick houses and lean-looking children on crutches hobbling frantically alongside lines of moving traffic, begging for food and money."
pol  photography  war 
january 2012 by warrenellis
A Prologue to Ellen Rogers' Sepulchral Series in News in Magazine - Lomography
"If you adored our recent feature interview with Ellen Rogers, you will definitely be enamored with her upcoming monthly contribution for the Lomographic community..."
photography  peopleIknow 
april 2011 by warrenellis
English Russia » Underground World Is Calling
"It still remains unknown who discovered the Kungur Ice Cave. It is cloaked with legends which is actually easy to understand judging from the mysterious atmosphere inside."
history  geo  photography 
february 2011 by warrenellis

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