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Michael Moorcock's New Worlds Magazine: A reply to some speculation!
"I have been trying to catch up with story submissions and working on getting the first issue ready for the 10th. I will try to reply to everybody when I can. Secondly: We were given the title by Michael for two years to do with as we would. Instead of trying to recreate the amazing magazine that he published (which would have been a: impossible and b: redundant) we are trying to head in directions new..."
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october 2011 by warrenellis
Crotchety is Amazing « File 770
"Steve Davidson today received notice that his application for a trademark for AMAZING STORIES has been granted. Amazing Stories was science fiction’s original pulp magazine...Amazing Stories has had a rocky history, stumbling along through bankruptcy (when Gernsback lost ownership), through a series of publishers and editors...By 2007, Hasbro had abandoned the trademark. Davidson, who was managing the intellectual property department of an R&D firm at the time, routinely reviewed the status of some favorite marks. Noting the lapse for Amazing Stories, he filed an application for the Mark in 2008."
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october 2011 by warrenellis

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