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OUTLANDS | Fluid Radio
"OUTLANDS is a brand-new, nationwide music network dedicated to experimental music. "
april 2018 by warrenellis
Nils Frahm returns after a long period of hibernation
"He retreated from the online world to experience “the luxury of being forgotten”"
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march 2018 by warrenellis
Yellow Year Records + Foie Gras
- One of my favourites, Foie Gras, has a new recording deal
january 2018 by warrenellis
" using IRs to explore the acoustics of caves,silos,reservoir's- "
april 2017 by warrenellis
OFFAL by offal
"OFFAL is an international collective of women laptop performers who devise performances involving multi-location collaborative improvisation. The group was formed in 2015 in response to research around gender in digital technology and laptop ensemble practice . As a non-hierarchical collective it aims to connect an international group of women engaged in electronic music by developing technological systems and organisational structures that facilitate collaboration. The group provides a platform for the creation and performance of new laptop music by women."
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february 2016 by warrenellis
The New Sound Of Music 1979 (Part 1) - YouTube
The New Sound of Music is a fascinating BBC historical documentary from the year 1979. It charts the development of recorded music from the first barrel organs, pianolas, the phonograph, the magnetic tape recorder and onto the concepts of musique concrete and electronic music development with voltage-controlled oscillators making up the analogue synthesizers of the day.
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january 2016 by warrenellis
10,000 wax cylinders digitized and free to download / Boing Boing
The University of California at Santa Barbara library has undertaken an heroic digitization effort for its world-class archive of 19th and early 20th century wax cylinder recordings, and has placed over 10,000 songs online for anyone to download, stream and re-use.
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november 2015 by warrenellis
Overtone Throat Singing | Online Soundscapes & Drones
Tibetan Choir
Frequency-shaped Throat Singing Drone Generator
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august 2015 by warrenellis
Experimental Digital Synaesthetics in Fashion, Art & Science, on the iPad & online.
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april 2015 by warrenellis
Can, Tangerine Dream, Amon Düül II, and so many more on ‘The German Rock Night’ | Dangerous Minds
"After the broadcast of “Kraut und Rüben,” the Rockpalast documentary about German rock music, viewers would frequently ask when they would get to see the full-length concerts of which only short snippets had been televised. Before Rockpalast, full-length concerts were shown only in exceptional cases, but we have indeed found so many more or less complete clips that we decided to show the ten hours of footage over two evenings.

"They cover the full range of the groups that were introduced in the documentary, from Scorpions to Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Eloy, Ton Steine Scherben, Can, Guru Guru, all the way to Amon Düül II. In addition some rarer clips that could not be incorporated in the doc will be shown. The majority of the material has not been seen since the original telecast. We hope that the umbrella term “Krautrock” can once and for all be buried as useless. At the same time, the two nights provide the beginning of a loose series, in which the lost treasures of German television archives could be made available again."
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march 2015 by warrenellis
Afrofuturism to everyday futurists: new kinds of artists, power & tech | Technology | The Guardian
"New sounds from South Africa and Nigeria’s urban science fiction could change the future of technology and the city"
future  music  culture 
march 2015 by warrenellis
A 24-Hour Soundscape of Found Sounds
"foundsoundscape.com. It is a 24-hour streaming assemblage of field recordings. Those recordings were collected in 1,000 different places by 100 different artists. In turn, (Janek) Schaefer collated and layered the source audio, so at any point the service is playing three different feeds. Make that four feeds: in addition, there is a live mic in Schaefer’s own studio, and that gets added to the audio. The resulting stream is intended to complement your own place and time. It is less a listening experience than something to be filtered into daily life."
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march 2015 by warrenellis
are music subcultures losing their definition? | read | i-D
"As the sun sets on the year that brought us a wealth of meaningless trends, let 2015 be the year that subcultures find their definition. Let kids put down their iPhones and go out into the real world and engage with the subversive, as opposed to listlessly posting a picture of it. Ultimately, let 2015 be the year we shake off our social media induced Narcolepsy and reignite our passion for music."

Some chance.
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march 2015 by warrenellis
Sound installation & 40-minute composition, looped; 12 speakers, 45 meter steel string and red cable. Commissioned by and first exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark, 2015

Created from spontaneous otoacoustic emissions that were acoustically recorded inside ears of 30 individuals. Earside Out explores the mysterious and complex tonal clusters that some ears generate

12 speakers attached on thin steel strings are suspended between the floor and the ceiling. Each individual ear emission is spread over the corresponding number of speakers, which together form a 3-dimensional spiral that resembles the cochlea within the inner ea
music  Sound  art 
february 2015 by warrenellis
Hear extracts from a long lost 12-hour private soundtrack by Vangelis – FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.
"An incredible 12 hours of Vangelis material recorded for a surgeon friend of the musician in the 1990s has surfaced in recent years thanks to the efforts of dedicated fans."
january 2015 by warrenellis
Wounded Wolf Press | Phil Legard - Angelystor (BOOK + CD)
“It is  one of the most beautiful pieces of music I own, and one of the things that speaks most strongly of both Britain and history to me.”
- Warren Ellis, author.
work  music 
january 2015 by warrenellis
Seikilos Epitaph - Song of Seikilos - YouTube
The Seikilos epitaph is the oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition, including musical notation, from anywhere in the world. The song, the melody of which is recorded, alongside its lyrics, in the ancient Greek musical notation, was found engraved on a tombstone, near Aidin, Turkey (not far from Ephesus). The find has been dated variously from around 200 BC to around AD 100.
history  music 
november 2014 by warrenellis
The Radical Power of Classified Pop Music
"“Home” was partly motivated by my disillusionment with how apathetic music has become as a field. It seems like such a waste, as in many senses musical discourse has embraced radicalism in terms of aesthetics, however for some reason seems more politically inconsequential than I can ever remember. What good are radical sounds if they do not attempt to communicate radical alternatives? Is this all just an exercise in escapism and click bait? This is deeply troubling to me. I really don’t want to accept a scenario where musicians are relegated to the realm of entertainment and toothless universal/retrograde posturing and gestures."
music  interviews  culture 
october 2014 by warrenellis
Corbel Stone Press
"Nimrod presents the idea of music - not as the distillation of a specific place (as in works such as Landings and Ridgelines), but as a relic of an imaginary landscape; a series of notional artefacts:

"'I wanted to concentrate on sound as a material presence - to explore it as a substance that might endure weathering, to reveal layers of harmonic till with outcrops of more obdurate material; moraines of static, veins of melody.'"
september 2014 by warrenellis
"One morning Mr. Ballantyne takes the tempting decision to stay inside his house. This is how one of the greatest and most popular J.G. Ballard short-stories begins. Through a suffocating dive into endless inner space, the psychological nightmare that follows reveals the fears of urban life and the dark sides of the human being. Seemingly, this short-story is unfolding in an uncomfortable and tense silence inside the walls of a house in a London suburb. Only few sounds are present and they are always distant and/or disturbing: the drone of a car engine, the rattling of the letter slot, the noise of the refrigerator, the air that blows through the open windows, the singing of the birds in the back garden. This compilation attempts to explore that intermittent space/silence.
In the last few months many musicians found this short-story in their mailbox, with the request to create fitting soundscapes for it, if they were willing to struggle with this harsh silence."
august 2014 by warrenellis
The Quietus | Features | Rockfort | Sound & Visions: Rockfort Interviews Bernard Szajner
"David McKenna meets veteran electronic explorer Bernard Szajner to discuss his reissued 1979 album Visions Of Dune, hiding from the KGB, working with Carl Craig, and visions of the future"
august 2014 by warrenellis
A Recollection. « Hawthonn
"A major element of this project is the mythos of the hawthorn. Yet, I was unaware until the autumn of 2010 that my life had been haunted by the hawthorn for twenty years."
music  wyrd  england 
august 2014 by warrenellis
The Hell Fire Caves | Unofficial Britain.
Melmoth the Wanderer makes queasy, occult music mixes that explore uncanny British geographies. Snippets of dialogue ooze through ambient drones and electronic beats.
music  mixes 
july 2014 by warrenellis
A History of Using Sound as a Weapon | Motherboard
Last week, a collaborative research project  known as AUDiNT (short for Audio Intelligence) released Martial Hauntology,a box set of vinyl and literature that explores the darker history of sound. It's a journey into the lesser known realms of sonic weaponry.
music  Sound 
july 2014 by warrenellis
the hauntological society;: Irv Teibel's Environments™ Series: The music of the future isn't music
"Irv is most notably known for his recording series, Environments (TM) which was the first publicly-available psychoacoustic recording series. His company, Syntonic Research, Inc. was the first corporation to use the concept of acoustic noise masking via recorded sound, utilizing the myriad subtle sounds of nature."
july 2014 by warrenellis
Next for iPhone Has You Swipe to Discover Indie Musicians
"In many ways, finding an artist that you connect with is a lot like starting a relationship, so it’s only natural that two Tinder veterans would take the same discovery dynamic that has worked for dating and hookups and apply it to musicians and their fans.

"The resulting iPhone app, which is created by Tinder co-founder Christopher Gulczynski and former VP of design Sarah Mick, is called Next."
apps  music 
july 2014 by warrenellis
Julian Cope interview: 'I live in a visionary state … I'm a wild beast' | Culture | The Guardian
Did he enjoy being a pop star? "No, I hated it. I hated the assholes. And I hated the fact … it's what Smithy [Mark E Smith] said himself, that all the English bands act like peasants with free milk." What did he mean? "All their belligerence went and they turned into forelock-tugging gruelheads as soon as they were around record company types."
drugs  music  writers  writing 
june 2014 by warrenellis
Ad Hoc Bleached Out: Actress' Ghettoville and the Decay of the Afro-Future
"...grounded utopianism. The phrase enlightens the breaking down of the Afrofuturist fantasy and its sidestepping of reality. If this is in fact Actress' last record, then this is quite the gospel ending, solidifying the highly perceptible mythology that has worked its way around the project."
february 2014 by warrenellis
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